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16 May 2022

Cambrian Coast Express

The 'Auto-buffet' 

News - and no news


Working  the 'Bubble Car'  -  remembered

A visit to Holyhead - by Stuart Broome

Caroline on Tour, and others - report by Stephen Dennett

Narrow Gauge scenes


Looking back: Electric and Diesels 2003  Part 5 -


10 May 2022

Seen in Green

A Stephen Dennett selection


Seen from a Ferry - report by Geoff Morris

From Dave Sallery's Archive

Looking back: Steam and Diesel 2003 part 3 - by David

Weekend arrangements at Rhyl

Octel loco at Tacla Taid - report by Eryl Crump


06 May 2022

An Interesting Website

Ffestiniog event - report by Jim Ikin

Chronicling the Cambrian - book review by Charlie Hulme

A missed connection - by Stuart Broome

Looking back : Log train trial 2005 - with Eryl Crump

Ultrasonic 37 - feedback

The last regular Aberystwyth freight

Severn Valley Enterprise (1) - images by Roly High

Severn Valley Enterprise (2)  - Images by Greg Mape

Bala at 50

Sunday - by Jim Ikin

More coaches for TfW - pictures by Graham Breakwell

03 May 2022

A tale of three charters

Two Jubilees

Aberystwyth Timber Trial - pictures by Paul Shannon

Class 67 diary - report by Mike Stone


Win a ride in Caroline

Looking back: Steam, Diesels and Electrics 2003 Part 3 -

From Dave Sallery's archive

Llangollen scenes

25 April 2022


Ultrasonic 37

More scruffy HSTs


Caroline on the Cambrian

Looking back: Diesels 2003 - by David Pool

From Dave Sallery's archive

A Joyce Clock - by Tony Robinson

18 April 2022

Steam and a 'Pullman' - by Geoff Morris

Blue Pullman, now and then

Seen at Chester,  12 April - pictures by Tim Rogers

In and around Shrewsbury - with Graham Breakwell

From Dave Sallery's archive

Cambrian Heritage extension - report by George Jones

Looking Back:  Diesels 2003 part 1 - David Pool

11 April 2022

Engineering trains

On the Ffestiniog / WHR - with Jim Ikin


Freight selection

Fron Junction

Pullmans under Warrington

Chester and Ruabon, 5 April - pictures by Martin Evans

From Dave Sallery's archive

Looking back:  Diesels 2002 part 5 - by David Pool

175 twilight

04 April 2022


Yet another bridge bash

On the Welsh Highland - pictures by Greg Mape

Corris Railway news - press release

Picture selection - by Alastair Graham

Cambrian re-opening (1)

Cambrian re-opening (2)

Cambrian archaeology -  unearthed by Graham

From  Dave Sallery's  Archive

On Barmouth bridge - images by Kate Jones

Valley works - report by Stuart Broome

Looking back: Steam and Diesels 2002  part 4 

Diesel gala at Chinnor, 3 April - report by Richard

'Driver for a Fiver' and Berwyn Shutles at Llangollen -

28 March 2022

Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland season starts - report by

Loco-hauled report

Steam scenes

Pemaenmawr stone

Sunshine Coast - pictures by Chris Morrison

Cambrian Corner - by Ken Robinson

Pole position

Testing - pictures by Stephen Dennett


37602 on the Cambrian

From Dave Sallery's archive

Dublin Ferrylink - report by Bernard Allan

21 March 2022

Wales on Rails

No steam on the Cheshireman - report by Stephen Dennett

Sutton Bridge scenes - by Graham Breakwell

Activity at Chester, 15 March - images by by Tim Rogers

Stone from Penmaenmawr, 18 March

66 at Llandudno - report by Garry Stroud

Three 'oldie' scans - by Terry Eyres

From Dave Sallery's archive

Looking back: Steam and Diesel part 2 - by David Pool

Castell Caernarfon

More Eurostar 37s - by Charlie Hulme

Steam at Llangollen - press release

14 March 2022

197 move - report by Martin Weeks

Coal Correction

Tim  Rogers' view from Bagillt, 11 March

Picture News

From Dave Sallery's Archive

Penrhyn at Statfold - report by Mark Hambly

Three specials at Acton Bridge - pictured by Stephen

Looking back: Diesels 2002 part 1 - by David Pool

Llangollen Railway and Russian coal: Press release


07 March 2022

Penmaenmawr stone

Loco-hauled manoeuvres - notes by Mike Stone

Seen at Chester - by Geoff Morris

More about Class 37/6 - addendum by David Pool

From Dave Sallery's archive

Cambrian Corner - by Ken Robinson

Class 40 correction

A driver's day - by Jim Scott

Looking back: Diesels (etc) Part 3 - by David Pool

Out and about - with Stephen Dennett

Sunset at Meole Brace, Shrewsbury - by Graham Breakwell

28 February 2022

After you, sir  - report by Geoff Morris

Seen at Craven Arms - pictures by Chris Morrison

Aluminium traffic recalled - by Chris Jones-Bridger

A Footex day - pictures by Stephen Dennett

From Dave Sallery's archive


Looking back: Diesels 2001 part 2 - by David Pool

Borderlands 1996 - pictures by Barrie Hughes

21 February 2022

Stormy weather

News Pictures

The view from Chester - by Geoff Morris

Missing trains explained

From Dave Sallery's archive

Return to Waunfawr

Looking back:  Diesels 2001 part 1 - by David Pool

14 February 2022

Class 197s in action - report by Gary Jones


Borderlands and around - pictures by Alastair Graham

Vanishing trains

From Dave Sallery's archive

Ravenscraig steel, 1984 - recalled by Barrie Hughes

Looking back: Steam and Diesel 2000 part 4  - by

07 February 2022

News Pictures

Cut-down cabs, etc. - by Mark Hambly

Rolling stock notes

From  Dave Sallery's archive

Penmaenmawr to Crewe, 1987 - by Barrie Hughes

Looking back : BPGV part 2 - by David Pool

31 January 2022

Flask train 2022

Ready for the snow

HST measurement train

Making connections

From Dave Sallery's archive

A visit to Acton Bridge - with Greg Mape

Something different: the BP and GV line, Part 1 - By

24 January 2022

News pictures

Go by bus

Busy Cheshire Lines Freight - by Greg Mape.

Looking back:  Diesels 2000 Part 3 - by David Pool

From Dave Sallery's archive

Tram in the Mist

17 January 2022

News pictures

Glan Conwy sidings - report by Chris Parker

Looking back: Diesels 2000 part 2 - by David Pool

From Dave Sallery's archive

Vale of Rheidol - in detail

10 January 2022

News pictures

From Dave Sallery's archive

Looking back: Diesels 2000 part 1 - by David Pool

10 January 2022

News pictures

From Dave Sallery's archive

Looking back: Diesels 2000 part 1 - by David Pool

03 January 2022

Cambrian Coast re-opens - report by Ken Robinson

Penmaenmawr, 2004

From Dave Sallery's archive

Looking back: Diesels 1999  part 5 - by David Pool

Out and About

Duke of Lancaster

About Tuebrook - by David Pool


27 December 2021

More about the Penmaemawr trains

Llangollen Railway Cancellation

From Dave Sallery's  archive

Looking back:  Diesels 1999 part 4 - By David Pool

Christmas Eve at Skelton Junction - pictures by Greg

20 December 2021

Freight news

Blaenau scenes - by Ken Robinson

North Wales variety - images by Tim Rogers

From Dave Sallery's archive

Looking back : Diesels 1999 part 3 - with David Pool

Out and about

13 December 2021

A visit to Chester - by Chris Taylor

Mid-Cheshire 60s - pictures by Greg Mape

From Dave Sallery's archive

Looking back - Steam and Diesel 1999 part 2 - by David

Llangollen Railway news

07 December 2021

Problem afternoon on the Coast - report by Mark Enderby

From Dave Sallery's archive

Barmouth  re-opening delayed

Bahamas update

Looking back:  Steam and diesels 1999 - by David

Santa at Llangollen - report by Peter Neve

29 November 2021

Stormy weather - report by Garry Stroud

Locomotive Services  doings - by Geoff Morris

Coast scenes

Emergency signals at Valley - by Peter Roberts

From Dave Sallery's archive

Another new book

Looking back:  Diesels 1998, part 3 - by David Pool

Missing picture

22 November 2021

The Cheshireman

The Jolly Slateman

Looking back:  Steam and Diesel 1998 part 2 - by

Last week's issue

From Dave Sallery's archive (and present day)

Freightliner Crew Training Runs

Those weren't the days

15 November 2021

Tornado in Cheshire

What,  no loco?

Bridge Bash with a difference

A new history

Saturday at Hereford - by Richard Putley

From Dave Sallery's Archive

DVD for Christmas?

Looking back: Steam and Diesels 1998 -  by David

Llangollen news - by George Jones

08 November 2021

Coast favourites in action - by Dave Plimmer

Ffestiniog & WHR 'Bygone Times' Weekend - by Ian

The Great Orme Tramway - visited by Martin Evans

Chasing the Test Train, 3 November - by Stephen Dennett

Talking points

Test Train assortment

Cambrian Corner -  by Kate Jones

From Dave Sallery's Archive

Looking back: Class 59 to Blaenau - with David Pool

A Saturday afternoon at Llanberis, 30 October - by Greg

More ballast at Corwen, Llangollen Railway - by George

01 November 2021

Coast Line scenes, 28 October - by Tim Rogers

Locos old and new(er) - by Geoff Morris

The Devonian Double - report by Steve Morris

From Dave Sallery's archive

Rail Head Treatment  corner

Looking back: Diesels 1997 - with David Pool

Llangollen news - by George Jones

A visit to the Ffestiniog, 27 October - with Tim Rogers

25 October 2021

Buckley station and the 230s - by Stephen Dennett

23 October 21 at Shotton - pictures by Tim Rogers

Points from last update

From Dave Sallery's archive

Looking back: Heart of Wales diversion 1997 - with David

Llangollen Railway news - by George Jones

18 October 2021

Changing Times - by Dave Sallery

Magazine watch


Cambrian in Lancashire - by Stephen Dennett

Looking back: Diesels 1996 Part 2 - by David Pool

Llangollen Railway news

Llangollen DMU Scenes from 15 October by Martin Evans

Holiday snap

11 October 2021

Welsh Highland Railway 'Superpower Weekend' - pictures

WHR Superpower - report by Jim Ikin

Corris Gala -report by Barrie Hughes

News from the Vale of Rheidol (Press Release)

4 October 2021

News pictures

The Wirral Squirrel

From Dave Sallery's archive

Looking back: Steam and Diesels part 1 - by David Pool

News from the Duke of Lancaster

27 September 2021

Editor's note

Class 197 news


TfW's plans updated

Railtours on the Coast ... and elsewhere - by Gary

TfW's long-term projects - reviewed by Barrie Hughes

From Dave Sallery's archive

An accessibility issue examined -  by Roger Smith

Looking back: Holyhead ships - by David Pool

Llangollen scenes

20 September 2021


Loco hauled and cement - report by Stephen Dennett

Daytime loco hauled - by Barrie Hughes

Looking Back: Diesels 1995 part 2 - with David Pool

From Dave Sallery's archive

Llangollen news  (1) - by Barrie Hughes

Llangollen news (2) - by George Jones

Cambrian Corner (1) - By Barrie Hughes

Cambrian Corner (2) - by Ken Robinson

Cambrian Corner (3) - by Alastair Taylor

Cambrian Corner (4) - by Ian Wright

Borderlands review (from the local press)

13 September 2021


Welsh Dragon - continued

Timetable Changes

Now and Then: Holywell Junction - by Dave Sallery

Signals at Helsby Station:  an appeal for

Holyhead doings - by Stuart Broome

NMT at large

Bala Lake Railway AGM - report by Jim Ikin

Looking back: Diesels 1995, Part 1 - by David Pool

Merseyrail 777 - report by Stephen Dennett

06 September 2021


Chris Morrison's view

From Dave Sallery's Archive

Llandudno Junction sidings

Graham Breakwell's view

Greg Mape's view

Class 153 watch - with Rhodri Williams

Looking back: Steam and Diesel 1994 - with David Pool

Llangollen news

30 August 2021


Statesman Settle and Carlisle Circular

Looking back: Diesels 1993-4 - with David Pool

RCTS meetings restart

News from the line

Corris and Talyllyn Galas

From Dave Sallery's archive

Changing places

23 August 2021


Llangollen, 17 August. Picture by Martin Evans

Cambrian Railtour!

From Dave Sallery's archive

Looking back:  Diesels and Electrics 1993  -

Llangollen to Carrog

Rush Hour

16 August 2021


Chester Observations - by Geoff Morris

Real Time Trains update

North Wales scenes - by Stephen Dennett

Looking back: Steam and Diesels 1992  - by 

A mixed bag of pics from 2 August 2009 - from Barrie

Train names announced

Geographic and Geological errata

Around Bradford-on-Avon - with Graham Breakwell

09 August 2021


Llandudno Junction sidings

Dogarrog update

West Lancashire Light Railway Summer Gala - report by

LT Panniers  - by Peter Hudson

Locos at Chester and Bache - by Geoff Morris

From Dave Sallery's archive


Looking back: Diesels 1992 - with David Pool

Llangollen update

02 August 2021


Another 197

A short stay in the Heart of Wales  - with Richard

Narrow Gauge miscellany

Looking back:  Steam and Diesel 1991 - by David

Llangollen update - by George Jones

From Dave Sallery's archive

Dolgarrog dilemma

Locomotives in Action

26 July 2021


Welsh Mountaineer

Borderlands line half-hourly service

Class 150 contrasts - pictures by Garry Stroud

Looking back:  Bersham Colliery - by Trefor

37 431 - pictures by Graham Breakwell

Looking Back: Steam and Diesel 1989-90 - with David Pool

From Dave Sallery's archive

Gerisim revisited - by 'Skimpler'

Llangollen news

19 July 2021


Leander on the Coast

Northern Belle

Freight moves

HST scenes

Looking back: More Marches Specials - by David Pool

Llangollen news - by George Jones

12  July 2021


Cambrian Corner



From Dave Sallery's Archive

The Welsh Borderer

Looking back: Welsh Marches Pullmans - David

Llangollen Railway back in action - report by George

05 July 2021


The Bristol Forty

Seen at Chester - report by Geoff Morris

67s at Holyhead - pictures by Mike Sheridan

Class 37/4 corner


Looking back: Steam and Diesels in the 80s part



28 June 2021


New train on the block: Class 197

Video news

Greg Mape's North Wales

197 at Crewe - report by Geoff Morris

37 418  on the Cambrian - by Graham Breakwell

That Mold Brakevan Tour

Looking back: Steam and Diesel Part 1 - by David Pool

From Dave Sallery's archive

Llangollen Update - by George Jones

21 June 2021


The return of the Premier Train to Cardiff - by Gary

On the Road again (again)

From Dave Sallery's archive

A Cheshire Day Out - report by Chris Scott

Rail Live - report by Mark Hambly

Holyhead, 18 June - pictures by Greg Mape

Colas 37s on Network Rail duty

Why the 37s missed out Llandudno

Mold, 1963? - by Barrie Hughes

14 June 2021


Bala Re-railed - report by Jim Ikin

The Coast and Peaks Rover


Mold Mystery - by Barrie Hughes

Freight notes

From Dave Sallery's archive

Feedback - David Pool's 1970s

Looking back: 1970s part 2 - with David Pool

Steam again at Llangollen - report by George Jones

On the road again at Barmouth

07 June 2021



In other news ...

Freight scenes

From Dave Sallery's archive

Bank Holiday Steam, seen on Anglesey

North Wales in the 70s, part 1  - by David Pool

Llangollen Update - by George Jones

31 May 2021


Steam on the Coast

On the narrow gauge - with Jim Ikin

Llangollen Railway auction results

Looking back: Bord na Mona - by David Pool

24 May 2021


News items

Black Bridge

Excursions re-start

37 612 in Test Train action

Traction mixture

From Dave Sallery's archive

After Lockdown - with David Pool

Bala 're-railed' event

Pacers to Oswestry

Booze and Cruise - report by Rhodri Williams

17 May 2021


Freight news

A week's train chasing - with Stephen Dennett

Freightliner route-learning trips - observed by Geoff


Collecting the set of Mk4s - by Rhodri Williams

From Dave Sallery's archive

Looking back: Irish steam  - by David Pool

Llangollen Railway Trust Ltd - Press Release 14 May 2021

11 May 2021


Loco-hauled in September

Class 230 at Chester - report by Geoff Morris

Looking back: Bala Lake Railway Part 2 - by David Pool

Bala Lake Postscript - by Mark Hambly

Cambrian and Conwy memories - images by Trefor Thompson

From Dave Sallery's archive

08 May 2021


News update

Train watching, RSPB style - with Geoff Morris

Class 40 at Shrewsbury revisited

Welsh Highland 130 - by Ian Pilkington

Tractors on the Loose

Ffestiniog awakes: 'Woodland Wanderer' - report by Jim

Trans-Pennine to Tywyn - by Mark Hambly

A May Day weekend in North Wales - with Richard Putley

04 May 2021


Coleham Scene 30 April - images by Graham Breakwell

Special Traffic Notice

New freight traffic

Looking back:  Bala Lake Railway, Part 1 - by David

Llanberis question answered - by Geoff Monks


Class 153 activity

Lein Amlwch news


From Dave Sallery's archive

Trixion - a correction

Llangollen Auction

A legendary  Gala - report by Richard Putley


26 April 2021


Class 37 doings

NMT on the Coast - pictures by Gary Thomas

News from Bala Lake - by Mat Peacock

From Dave Sallery's archive

Cambrian Corner - with Graham Breakwell

Talyllyn Railway re-opening


Class 197 seats

19 April 2021


A look at the future - Class 197

Magazine Watch

News pictures

Llangollen auction

From Dave Sallery's Archive

Looking back:  Llanberis Lake Railway - with David

Rhyl's last goods van - recalled by Peter Neve

12 April 2021


TfW's VIP special - report by Jim Johnson

News pictures

Conwy Valley re-opens - report by Barrie Hughes

45231's troubles - correction

From Dave Sallery's archive

Looking back: Rhyl Miniature Railway part 2 - by David

05 April 2021


News pictures

Looking back: Rhyl Miniature Railway loco history - by

Cambrian Corner

From Dave Sallery's archive

More trouble with trespassers - report by Graham

29 March 2021


News Pictures

Steam lives

Busy 45 minutes at Shrewsbury Golf Course - with Graham

Marches engineering

Measurement Train on the Coast

Looking back: Llangollen (etc) 2005 - by David Pool

22 March 2021


News pictures

Drainage work on the Mid-Cheshire line

From Dave Sallery's archive

Class 37 era mystery - by Tony Flusk.

Looking back : Llangollen 2014 - with David Pool

Shotton 2002 - images by Tim Rogers

News from TfW, etc.

From Greg Mape's slide box

15 March 2021


News pictures

From Dave Sallery's archive

On Class 31s and Headcodes

Looking back: Llangollen 2009-2014 - with David Pool

Barmouth Bridge - report by Ian Wright

Seen on a bike ride - images by Greg Mape

08 March 2021


Website News

News images

Shrewbury in the mist - images by Graham Breakwell

More on 'The first 31 on the

From Dave Sallery's archive

The Dee bridge on the Llangollen Railway - report by

01 March 2021


The Sunshine Diaries - by Gary Thomas

Good news ... and bad news

Cambrian activity - by Graham Breakwell

Seen at Crewe - by Jim Scott

Trawsfynydd flasks 1994 - by Ken Robinson

Royal Scot at Llangollen - by Alan Haydock

From Dave Sallery's archive

Looking back: Llangollen (etc) 2007 - with David Pool

Looking back with Tim Rogers

23 February 2021


67 015 in action

Chester Freight - recalled by Peter Neve

Bala Lake Railway appeal

First 31 at Llandudno (?) - by John Wilkinson

Borderlands engineering - report by Graham Breakwell

The lost village of Gerisim - by 'Skimpler'

Looking back: Llangollen (etc) 2006-2009  - with

Travel by 'Halfex' - images from Mark Hambly

15 February 2021


Class 37/4s in the news

News items

Things seen while exercising

Lockdown - by Robert Daralaston

Steam era scenes - by Peter Neve

Looking back with David Pool: Llangollen (etc), 2000 -

Driver Jim Scott's  week

From Dave Sallery's archive

Borderlands notes - by John Brierley

Funding a small Prairie - report by George Jones

DVDs to watch - suggested by Harold Jones

08 February 2021


News pictures

Last days of 6A shed - remembered by Peter Neve

From Ken Robinson's archive

From Dave Sallery's archive

More about Blyth Power - by Daniel Pearson

Looking back with David Pool - Llangollen 1996-98


01 February 2021


News pictures

Remember Abermule

A look back - by Peter Hanson

From Dave Sallery's archive

Llangollen Railway visitors  1990-1994 - by David

Winnington and friends

Longer life for DRS 37/4s

Blyth Power - remembered by Martin Weeks

Llangollen signal progress - report by Peter Neve

25 January 2021


Stormy Weather

Winter in Cheshire

Looking back with Tim Rogers

From Dave Sallery's archive

Looking back: Llangollen Railway 1976-88 - with David

18 January 2021


Exercise pictures

January 2005 - pictures by Tim Rogers

A selection of shunters - by Peter Neve

Looking back:  Welsh Highland 2014-19 - with David

From Dave Sallery's Archive

Change of scene at Porthmadog

11 January 2021


Transport for Wales notes

Staniers at 6A - by Peter Neve

Llangollen Diesel scenes - by Ken Robinson

Problem at Gaerwen, 1985 - by 'Skimpler'

Gobowen ticketing

From Dave Sallery's archive

Lasy Days, 1965 - by Chris Magner

Looking back with David Pool - Welsh Highland 2010-2014

04 January 2021


News pictures

Llangollen, 1999 - by Barrie Hughes

Looking back: Welsh Highland in the 00s - with David

Last issue - feedback

Greg Mape's view

28 December 2020


20 Years ago - recalled by Ken Robinson

Events at Gobowen (and Bidston)

From Dave Sallery's archive

The Yo-Ho-Ho Railtour, 29 December 2006 - pictures by

Looking back: Welsh Highland in the 90s - with David

Festive Greetings from the Llangollen Railway - by 

21 December 2020


From Dave Sallery's archive

27 July 1999 - by Barrie Hughes

Looking back: Ffestiniog in the 1990s - by David Pool

47s at Shrewsbury - pictures by Peter Hanson

15 December 2020

Northern Belle

Looking back: Ffestiniog 1980s - by David Pool

From Dave Sallery's archive

Midland Pullman (sort of)

11 December 2020


Llangollen Dee Bridge Update - by Peter Neve

Classic 37 scenes - by Barrie Hughes

Looking back: the Dyserth branch

From Dave Sallery's archive

All at once - Llandudno Junction

By the A55: Two Peaks, Three Bridges - by 'Skimpler'

Eclipse, Statfold and Penrhyn - by Jim Ikin

Llangollen and 41241 - by Chris Magner

Looking back -  with Tim Rogers

The Coronation Land Cruise - by Jim Johnson

07 Decenber 2020


Mk4 coach test run

37 on the  Coast

RHTT news

Looking back: Early Festiniog Days - with David Pool

Jersey - Holyhead Potato Traffic - by Charlie Hulme

Trains to Dolgellau?

30 November 2020


News images

From Dave Sallery's archive

New book for Christmas


November 2003 - pictures by Tim Rogers

Looking back:  Narrow Gauge miscellany - with David

A visit to Maenofferen Quarry - by Mark Doran

Snowy Welsh  Highland in 2010  - by Barrie

Views from England - by Greg Mape

Festival Land Cruise - by Jim Johnson

House for Sale - with model railway

23 November 2020


Chester, 23 November 2001 - from Tim Rogers' archive

Cambrian Coast saved

From Dave Sallery's archive

Bala Lake news

What the Government wants

Looking back: Irish Narrow Gauge - by David Pool

16 November 2020


RHTT views

Chirk Logs - report by Ian Pilkington

Cambrian milestone - by Chris Magner

Capacity checker

45s on the A55 - by 'Skimpler'

From Dave Sallery's archive

Looking back: Talyllyn, Part 2 - with David Pool

Saving the Corris Locos - by Chris Magner

The Hoot and Boot railtour - pictures by Tim Rogers


Shipping news - by Jim Johnson

Open Day at Northwich, 1980 - remembered by Chris

Princess visits Holyhead, 2006 - by Ken Robinson

A North Wales Circular Tour in 1964 - by Mark Hambly

09 November 2020


From Dave Sallery's archive


RHTT at Mostyn

A day in 2004 - and a new DVD - by John Wilkinson

The new arrangements for railways in Wales

The very long train - recalled by Marc Thomas

Alan Cliff

Chester to  Crewe 1950s - from the collection of

Looking back : Talyllyn Railway,  Part 1 - with

Special Diesel Excursion

02 November 2020


Lockdown (etc)

Picture news

More on Motorail

Looking back: Vale of Rheidol Part 3  - by David

Rheidol Remniscences - by Chris Magner

Llangollen bridge appeal

A tour in 2006 - recalled by Ken Robinson

From Dave Sallery's archive

Cambrian Works

Mostyn, 1982  - by 'Skimpler'

26 October 2020


45231 on test

Looking back: Vale of Rheidol, Part 2 - with David Pool

Early digital days: 2002 - images by Eryl Crump

25 on the A55 - by 'Skimpler'

From Dave Sallery's archive

Cambrian Heritage Railways update - report by Gareth

Cement trains - pictures by Tim Rogers

19 October 2020


Ffestiniog Bygones Weekend - report by Ian Pilkington

Cambrian Corner - report by Ken Robinson

Barmouth bridge activity

RHTT views

Looking back: Vale of Rheidol, Part 1 - by David Pool

Looking back:  the A55 - by 'Skimpler'

From Dave Sallery's archive


13 October 2020


Sun and Shade at Holyhead - pictures by Stuart Broome

RHTT scenes

From Dave Sallery's Archive

The Sleeper era - by 'Skimpler'

Looking back: Welshpool and Llanfair, Part 3 - by David

Cambrian Corner:  Dovey Junction signals  - by

09 October 2020


Tim Rogers' view

Rolling stock update

Looking back - with Tim Rogers

Steam section

Valley box facelift - pictures by Stuart Broome

Looking back: Welshpool and Llanfair Part 2 (and Rhiw

Anglesey Memories - with Trefor Thompson

05 October 2020


Lockdown (again)

Loco-hauled news

From Dave Sallery's Archive

Looking back: Welshpool and Llanfair, Part 1 - with

Steam snapshots

RHTT doings

Out and About - with Jim Ikin

28 September 2020

Conwy Valley re-opens

Network Rail miscellany

Looking back: The Snowdon Mountain Railway -with David

Wandering 67s

Walking the Wales Coastal Path, Part 1 - with Eryl Crump

Salop scenes - by Graham Breakwell

Llangollen update

Forestry news

21 September 2020

Colas 67s in action

Cambrian Corner

Growlers - from Dave Sallery's Archive

67 017 in Holyhead - by Stuart Broome

Loco-hauled update

Shrewsbury Scenes, 16 September - by Graham Breakwell


A week in North Wales: Part 2  - with Richard

Monday 14 September

Wednesday 16 September

Friday 18 September

Looking Back: Fairbourne Part 2 - with David Pool

14 September 2020

Tim Rogers' View

From Dave Sallery's archive

A Week in North Wales, 12- 18 September, Part 1 - by

Looking Back:  Fairbourne (Part 1) - with David

Corwen progress - report by Peter Neve

Out and about with Greg Mape: Long Preston

06 September 2020

News Round-Up

Wrexham's busy evening  - report by George Jones

Conwy Valley memories - by Ken Robinson

Out and About - from Dave Sallery's archive

Looking Back:  Liverpool - by David Pool



Jennifer in action at Llangollen - by George Jones

31 August 2020

Clock Face - continued


Cambrian Corner

Looking back:  Ireland 1968 - with David Pool

Statfold  enthusiasts' day 9 August - report by Jim

From Dave Sallery's archive - a Euro-selection for the

24 August 2020

Borderlands scenes, 17 August  - by Tim Rogers

Looking back: Runcorn - with David Pool

A leafy diversion - images by Greg Mape

Corwen Progress - report by Peter Neve

Nights on the milling train - by driver Jim Scott

Speeding up the service

From Dave Sallery's archive

D-train views - by David Pool

The Clock Face route

17 August 2020

Flask visitor

70 on the branch

Trials and Testing - by John Cowlishaw

Chirk and Gobowen - by Chris Morrison

Second 230 arrives

Class 230: how it works

Class 44 : a request - by Steve Morris

Birkenhead feedback

Llangollen Railway scenes

Looking back: Widnes - with David Pool

From Dave Sallery's Archive

Bala Lake scenes - by Jim Ikin

10 August 2020

Cambrian Corner - wth Ken Robinson

Steel and Cement - pictures by Stephen Dennett

Llangollen revived

Double Headers - by Dave Sallery

Looking back:  Birkenhead - with David Pool

Birkenhead Docks 1983 - pictures by Trefor Thompson

03 August 2020

Class 230 doings

The view from Bannel Lane bridge - by Stephen Dennett

Seen from a cycle ride - by Greg Mape

Dave Sallery's Archive Selection

Looking back:  Bidston  area - with David Pool

Cambrian Corner - by Ken Robinson

28 July 2020

Class 230 doings

Llangollen prepares - report by George Jones

Escape from Holyhead

Porthmadog 24 July - pictures by Jim Ikin

Looking back with David Pool - Blaenau and Trawsfynydd

Dave Sallery's archive selection

D200 goes to Holyhead - by 'Skimpler'

Heritage Railway Revival - report by Richard Putley

24 July 2020

Class 230 action

Freight scenes - by John Cowlishaw

Heritage railways awake: Ffestiniog - report by Jim

Hertiage Railways awake: Llangollen - report by George

Heritage Railways awake: Bala Lake - report by Jim Ikin

Cambrian Coast Collection

20 July 2020

Class 230 news

Looking back:  Wrexham area - by David Pool

Current scenes

Following the the Roman Nose, 1998 - remembered by

More 'Growlers' - from Dave Sallery's archive

On Wirral Lines - pictures by Trefor Thompson

13 July 2020

Travelling by Train

Holyhead,  13 July - pictures by Greg Mape

Bangor, 9 July

Looking back: Oswestry area - by David Pool

Penmaenmawr quarry scenes - by Ken Robinson

A Dave Sallery assortment

A few memories of my train spotting past - by Derek

Llangollen Railway awakes - report by George Jones

Thunderbird gallery - images by Tim Rogers

Electric at Llandudno Junction

06 July 2020

Freight news

A Dave Sallery selection

Rail Head Treatment, 2008 style - by 'Skimpler'

Crostis at Chester - images by Peter Neve

The Cardigan Bay Express - by Graham Breakwell

Looking back: Stockport district - with David Pool

Coast Line, 1980s - images by Trefor Thompson

Coast line 2001-2004 - images by Tim Rogers

30 June 2020

Timetable Changes

Bala Lake Virtual Gala

June 2005 - images by Tim Rogers

13 Jun 2005 Shotton

Liverpool Road, Chester - pictures by Peter Neve

Cambrian Summer 1990 - by Ken Robinson

1990s DMUs - pictures by Greg Mape

Looking back with David Pool - Warrington area

Lindow update

25 June 2020

About 37 219 and ultrasonics

Steam memories - by Gareth Prestidge

Double-headed puzzle

A 37 selection 1989/90 - by Richard Spruce

Holyhead scrap trains - by 'Skimpler'

Looking back: Northwich area - with David Pool

Cambrian corner 2004  - images by Ben Bucki

22 June 2020

Test Train

More locos

Prestatyn 1986 - pictures by Trefor Thompson

Class 37 classics - by Dave Sallery

15 June 2020

From Dave Sallery's archive

Borderlands 153s

Timetable note

DMU drag - by 'Skimpler'

Looking back with David Pool - Altrincham area

80079 takes on coal

Lindow Moss Railway - images by Trefor Thompson

Scrapyard Surrealism

12 June 2020

Conwy Valley re-opening delay

The DRS flask train


Looking back: Ellesmere Port and Helsby - with David


Network Rail trains

June 2009 - pictures by Tim Rogers

Brake Van Mystery - by John Eyres

08 June 2020

37/4s on the Coast

Engineering scenes

Petroleum 47s - remembered by Richard Spruce

From Dave Sallery's archive - no-heat 37s

About Shotton Paper Mill (last issue)

Looking back with David Pool - Frodsham and Halton

Notes on the last issue - by Ken Robinson

Around Chester, 2009 - pictures by Tim Rogers

Shipping News - by Jim Johnson

02 June 2020

Current notes

End of the 'Paupers' Wag'?

37 173's exploit

On the route of the Chester Millennium Walkway - with

From Dave Sallery's Archive

The Ynyslas coach

News of 24 081

East Lancashire Railway nameplate auction

A Tim Rogers selection

28 May 2020

Current events

The Mystery Coach

David Lloyd George at Baschurch  - pictures by

20 906 at Helsby

My first 37 on the coast - by Peter Hanahoe

From Dave Sallery's Archive

Some lost lines - pictures by Trefor Thompson

26 May 2020

Engineering work - pictures by Ryan Lloyd

Pacer to Gobowen

A Cambrian Railtour, and more steam - by David Pool

Mystery Carriage

Wrexham then and now - by Jim Scott

Class 37 Farewell, Day 2 - by Ian Bowland

Looking back: Crewe - by Glyn Jones

South Manchester scenes - by Greg Mape

21 May 2020

Special issue: The Britannia Bridge fire – 50 years

19 May 2020

Editorial note

The 37 Farewell Special  - by Ian Bowland

Class 37 Farewell Special - pictures by Ken Robinson

Twenty Years Ago - pictures by Chris Morrison

Timber to Shotton - remembered by Peter Neve

37s circa 1990 - by Richard Spruce

Class 31 identified

Busy time at Conwy Morfa - by Peter Hanahoe

From Dave Sallery's archive

Railtour help needed - by Richard Putley

Looking back - with Tim Rogers


14 May 2020

Peaks on the Coast - pictures by Trefor Thompson

Archive miscellany - by Richard Spruce

Steam Selection 3 - by David Pool

The view from Station Cottage (part 2) - by Graham

Four tracks at Rossett - by Peter Neve

A day on the Ffestiniog Railway, 6 May 2001 - with Tim

11 May 2020

May 2009 - pictures by Tim Rogers

The Storm of 1990 - by Peter Hanahoe

Class 31s galore part 1 - Pictures by Ken Robinson

The Manchester Navigator

Class 31s galore, pt. 2 - by Trefor Thompson

Some more steam specials - by David Pool

The view from Station Cottage (part 1) - by Graham

Sunshine on the Cambrian Coast - pictures by Ben Bucki

05 May 2020

Early 90s assortment - pictures by Richard Spruce

Holyhead memories - pictures by Ken Robinson

More views of A55 construction - by Dave Sallery

Alison/Sapper again

5000 in 1982 - by Martin Evans

To the end of the line - by Peter Neve

'Growlers' to the fore - pictures by Dave Sallery

May 2007 - pictures by Tim Rogers


30 April 2020

A steam special selection (part 2) - pictures by David

Afon Wen mystery - by Jim Johnson

Looking back: Steel to Shotton - with Trefor Thompson

Industrial corner

This week over the years - pictures by Tim Rogers

27 April 2020

The Cambrian Coast goods - by Paul Shannon

Looking back:  building the A55 road - with Jim

703 Centenary Special to Chester 1976 - by Peter Neve

A Feast of 31s - pictures by Dave Sallery

A steam special selection (part 1) - pictures by David

Trawsfynydd flasks remembered - pictures by Trefor

Alison Revisited - by Geoff Monks

21 April 2020

Class 47s ...  and other 80s scenes - by Tim Rogers

A55 - a request

Looking back: the industrial scene -by Peter Neve

Liverpool 1968 - by George Jones

North Wales Coast, 1978 - by Jim Johnson

Ten locos in four pictures - by Dave Sallery

Shrewsbury - Chester events - pictures by Trefor

Class 20s on ballast - pictures by Ken Robinson

Early days at the Severn Valley - by Glyn Jones

16 April 2020

Cambrian corner - looking back with Trefor Thompson

Recalling the  Blaenau Ffestiniog Branch- by

Past times miscellany

Double-headed 37s - by Eryl Crump

13 April 2020


Seen at Crewe

47s in 2003 - pictures by Tim Rogers

From Dave Sallery's archive

Chester's steam rail crane - recalled by Peter Neve

A week over time: pictures by Tim Rogers

North Wales locomotive classes – David Pool

Parry's Railway Companion from Chester to Holyhead, Part

06 April 2020


The last scheduled 37/4 haulage - remembered by Ian

North Wales Class 37 Farewell - DVD review

When the Voyager Came to Town - by Eryl Crump

Chester oldies - by Paul Shannon

Ffestiniog Flyer - recalled by Ken Robinson

Chester variety,  5 April 2001  - pictures by

Looking back with David Pool - Amlwch traffic

Freight,  1980 - by David Rapson

Looking back: Dunham-on-the-Hill 1965 - with Peter Neve

April 2003 , Llandudno Junction - pictures by Tim Rogers

60s Steam selection - pictures by Peter Jump

Parry's Railway Companion from Chester to Holyhead -

02 April 2020

The Holyhead Breakwater Railway - by David Pool

From Dave Sallery's archive


This week in 2002 - pictures by

North Wales Coast Express c. 1989 - pictures by Gareth

Parry's Railway Companion - revisited by Geraint

30 March 2020

Donations requested

Railway news

Looking back: 6 August 1985  - with Barrie Hughes

This week in 2002 - pictures by Tim Rogers (Part 1)

Croes Newydd 1967 - with Peter Neve

Cambrian Coast 1979 - by Ken Robinson

That Purple Deltic

From Bob Greenhalgh's archive

23 March 2020

Carrying on

A final (for now) news miscellany

Britannias in Chester, 1965 - by Peter Neve

Cambrian and Chester - pictures by Dave Sallery

16 March 2020

67s  in action

Out and About - wth Martin Evans

Looking back: 9Fs at Chester - by Peter Neve

From Dave Sallery's archive

More on 47 712 - by Mark Hambly

Green all the way

Llangollen news - by George Jones

09 March 2020

Conwy Valley update - by Geraint Rowlands

The BRCW Bunny - Saturday 18 April

A Northern Day Ranger, Take 2 - by John Cowlishaw

Class 70s on the Binliners - by Richard Boyd

From Dave Sallery's archive

Britannia's progress

Looking Back: Chester Festival of the Arts - with Peter

44917 revisited

02 March 2020


'Q trains'

Cement traffic

First, last and 30 years ago - by Dave Sallery

Llangollen Railway news

Looking back: Preserved Black 5s in BR days - by Peter

Class 5 and a half? - by Chris Magner

Petition News

From the Archive - by Bob Greenhalgh

Manchester area freights

24 February 2020

Stormy weather

Looking back:  Chester Steam in the 60s - by 

Chester 1971


Steam returns  at Llangollen

A visit to Northern Ireland - report by Greg Mape

New Zealand journeys - report by Gary Thomas

17 February 2020

Tim Rogers' view

Non-stop trouble

From Dave Sallery's archive

Llangollen half-term service - by George Jones

Scenes of the 60s  -  by Peter Neve

Braving Storm Dennis: The Peaks and Valleys Explorer

10 February 2020

Conwy Valley - Network Rail announcement

After the Storm - by John Cowlishaw

Newsreel - images by Sean Thomas

Chester Parcels platform

Train replaces bus

A Northern Rail  Day Ranger – by John Cowlishaw

Rolling Back Beeching at Llangollen - report by George

The view from a hill - pictures by Greg Mape

03 February 2020

Mk4 Carriages on test

Freight progress

Steam on the Coast

In other news ...

Bangor ceremony (and a shed visit)  - report by Jim

27 January 2020

In Limbo

Coast views, 24 January - by Ian Wilson

North Wales classic video

From Dave Sallery's archive

Chester and Llandudno 26 January - images by Ryan Lloyd

Out and about with Greg Mape

20 January 2020

Tim Rogers' View

Magazine watch:

Cement trains

Cambrian corner - with Ken Robinson

13 January 2020

Peter Basterfield's view

From Dave Sallery's archive

Out and about, 10 January - with Martin Evans

06 January 2020

Avanti scenes

Class 37 on tour

Happy New Year

On the Footplate - report by Ian Henderson

30 December 2019

Penyfford Cement

From Dave Sallery's archive

South Manchester selection, 16 December - by Greg Mape

Seen at Wrexham North -  by John Cowlishaw

Llangollen festivities - report by George Jones

23 December 2019

Looking back - Cambrian curiosities

Tim Rogers' view

Avanti at Wrexham

Looking back: Helsby to Hooton line  - pictures by

West Coast variety - pictures by Greg Mape

16 December 2019

Looking Back - Virgin on the Coast

Loco-hauled disappointment

Cambrian corner

Crewe and Chester 11 December - pictures by Martin Evans

Corwen Catchup - by George Jones

Royal Scot in action - pictures by John Chant

09 December 2019

Rolling stock (delay) news

Santa Season

Afonwen anniversary - remembered by Ken Robinson

Stafford selection - by Martin Evans

Last Virgin in Wrexham

From Dave Sallery's Archive

Stockport, 7 December

02 December 2019

North Wales Coast  29 November - pictures by Ryan

Avanti West Coast

Steam news - Royal Scot in action

RHTT scenes

New Cambrian book

26 November 2019

Conwy Valley closure

Photo Gallery

Model Rail Exhibitions

Looking back: The North Wales Coast Express - pictures

Mid-Cheshire Freight - pictures by Greg Mape

18 November 2019

The Christmas Cheshireman

A Day on the North Wales Coast - pictures by Ryan Lloyd

Greg Mape's view

Our Friends in the North - by Jim Ikin

11 November 2019

Saving a memorial plaque - report by Jim Johnson

Scotsman ahoy

Trouble over timetable changes

From Dave Sallery's archive

RHTT gallery

End of Season at Llangollen - report by George Jones

04 November 2019

North Wales Metro

All White (or grey) - pictures by Charlie Hulme

Tim Rogers' view

A Greg Mape Miscellany

Bala Lake Railway end of season

28 October 2019

Tales of Esso Sidings


Llangollen news  - by George Jones

Ffestiniog Railway Victorian Weekend - report by Michael

East Lancashire steam

TransPennine locos

Ribblehead scenes - by Tony Thomas

21 October 2019

Class 20s in Cheshire

Any Colour you like ...  as long as it's blue

A visit to Cardiff -  with Martin Evans

RHTT ... but not as we know it

Mix-and-Match - from Dave Sallery's archive

Heart of Wales Line 150 - book review

Llangollen by Night - pictures by Gary Thomas

A Tim Rogers selection

14 October 2019

Diesel (and electric) doings

Driver's Eye view

'Foxcote' returns

The Chester Venturer

07 October 2019

Mk4s to Manchester

RHTT season starts

Close call at Bagillt

From Dave Sallery's archive

Nicht Hinauslehnen? Thoughts on safety - by Charlie

Marine news

Logs in the north

153 at Llandudno Junction - pictures by Jack Bowley

01 October 2019

Llangollen's Diesel Weekend 28-29 September

The Autumn Highlander


Class 153 news

Coast excursions

23 September 2019

Last week of the flasks

Some adventures of 67 010

Llangollen diesel weekend approaches

Steam scenes - by Peter Neve

Corwen Central progress - report by George Jones

Seen on a trip to Doncaster - by Martin Evans

New GBRf intermodal service

16 September 2019

Valley flask twilight

Class 153 activity - pictures by Jim Johnson

Feedback - Electric trains of Wales

A visit to Nantmawr - with Iain Chippendale

Passenger assortment

Ffestiniog Railway,  9 September - pictures by

TransPennine loco-hauled

A visit to Stafford - with Martin Evans

10 September 2019

Roaming the Rails

Day of the 'Dog-box'

Cambrian Corner

Looking back with Barrie Hughes - Shotton paper mill

Club 50

Dave Sallery's archive spot - Conwy Valley  47s


09 September 2019

Tim Rogers' view : Bumper Edition

02 September 2019

Coast freight revival

Loco-hauled - pictures by Tim Rogers

Multiple Unit variety - pictures by Greg Mape

Llangollen Railway views - by Martin Evans

TransPennine loco-hauled  - report by Chris Jones -

Bala Lake Mini-Gala - report by Jim Ikin

26 August 2019

Class 397 on the Coast

TransPennine loco-hauled


Visit to the Ribble Steam Railway - with Bob Greenhalgh

Road Classics

19 August 2019

North Wales Miscellany - by Gary Thomas

West Coast Partnership announced


Seen at Hargrave, 12 August - by Tim Rogers

Conwy Quest revisited - pictures by Barrie Hughes

Cambrian Scenes - by Greg Mape

Riding the Class 230 - with Richard Putley

Monorail News - by Greg Mape

12 August 2019

Looking back with Barrie Hughes - North Wales, 14 June

Bangor,  10 August 2019 - pictures by Jim Johnson



Club 55 no more?

'Ivor Specials' - remembered by Chris Jones-Bridger


A visit to Oswestry - with Martin Evans

Long Weekend in Shrewsbury -  by Richard Putley

Ffestiniog  scenes - by Michael Baker

05 August 2019

Conwy Quest

Conwy Valley diesel extras - notes by Geraint Rowlands

Conway Crusader,  top-and-tail and other memories

Northern Contrasts - pictures by Martin Evans

Cambrian corner

30 July 2019

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol at Llanrwst

Sutton Tunnel works

Some historical notes on the Sutton Tunnel area

Busy Sunday - pictures by Bob Greenhalgh

Manchester diversions

The Conwy Crusader - follow-up by Chris Jones-Bridger

Coast scenes

26 July 2019

Ferry Cruise

On the Narrow Gauge - with Martin Evans

35018 on WCML

Looking back with Barrie Hughes - The Conway Crusader

Peter Basterfield's view

The Foxfield Railway  - report by Bob Greenhalgh

A trip to Anglesey - report by John Myers

Birkenhead bus event - report by George Jones

22 July 2019

The Conwy Quest  steam special

Conwy Valley (partial) re-opening  - report by Ken

Trains return to Llanrwst - video by Eryl Crump

Dolgarrog station problem - report by Geraint Rowlands

The Irish Mail

37 610 at Large

Loco variety

Chester Saturday

Freight views - by Barrie Hughes

Llangollen line nostalgia

15 July 2019

Flask twilight?



Ford wagons - the sequel

Chester to Windsor - Pictures by Wyn Jones

Royal Scotsman in Wales

New book on the Llangollen line

175 lash-ups

Merchant Navy moves - report by Robert Meredith

Glyndyfrdwy Classic transport,  6 July - report by

Timperley Freight scenes - pictures by Greg Mape

Great Malvern to Belfast - with Richard Putley

08 July 2019

Around Helsby  - report by  John Cowlishaw

Wagons to Ellesmere Port

Manchester area views - by Greg Mape

GWR dray for Llangollen - report by Peter Dickinson

Welsh Highland Railway Past, Present & Future event

01 July 2019

Lizzie on the Coast: The Rolex Express

Cement works open day - report by Chris Coxon

Abandoned loco near Mold

Llangollen report - by George Jones

Northern's new trains  - pictures by Greg Mape

24 June 2019

Bangor afternoon - with Ken Robinson

Conwy Valley line - Network Rail announcement, 21 June

Wrexham movements

Padeswood Open Day - report by Mike Campbell

Magazine watch

New book: Yellow Trains

A visit to the Vale of Rheidol - with Martin Evans

From the Vale of Rheidol Press office

Past, Present and Future weekend at the Welsh Highland -

Reversing Beeching

17 June 2019

New book - Ruabon to Barmouth

Bangor scenes - by Jim Johnson

The Conwy Cat & The Three Peaks

Scotland to Wales

A visit to the Llangollen Railway - with Ken Robinson

Type 3 to the Sea


Crewe Open Day gallery - pictures by Alan Martin

10 June 2019

Steam on the Coast, 6 June

Trip Notices - by Dave Plimmer

The Sunday Yicker

Cheshire Day Ranger - with Greg Mape

Scenes at Berwyn, 9 June - pictures by Greg Mape

A4 on the move

Visit to Dolwyddelan - with John Cowlishaw

Crewe and Shrewsbury, 7 June - pictures by Martin Evans

Saturday at Gobowen - with Chris Morrison

 Crewe Open Day

03 June 2019

Greg Mape on the Coast

Chester to Liverpool, 1974 - by John Cowlishaw

The 'Curvy Weaver'  at Mouldsworth - pictures by

Dave Sallery's Archive Spot

A visit to Bala - with Jim Ikin

Class 37/4 activities

27 May 2019

Chester East Junction 25 May - report by John Cowlishaw

67s on the Measurement Train

Saphos training run, 23 May

Peter Basterfield's week

Shape of things to come : Class230 - report by Gary

Mid-Cheshire Movements - pictures by Greg Mape

Tornado doings

WHR Caernarfon and de Winton - report by Jim Ikin

Your Railway for a Day at Corris - with Mark Enderby

Continued Corwen progress - report by George Jones

21 May 2019

Wrexham - Liverpool service starts - report by George


Irish Journey - with Richard Putley

13 May 2019

Exit the Welsh Mountaineer

Non-passenger scenes

Evening over the Bay - pictures by Greg Mape

Cambrian Corner - with Ken Robinson

Llangollen diesel news

Looking back - Castles at Chester

4 May specials at Chester - Pictures by Peter Hanson

4 May Railtours - Pictures by Garry Stroud

4 May Railtours - Pictures by Gary Thomas

4 May Railtours - Pictures by Chris Morrison

4 May Railtours - by Jim and Sue Ikin

06 May 2019

All about TfW

Busy Day on the Coast

Ynys Mon Express

Welsh & Victorian Highlander

Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza

The Llandudno Day Pullman

Diesel Doings

Great Britain XII

Chester Venturer, 27 April

29 April 2019

Double-headed test

WHHR and WHR - report by Jim Ikin

Freight moves

22 April 2019

Greg Mape's coast scenes

Brymbo Open Day

Freight, etc.

Tim Rogers' Coast views

Closing the Gap at Corwen - report by George Jones


On the Border

15 April 2019

Loco Miscellany

Cambrian celebration

A visit to Llanfair PG - with Tim Rogers

Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland news

Green 37 in action

1940s at Llangollen - report by George Jones

A ride with Clun Castle - with Jim Ikin

08 April 2019

Eddie Bellass

Down the Coast, 2 April - pictures by Peter Laithwaite

The rumour mill turns

The Snowdonian Panorama


Off the rails:  Colwyn Bay  - with Greg Mape

Off the Rails: Penmaenpool - with Ian Wright

01 April 2019

Looking back - with Dave Sallery

Steam in Cheshire

Liverpool Heritage

New livery 158s


Goostrey restored - report by Robert Darlaston

25 March 2019

Loco-Hauled passengers and flasks - pictures by Sean

Tornado is back

Transport for Wales 230

A visit to Burton Point - with Ian Henderson

The Ruby Vampire second bite

Picture news - with Tim Rogers


Taliesin on the WHR - report by Martin Evans


6-car DMU at Carrog - report by George Jones

18 March 2019

Branch Line News

Another 175 fire

Another repaint (or vinyl?) - pictures by Sean Thomas

Mixed pair on the flasks - pictures by Sean Thomas

Cambrian Corner

Down the Coast - with Charlie Hulme

Llyn Corwen - pictures by Paul Reynolds, notes by George

11 March 2019

Cambrian ballast trains

Wrexham line freights - report by Bob Greenhalgh

Laser gauging

On Borderlands stations - pictures by Tim Rogers

Flask update

Looking back: Mid-Cheshire line - pictures by Norman

04 March 2019

Llandudno Junction, 25 February - pictures by Sean

Cambrian corner

Steam out and about

Start of season at Llangollen - report by George Jones

Voyager news

Non-rail Miscellany

From our south-east correspondents

25 February 2019

On the Bridge - with Peter Basterfield


Acton Bridge steam - Pictures by Phil Clarke

Conwy Valley troubles

New trains - an improvement?

Dave Sallery's archive spot

Looking back: Chester 1991 - with Barrie Hughes

Llangollen scenes - by Martin Evans

Shipping News - by Jim Johnson

Beluga has landed - report by Chris Coxon

18 February 2019

Tim Rogers' coast line, 11 February

 Llangollen season begins - report by George Jones

Llangollen Museum events - organised by Peter Dickinson

'Bahamas' then and now - by Jim Ikin

About Bahamas - by Charlie Hulme

Cambrian corner: Class 31s - by Ken Robinson

Cheshire freight - pictures by Greg Mape

Transport curiosities

11 February 2019

Class 397 on the Coast

Steam activity

Dave Sallery's archive spot

04  January 2019

Red to silver revisited

Peter Basterfield's view

More Colas

Courtaulds shunters

Helsby Freight Memories - by Chris Jones-Bridger

Looking back: December 1982 - with Barrie Hughes

Crewe locos - pictured by Martin Evans

Cambrian Corner: 31s in 1992 - with Barrie Hughes

28 January 2019

Red to silver 67

50 years apart - pictures by Peter Neve

Conwy Valley disruption


Llandudno Junction's Victorian-era changes - by Geraint

Looking back:  Helsby 1980 - with Ken Millward

Flasks - pictures by Tim Rogers

Cheshire freight - pictures by Greg Mape

21 January 2019

Flask events

Port Penrhyn - report by Jim Johnson

Llandudno Junction question

Out and About - pictures by Martin Evans

New Year at Corwen - report by George Jones

Time Travel

14 January 2019



Looking back:   Chester 1989 - with Barrie

Mid-Cheshire scenes - with Greg Mape


07 January 2019

The shortest journey

Halton curve in action - pictures by Mark Barber


That Coach at Chester

Locos out and about

Looking back  - test train

Cambrian Christmas, 28 December  - with Richard

Coast Passenger scene - Pictures by Tim Rogers

Fishing chairs - picture by Jim Ikin

31 December 2018

Looking back: the Trawsfynydd Trekker

New book on the Bala line - review by George Jones

New Year's Eve oddities - pictures by Geraint Williams

Llangollen steam

24 December 2018

Llangollen Santa Specials

Festive Frolic

Steam Miscellany

Northern Belle

Ancient and Modern - with George Jones

17 December 2018

Chester Christmas Chuffer

Miscellaneous events

Looking back with Barrie Hughes - North Wales 1991

Holiday snaps - By Charlie Hulme

Ready for the snow?

11 December 2018

RHTT's last run

Class 37 nostalgia - with Graham Breakwell

Cambrian 97

03 December 2018

Mr Skates explains

Steam on the Welsh Borders

Halton Curve news

Chester variety - report by Bob Greenhalgh


Blue and Grey Days with Barrie Hughes - Cambrian Coast

Mid-Cheshire locos - pictures by Greg Mape

Santa scenes

26 November 2018

Trouble with leaves

RHTT views

The TfW Roadshow - report by George Jones


Locomotive images - by Martin Evans

Looking back with Barrie Hughes - Borderlands 1980

Magazine watch

It's a Wonderful Life

19 November 2018

All change at the Vale of Rheidol - report by Denis

175 107 over the years - pictures by Greg Mape

Dave Sallery's Archive spot

Bristol and Cardiff scenes - by Richard Putley

Looking back with Barrie Hughes - North Wales locos,

Bright tamper

The end of Corwen East - report by George Jones

News of new-build steam

Merseyrail 777 - report by George Jones

12 November 2018

Tim Rogers' view - Bangor, 5 November

Conwy Valley interruption

East Lancashire DMUs - pictures by Greg Mape

From Dave Sallery's archive

On the Cob at Porthmadog

Mid-Cheshire moves

Manchester Miscellany

05 November 2018

Mishap at Dee Marsh Junction

Looking back with Barrie Hughes - Cambrian lines

Llangollen scenes - and a last train

RHTT variation


All the stations with Gerald

29 October 2018

Britannia returns

Seen at Valley - by Greg Mape

Rail Head Treatment Trains (etc)

Gerald's morning

Last and First at Aberystwyth

On the Narrow Gauge

Corwen Central signalbox arrives - report by George

The Blue and Grey Years: Llandudno Junction 1988 - by

New-livery 175 doings

Yellow ends

Class 40 on the Coast: another look - by Roger Carvell

13 October (in the Rain)

Talgo for Mostyn?

22 October 2018

Northern Belle

A trip to London - with Alan Crawshaw

Class 769 breaks cover - report by Ian Bowland

Steam news - by Robert Meredith

Three Days in Wales - with Vince Chadwick

Ffestiniog and WHR Victorian Weekend

15 October 2018

End of an era - pictures by Rhodri Williams

First Day scenes

Arriva Trains Wales in retrospect - by Geraint Rowlands

Class 40 down the Coast

A friend from the North

Freight in the 1980s - remembered by Chris Jones-Bridger

Locomotive action miscellany

Cambrian Corner - with Ken Robinson

Looking back - Blue Era scenes by Barrie Hughes


Llangollen Gala

09 October 2018

Transport for Wales livery


North Wales Report - by Barrie Hughes

Class 40 through Tiviot Dale

Bala Lake visit - with Martin Evans

Sugar Loaf shambles - report by Jim Ikin

A visit to Welshpool

Corwen from above - pictures by Dewi Davies, text by

01 October 2018

Steam and diesel, 22 September - report by Alan Crawshaw

Mostyn views - pictures by Greg Mape

Llangollen diesel day


Halton Curve service delayed

Wirral Show

Tyseley 50 Open Day - report by Jim Ikin

Stockport to Altrincham line scenes - by Greg Mape

24 September 2018

Steam Special

Flying Scotsman to Holyhead

BRB on the SMR: reprise - pictures by Ian Pilkington

Severn Valley Gala - report by David Hennessey

South Wales steam - report by Richard Putley

17 September 2018


The Salopian Express - report by Robert Meredith

Welsh Highland Superpower Weekend

Custodians of the Railway - Arriva press release

New trains on test

Looking back - Regional Railways 1992

Switzerland on Snowdon

Looking back with Barrie Hughes - the blue era

On the Rothorn

10 September 2018

'Streak' at Chester - pictures by George Jones

Class 47s in action

Life begins at 55

Narrow Gauge views - by Martin Evans


TfW's promises

Union Pacific

Chester bus news - by George Jones

Stockport sir? Choose your train company

03 September 2018

Arriva Trains Wales final month

Freight gallery

Conwy Valley Explorer

A 'Round Robin' (sort of) day - report by Chris Taylor

Class 40 events

Diesel Shunters at Buckley and Birkenhead - by Barrie

Days at Connah's Quay - remembered by Glyn Jones

Corwen Update - by George Jones

Grosvenor Park, 1999

27 August 2018

Loco hauled

Heart of Wales 150 - report by Garry Stroud

Llangollen Railway scenes

Bala Lake mini-gala - report by Bob Greenhalgh

New Caernarfon station - pictures by Ron Walker

Abergele disaster 1868

Trains at Conwy - video by Phil Thomas

Grosvenor Park Railway, Chester - pictures by Martin

88s on the Flasks

Buckley ... and Burry Port - by Barrie Hughes

20 August 2018

Tim Rogers' view

Class 70 action

From  Dave Sallery's archive

Cycle-ride views, 14 August - pictures by Greg Mape


13 August 2018

Class 67 action


Class 40 on test

Bangor from Above


Cambrian Corner - with Ken Robinson

Lein Amlwch now and then - by Barrie Hughes

Holyhead Thoughts - by Bernard Allan

Shipping news - report by Jim Johnson

06 August 2018

Saturday loco-hauled - report by Barrie Hughes

Views from a bridge - by Greg Mape

News from Oswestry - report by Martin Evans

Picture assortment

Michael in action on the RMR - report by Martin Evans

Behind the screens at Bangor

Looking back with Barrie Hughes - Wales and South West

A North West Holiday - with Richard Putley

The new Liverpool Lime Street - report by George Jones

Transport Museum Re-opens - report by George Jones

30 July 2018

Transpennine Mk 5a Troublesome  Traverse

Chester 170

The Welsh Mountaineer

DRS Open Day

More steam moves - report by Phil Clarke

Cambrian steam coming to Llangollen - by Peter Dickinson


23 July 2018

Colwyn Exhibition

Mk5a coaches at Holyhead

DRS Open Day special

Looking Back with Barrie Hughes - 1978

Tatton Park Flower Show special

The Royal Windsor Express II - report by Ken Robinson

North Wales Coast Express 22 July

Cambrian Holiday - with Charlie Hulme

16 July 2018

Developments at Holyhead - report by Jim Johnson

Dumfries to Blaenau

Liverpool Lime Street - notes by Jack Bowley

Shipping news - with Jim Johnson

Brookside Railway, Poynton

Colin Dale

Llandudno Junction bus station demolished

10 July 2018

Royal Scotsman's Great British Tour

Welsh Highland mishap (Press release)

Class 47 invades Austria -report by Richard Boyd

From Dave Sallery's archive

Worth Valley celebration

02 July 2018

Freight Scenes

Armed Forces Day

Classic Transport- Weekend at Llangollen - report by

Cambrian Corner - with Ken Robinson

Looking back with Barrie Hughes - 1981, final part

Tyseley Open Day - Report by Anthony Thomas

Hunslet 125 revisited

28 June 2018

Armed Forces Day Services and other changes

Flying Scotsman to visit the Coast

A visitor from Northern - pictures by Sean Thomas

Patrolling Conwy bridge

Hunslet 125 - report by Jim Ikin

Seen at Tal-y-Cafn - pictures by Ian Wilson

Seen on a cycle ride - pictures by Greg Mape

Cambrian Corner

A Day out in Cornwall – Sunday 17 June 2018 - with

On the Great Central - pictures by Greg Mape

23 June 2018

Looking back: North Wales 1981, Part 2 - with Barrie

A Visit to Waverton - with Jim Ikin

Tim Rogers' view

Narrow Gauge scenes - by Martin Evans

18 June 2018

The Snowdonia Statesman - report by Gary Thomas

A Selection of specials

New franchise details explored - by Geraint Rowlands

Halton Curve (late) news

Kinmel Relics

The narrow gauge Snowdonian - report by Jim Ikin

Corwen gains a water tank - report by George Jones

Bala Lake's Penrhyn Gala  - report by Martin Evans

11 June 2018

More franchise news

Diesel locos in action

Conwy Tubular Bridge

Welsh Borders Explorer

Looking back: North Wales 1981 - with Barrie Hughes

Cambrian Corner - with Ken Robinson

Llangollen Railway notes - by George Jones

04 June 2018

Franchise explained

North Wales Coast Express

Class 56 on the Coast

Looking back - Class 37/4

Llangollen DMU gala

Chester Quirks

28 May 2018

Franchise news

Trouble with fluff

Visitors at Wrexham - report by George Jones

Narrow Gauge views - by Jim Ikin

Looking back with Barrie Hughes - North Wales 1977

Freight scenes

Inter-City or INTERCITY?

21 May 2018

Class 68 scene

Class 67 news

Great Malvern to Bangor (continued) - with Richard

An Irish Tale - by Ken Owen

Colwyn Bay Prom Day, 12 May - pictures by Greg Mape

Shipping news

14 May 2018

Llandudno Belle

Loco photos

Bank Holiday fun in the Sun - with Gary Thomas

Great Malvern to Bangor - with Richard Putley

Stockport Transport Festival

07 May 2018


Loco-hauled changes - report by Mike Stone

Flask scenes

Visitor from Stevenage

Cambrian Corner

Severn Valley Sunday - report by Richard Putley

30 April 2018

Class 67 loco change

Steam's Finest Hours

Yet another rail report

Welsh Borders Explorer

Bridges of Llanddulas - pictures by Greg Mape

Great Britain XI

100 objects - report by George Jones

Colwyn Bay Pier  - pictures by Greg Mape

Snow Down South

24 April 2018

Tornado postponed

Fire down below - pictures by Gary Jones

Padeswood cement works improvements

46100 in action

Class 24 identified - by Dave Plimmer

Rhyl scenes - with Roly High

Cambrian Corner - with Ken Robinson

Steam assortment

Traction variety

20 April 2018

Sunday Block - pictures by Peter Lloyd

Looking back: Chester 1978 - by Barrie Hughes

Western Changeover Gala at Llangollen

The Branchline Wanderer - an Irish Journey by Alan

Seen at Bagillt, 9 April - pictures by Tim Rogers

Severn Valley activity - report by Tony Robinson

16 April 2018

Looking back: Rhyl 1997

North Wales Coast Express

Tornado problem

More specials at Crewe, 14 April  - pictures by

Looking back: Llandudno Junction 1979 - pictures by Ken

Welcome to Llandudno Junction

Rhiw Goch loop - pictures by Michael Baker

The Earl's last day - report by Jack Bowley

The voyage of the Lily B - by Nick Gurney. 

Narrow Gauge Miscellany

Salford from above

09 April 2018

News items

Saphos Trains trial run

Shipping news - by Jim Johnson

Llangollen events - report by George Jones

Mishap on the Welshpool and Llanfair

02 April 2018

Prestatyn signalbox saved

Fire and Ice

Double-tailed to Holyhead

Class 37s then and now

Corrections and clarifications

Halton Curve progress - pictures by Mark Barber

The Salopian

Loco Miscellany

26 March 2018

A visit to Abergele and Pensarn box - pictures by Ian

The first days of the new

Prestatyn signalbox last day - report by Jim Coates.

Lament for Coast signalboxes - pictures by Tim Rogers

19 March 2018

Resignalling: Network Rail notice

Abergele signalbox nears the end - pictures by Peter

Prince on the Welsh Highland - report by Ian Pilkington

Wrexham memories - with Barrie Hughes

Valley Flasks at Valley - pictures by Greg Mape

Rhyl goods yard

12 March 2018

Chester Sojourn - with Charlie Hulme

Royal Scot 2018 - pictures by Phil Clarke

Royal Scot mishap 1963 - remembered by Peter Neve

Coast line assortment

FR from above

A visit to the Llanberis Lake Railway - with Martin

Class forties in the eighties - pictures by Barrie

Votes for Women

06 March 2018

Arriva's Troubled Week

Manod Quarry talk

Llangollen faces the snow - report by George Jones

Shrewsbury Steam Special

Yard Lamps at Rhyl?

Spring in East Lancashire

Narrow Gauge Winter - pictures by Michael Baker


26 February 2018

Signalboxes to continue?

Flask variety

Abellio pulls out

Measurement trains

Dave Sallery's archive spot

Bala awakes

Cambrian Corner - with Ken Robinson

Steam movements

Curious ERTMS problem investigation

Llangollen Railway news

19 February 2018

Club 55 tickets

Peter Basterfield's view

Crewe and Shrewsbury, 19 February - with Martin Evans

Welsh Slate shipments clock up the miles (press

North Wales comes to Kings Cross - report by Roger

Linda on engineers duty - pictures by John Fry

Ruabon to Llangollen relics - explored by Martin Evans

Logs for Chirk - pictures by Eryl Crump

12 February 2018

Flask scenes

Locomotive Services in action

Frodsham developments

Nostalgia Corner

Freightliner - clarification

Llangollen re-starts - report by Jim Ikin

Corwen Central progress - report by George Jones

Colwyn Bay Pier dismantling - pictures by Jim Ikin

133 on the Welsh Highland - report by Eryl Crump

To Worcester for Oliver - with Richard Putley

29 January 2018

Tim Rogers' view (1)

Cambrian Heritage Railways news

Manchester evening

Tim Rogers' view (2)

Cross-Country HST reaches Manchester - report by Jack

More Cambrian 1982 snow - recollections by Chris Scott

Looking back: the end of


22 January 2018

Why are North Wales fares so high?

Llangollen update - by Peter Dickinson

Rail Camera Club celebrates - report by Steve Morris


Express Motors, the aftermath - report by Rowan Crawshaw

New station for Welshpool?

Cambrian Coast winter 1982 - recalled by Tony Evans

Rail Grinder

15 January 2018

Sunday diversions - pictures by Greg Mape

Shipping on the Web

A Northwich reminiscence - by Charlie Hulme

Relaying on Snowdon - pictures by Gary Jones

Ordsall Chord safari - by Charlie Hulme

Changing scene at Bristol - report by Richard Neale

Transpennine Deltic Lament - by Barrie Hughes

08 January 2018

Saturday WAG (and locos galore in Cardiff) - report by

Club 55

Trawsfynydd Tribulations

Tyn-y-Morfa crossing - report by Aaron Proctor

Goodbye to Express Motors

Rhyl sidings collection - pictures by Roly High

New cruise ferry for Holyhead - Dublin (Press release)

01 January 2018

A weekend away for Gerald


More on North Wales signalling

Transpennine Deltic (and class 68)

Class 68 news

Llangollen winter

Message from the future?

01 January 2018

A weekend away for Gerald


More on North Wales signalling

Transpennine Deltic (and class 68)

Class 68 news

Llangollen winter

Message from the future?

25 December 2017

Driving Home for Christmas - report by Ian Bowland

A Winter's Tale - by Charlie Hulme

Saphos Trains excursions announced

Gerald gets stuck

A day's views by Tim Rogers, 18 December

Reservations - an un-seasonal whinge

18 December 2017

47s on the Coast

Three-car 150

GWR event at WHR

Wrexham 70

Manchester area Railtours

A marine newcomer - report by Jim Johnson

Llangollen bus collapse (again)

11 December 2017

Bangor, 30 November - report by Jim Johnson

Festive scenes

Saphos arises


Ordsall Chord opens to traffic - Pictures by Greg Mape

03 December 2017


Manchester Scenes - pictures by Greg Mape

Peter Basterfield's View

Llangollen News

Shipping news - by Jim Johnson

27 November 2017

Chester 'Christmas' Steam

Why 42633 didn't appear

Flooding on Anglesey - report by Jim Johnson

Diesel Loco pictorial

Tornado at Chester

Rhyl work complete (almost)

A Morning in Hereford, 25 November - with Richard Putley

Cambrian Corner - with Ken Robinson

20 November 2017

Galatea to Holyhead

Aberystwyth 1981 - looking back with Barrie Hughes

Picture news

RHTT 56s return

Out and About on 17 November - with Martin Evans

13 November 2017

Conwy Valley re-opens (Network Rail press release)

Autumnal scenes

Prestatyn signals - report by Dave Sallery

Chester 1981 - looking back with Barrie Hughes

Totem question

Deltics at Vulcan 1968

Picture news

Book review by Charlie Hulme:  Cambrian Lines Steam

William Misses his Train

Remembrance Day at Llangollen

30 October 2017

Alstom Widnes - report by Mike Campbell

Arriva give up on Wales

Severn Valley Saturday - with Jim Ikin

Clarifications from last issue

Locomotive variety

30 October 2017

Infrastructure news

RHTT selection

Northwich Revisited - by Barrie Hughes

A memory of Northwich - by Jim Ikin

Derby and Stoke - report by Tony Robinson

Tyseley Open Day - report by Jim Ikin

Corwen Central progress report - by George Jones


16 October 2017

Cambrian Corner Barmouth 150 special

Peter Basterfield's view

Llangollen's 'Along SW Lines' Gala

And finally ...

09 October 2017

Barmouth 150

RHTT time

Notes from a wet weekend - by Barrie Hughes

Then and Now: Conwy - with Jim Ikin

ATW notes

Gobowen freight - report by Martin Evans

Bridge 148, Talybont - pictures by Peter Basterfield

Flask events

Narrow-gauge scenes -

A trip from Scarborough

Cumbrian Coast expedition - with Alan Crawshaw

FR-WHR Victorian Selection

02 October 2017

North Wales Railway Circle

Spirit of the Lakes

5043 on the Shropshire Express

Northern Belle in North Wales

25 September 2017

Llangollen Diesel Weekend

Club 55

Llandudno Lifeboat

Peter Basterfield's view

Picture desk

 A look at the Duke of Lancaster - pictures by Greg

18 September 2017

Picture miscellany

Welsh Highland Super-Power event

Meet the New Bosses

Cumbrian Connection

Steam at Oswestry - report by Martin Evans

Festival No.6 - report by Jim Johnson

Steam Heat -  by Vince Chadwick

Portrait of the Britannia Bridge - pictures by Greg Mape

11 September 2017

John Hobbs

The Cheshireman

DRS action at Crewe, September - pictures by Martin

Free bus travel at Weekends

New signals at Flint - report by Roly High

This and That

Corwen: rails reach the buffers - report by George Jones

Roaming the Cumbrian Coast line 5 – 7 September - by

Snowdon: what a difference a day makes - by Phil Clarke

04 September 2017

Friday 1 September


Arriva helps Arriva

Dinner on the Premier Express - report by Brian Smith

Coast assortment

Crewe scenes, 31 August - by Martin Evans

A walk on Snowdon - with Gary Thomas

The 565 Special

Corwen: end of the line - report by George Jones

Welshpool and Llanfair Gala - pictures  by Ian

More trains to Penyffordd

Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland views - by Sean Thomas

28 August 2017

Coast scenes

Bala Gala 25 August - report by Martin Evans

Then and now - with Jim Ikin

Bargain of the Week - report by Richard Putley

21 August 2017

Alan Crawshaw's North Wales

On the Great Orme - with Martin Evans

Scenes from 18 August

On the Welshpool and Llanfair - with Greg Mape

On the Welsh Highland - with Michael Baker

On the Isle of Man - with David Hennessey

14 August 2017

Duchess in action

Malgorithms (as Private Eye might say)

Welsh Highland Heritage Railway - with George Jones


70 on the Logs

Llanbedrog Tram survivor - report by Jim Ikin

Talyllyn and Corris scenes - by Martin Evans

On the Gwili Railway

07 August 2017

This week's star loco ... 37 254

Looking back with Barrie Hughes: The Brymbo branch

John Hobbs honoured - report by Charles Allen

Middlewich diversion - report by Phil Clarke

New book: History of Chester Leadworks - review by Tony

Liverpool feedback


67 016 on the WAG

31 July 2017

Diesel loco doings

Welsh Mountaineer

Three Double Fairlies - by Ian Pilkington

Halton Curve special

Secret Politics

24 July 2017

North Wales Coast Express

Halton Curve special - by George Jones

Green steam miscellany

Brymbo Railway revival

A Short trip on the Heart of Wales line – Monday 3 July

Garratt for the Vale of Rheidol

17 July 2017

Penrhyn Quarry Railway Closes

An evening outing - with Mark Youdan

Crewe and Chester, 11 July - with Martin Evans

Cambrian Rumours

Loco-hauled assortment

Class 86 50+ years on - by Phil Clarke

All the stations visits North Wales

10 July 2017

Royal Scotsman in Wales

Rhyl's future layout (continued).

37 418 goes to Colas

37 025 in North Wales

Flask Portfolio

Fine day at Llangollen - with Ken Robinson

News from Gobowen (from a press release)


03 July 2017

37 421 in action - pictures by Ken Robinson

Beattie comes home - report by Charlie Hulme

East Lancashire Views - by Martin Evans

Clan Line test run

Welsh Government On the Right Track?

Llangollen Classics - pictures by Peter Dickinson

Rhyl Points

Talyllyn Victorian Experience - report by Jim Ikin

Barmouth Holiday Part 2 - Pictures by Tim Rogers

Southern Swansong - Peter Neve remembers

26 June 2017

Freight scenes

Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland - report by Martin Evans

Rhyl on 23 June - pictures by Roly High

The Lighting Express (?)

The Liverpool Docker - report by George Jones

Barmouth Holiday - pictures by Tim Rogers

Tyseley Open Day - report by Jim Ikin

A Most Unusual working for a 47 - by Richard Boyd

37s in the North - report by Stephen Hughes

19 June 2017

Three Peaks Challenge by Rail - report by Jim Johnson

Wayfarer Woes

Mersey River Festival

Scarborough Flyer, 17 June - report by Jim Ikin

Flying Scotsman in Cheshire

The Dalesman - report by Robert Meredith

Bangor evening, 14 June - pictures by Jim Johnson

12 June 2017

Class 40 special

05 June 2017

Whistler to Blaenau

Llangollen Railcars - report by Ken Robinson

Chester Shed Memories - with Mike Sheridan

Football Crazy

Freight, etc.

A memory of Stony Bridge - by Jim Ikin

Steam Extra

29 May 2017

Tales from the Keyboard

Welshpool and Llanfair -  by Martin Evans

Great Western Society  North West Branch

Race Day at Chester - report by Roly High

The Earl on the Coast

Bala Gala - report by Bob Greenhalgh

Class 68s on flasks

Corwen Central Funding Approved - by George Jones

Corwen - Tony Robinson's view

Chester (6A) loco shed: 50 years since closure - by

22 May 2017

Loco views

Out and about with Greg Mape

Severn Valley Railway outing - with Martin Evans

Scotsman in action - pictures by Phil Clarke

Richard Putley's Irish Journey - day 2

16 May 2017

Bike Ride to Valley - with Alan Crawshaw

Freight events

Passenger assortment

Wrexham speed-up

Llangollen diesels - Pictures by Marc Thomas

Great Britain X

The Class 319 story - by Eddie Knorn

Richard Putley in Ireland - Day 1

12 May 2017

Picture Gallery

The Royal Windsor Express (a.k.a. The

Colwyn Bay Pier - pictures by Jim Ikin

Mayday with Tim Rogers

Bala Lake Railway news

Steam in the Landscape - Pictures by Tony Robinson

Steam at Canning Dock, 6 May - report by George Jones

08 May 2017

68s on the Flasks

Quirks and Curiosities II


Trawsfynydd Revival Update - by David Herbert

Victorian Llangollen 13/14 May - by Peter Dickinson

On the Downs Light Railway - with Richard Putley

An FR/WHR picture selection - by Michael Lovatt

Noseying around Chester - with Roly High

01 May 2017

Llangollen Diesel Group news - by Ian Wright

Earl to Llandudno

Penmaenmawr station building auction

NENTA Norwich to Llandudno

A visit to Eccles  - report by Charlie Hulme

Great Western in Wirral

Skegness to Llandudno May Day

Rhyl's rusty rails

Sojourn at Valley - with Peter Chapman

Northern's underwhelming improvement - by Charlie Hulme

24 April 2017

Specials Special

Y Triongl Gogledd

Freight scenes

17April 2017

Premier express at Rossett - by Peter Neve

Tim Rogers Newsreel - part 1

Wrexham - Bidston track relaying - report by John Brierley

Steam Notes - by Phil Clarke

Tim Rogers Newsreel - Part 2

Thoughts on the North Wales layout changes - by Carl

Wings to Mostyn

Metrolink news

Steam on the Dock 2017

10 April 2017

Five Frames of Frodsham - pictures by Anthony Robinson

Steam through Hartford - report by Phil Clarke

Picture Miscellany

Excursion to Chester - report by Roger Carvell

Big Push for Corwen - report by George Jones

Cambrian Corner

Late in the Evening - with Bob Greenhalgh

On the Premier Serivice - with Richard Putley

03 April 2017

Evening Lark


DMUs at Rhyl - pictures by Roly High

Freight selection

27 March 2017

Network Rail movements

The Salopian

Class 67 events

Now and then - Class 175

Busy time at Bangor, 1982 - looking back with Jim Johnson

Progress at Corwen Central site - report by George Jones


Wrexham line blockade - report by George Jones

20 March 2017

Flask train doings

Edinburgh excursion (before and after)

Fifty years ago

Past times with John Hobbs - GWR lines

Freight (etc) selection

Great Little Customer Service - press release

Lostock Hall recalled - by Jim Ikin

13 March 2017

Abergele station back in business - pictures by Roly High

Valley - Cardiff air service hiccup

Mostyn on 8 March - pictures by Tim Rogers

Welsh Highland journey - by Martin Evans

Spring freight - pictures by Bob Greenhalgh

Busy day at Wrexham - report by George Jones

Level Crossing Closures, Chester to Wrexham

Cambrian Corner

6960 in 1985

More 'Birkenhead Lines' gala views

Pathfinder's Waste Train

Greg Mape's travels

06 March 2017

Electric failure cancels steam  - report by Robert

'Along Birkenhead Lines' Gala at Llangollen

50 Years Ago

Holyhead brake van wreck restored - report by George Jones

Setting the scene - pictures by Martin Evans

Cambrian T&WA Order granted - report by Barrie Hughes

A visit to Nantmawr - pictures by Barrie Hughes

28 February 2017

Society announcements

Storm Doris

Bangor Scenes, 22 February - by Jim Johnson

Shrewsbury revival - report by Peter Lloyd

Abergele and Colwyn Bay changes - report by Jim Ikin

Six Nations Special - report by Robert Meredith

Bala Lake update - by Martin Evans

The Ordsall 'big lift' - report by George Jones

Metrolink Second City Crossing - pictures by Derick Norman

Network Rail speaks about their £50m improvement plan (press

20 February 2017

That last Class 60 (pictured)

Tim Rogers' week

Llanfair PG footbridge - pictures by Richard Fleckney

Manchester area views - by Charlie Hulme

Calling all User Groups

Looking back - Thunderbirds on ATW

13 February 2017

Tim Rogers goes down the Coast

Red Rose Tornado - pictures by Chris Morrison

Llandudno in Old Postcards - with Jim Ikin

Off the beaten track: Thornton for Cleveleys

Abergele 1983


Llangollen news - report by George Jones

06 February 2017

For the future?

That last Class 60 (revisited)

Looking back: Abergele engineering - with Michael Henney

Track-bashers' delight - Branch Line Society announcement

Skelton Junction - feedback from Andrew Macfarlane


Rail revival news

Engineering images

Corwen Central Progress - report by George Jones

Manchester and Cheshire update - pictures by Greg Mape

Welsh Rail Survey

30 January 2017

Abergele update

Caroline's North Wales Adventure


Brook Lane bridge, Chester

Engineer's Trains


Modelling news


Terminations at Wrexham - report by George Jones

Skelton Junction 1985 - pictures by Greg Mape

Gobowen al Fresco - report by George Jones

Cambrian Radio Cruise: the headboard

23 January 2017

Class 60 on the Coast

Changes at Rhyl and Abergele - pictures by Roly High

Ultrasonic on the top line - pictures by Tim Rogers

67 008 in action

Disaster at Chester, 1972

A visit from Andromeda

16 January 2017

Club 55 is back again

Notes and news

Abergele:  still in business

Then and Now - by Jim Ikin

Cold comfort at Rhyl - report by Jim Johnson

The Mersey Weaver II


09 January 2017

All change at Abergele - pictures by Roly High

Penmaenmawr Quarry

New Year scenes - by Tim Rogers

Looking back:  Stranded on the Cambrian - by Aled

Information wanted for Llangollen Gala - by Peter Dickinson

Sampling Merseyrail disruption - report by George Jones

02 January 2017

Ohio to North Wales - by Andrew Easom

Class 442s - could it happen?

Cambrian thoughts - by Chris Magner

Winter Warmer at Llangollen

New Year's Eve on the Welsh Highland - Pictures by Charles

26 December 2016

Christmas Northern Belle

In the New Year...


Llangollen news

More about Linotype Specials - by Ian Bowland

19 December 2016

No Festive Manchester Locos

Santa and Ale at Llangollen

Winter Warmer at Llangollen

RHTT Curtain Call

More about Mostyn

Picture Gallery

Llandudno Adopters' events - report by Larry Davies

Conwy Model Railway exhibition 2 January 2017

Tram and Train assortment - pictures by Greg Mape

12 December 2016

Coast line changes coming soon

Marches and Moors, 10 December

Chester RHTTs - pictures by Roly High

Freight scenes

Cambrian Corner

Passenger pictures

Bala Santa success

Baguley then and now - by Jim Ikin

05 December 2016

Visiting an old friend - report by Charlie Hulme

The 'Irish Mancunian'

Evening at Llandudno - with Larry Davies

Tampers etc.

Flask doings

Trawsfynydd Appeal extended

RHTT news

Mid-Cheshire freight

Welsh Steam at the NEC - report by Roger Carvell

442s for ATW?

29 November 2016

Looking back: The First North Western Class 47 era - by

21 November 2016

Christmas Cheshireman

Wrexham line doubling date

Once Upon a Time on the Coast - by John Hobbs

Bala Santa 2016

Railway archaeology at Flint - with Roly High

Rheidol at Warley - from the Vale of Rheidol Newsletter

Skelton Junction memories

14 November 2016

Franchise news

Another 37/4  back in action

Coast line loco activities

Traws Train

Then and Now - with Jim Ikin

Last Day of Season at Corwen East - report by George Jones


Bala Lake Railway plans

Chirk Champions - report by George Jones

07 November 2016

Arriva substitutions and diversions

Five locos at Ffynnongroyw, 31 October - pictures by Peter

The Cheshireman

Christleton Aqueduct - report by David Parry

Liverpool Trams Commemorated - report by George Jones

Merseyside disruption - report by George Jones

ATW on WCML - report by Roger Carvell

31 October 2016

Passenger train gallery

Then and Now - by Jim Ikin

Trawsfynydd revival (again)

37 408 .... on a badge

Flask train views

Barmouth Bridge update

Steam Portrait - by John Hobbs


Tram notes - by George Jones

Western Explorer Railtour - report by Alan Crawshaw

The Regional Railways Society - by Dan Webster

Corwen Central portrayed - press release

Shipping news

24 October 2016

Castle to Chester


Fifty Years of 6G shed - event report by Larry Davies

RHTT pictorial

A Cambrian camping coach - notes by Stephen Hughes

A Flask week

Passenger mix

East Lancs Scotsman - report by Stephen Hughes

On the Brecon Mountain Railway - with Ken Robinson

Filming at Llangollen - report by Robert Meredith

On the Cumbrian Coast - report by Charlie Hulme

17 October 2016

56 on the RHTT

Cambrian news

North Wales Railway Circle

The Alan Bullimore collection digitised

Ffestiniog Railway Victorian weekend

A week of flask trains

An hour at Stafford on 22 September - pictures by Martin Evans

11 October 2016

Closure to Steam: Llandudno Junction 2 October, 1966 - by

Barmouth bridge re-opened

Steam at Chester

Save Gobowen station - report by George Jones

Bridlington to Blaenau

Greg Mape's view

Steam and heritage diesel at Hartford - pictures by Phil

End of Summer at Corwen East - with George Jones

On the trail of the last Park Royal DMU

Locomotive miscellany

LNER Corner

East Lancs diesel gala - pictured by by Glyn Jones

07 October 2016

Retro 37 in action

Measurement train variety

Barmouth in the News

Merseyside's rubbish

03 October 2016

Penrhyn Re-directed- report by Stephen Hughes

A day at the Penrhyn Quarry Railway - report by David Parry

Llanberis Lake Shareholder Day - report by Jim Johnson

A trip to Tywyn - with Richard Putley

Dinorwic in Cornwall - report by Peter Dickinson

The Statfold Barn Railway - report by Vince Chadwick

26 September 2016

20th Anniversary special

October Loco Situation

Privatisation Soon?

Performance Question

A Testing Time

The Day We Went to ... Holyhead

New Timetable Published

From Simon Jowett, Monday 16 September:

Shock news from Martin Plumb:

Report from Simon Jowett, Friday 13 September 20.44:

Failed Again


Mining Disaster

Magazine News

Riding the Mancunian

Surfers Welcome!

'New' Coaches

What the papers say

Police stop 91 unsafe port trucks

Around and about - with Mark Riley

60 in the sun - report by Corrie

Picture news

The Virgin

Award for Dolwyddelan >

20 September 2016

Norwich to Blaenau

Peter Basterfield's view

The real 80043 - by John Hobbs

Welsh Highland Superpower Weekend

Sunday 11 September - by Larry Davies

'Steam Finale' - book review by George Jones

Cambrian beach scenes

Steam reprise - pictures by Ian Pilkington

16 September 2016

68s on the Coast

Open Day at Padeswood - report by Barrie Hughes

Notes and Queries from our 'Postbag'

Picture News

67s and 68s, 3 September - report by Barrie Hughes

Busy half hour at Bagillt (etc) - with Russell Withington

Narrow Gauge Miscellany

12 September 2016

North Wales Coast Express

Cambrian in North Yorkshire

Llangollen Autumn Steam Gala

'80043' on the move

Steam on the water - report by David Parry

Shrewsbury Princess - report by Roly High

03 October 2016

Penrhyn Re-directed- report by Stephen Hughes

A day at the Penrhyn Quarry Railway - report by David Parry

Llanberis Lake Shareholder Day - report by Jim Johnson

A trip to Tywyn - with Richard Putley

Dinorwic in Cornwall - report by Peter Dickinson

The Statfold Barn Railway - report by Vince Chadwick

29 August 2016

Passenger assortment - pictures by Tim Rogers

The locomotives 'Hawarden' - by Glyn Jones

Fusible Plugs - by Vince Chadwick

Busy week for flasks

On the Welshpool and Llanfair - pictures by Greg Mape

Freight scenes

Progress at Corwen Central - report by George Jones

158 on the Bridge

22 August 2016

North Wales Coast steam (not)

News and notes - pictures by Tim Rogers

Bala Gala

RCTS Afternoon Meetings - notes by Geoff Morris

Out and About with Martin Evans

Class 40 at Barmouth - pictures by Ken Millward

Peter Basterfield's view

A visit to Foxfield - with Charles Allen

15 August 2016

Tim Rogers' week

Llangollen Autumn Gala preview - by Peter Dickinson

Tampers etc.

Steam at Oswestry

Conwy Valley locos - pictures by Greg Mape

Conwy Valley 1980 - by Barrie Hughes

Cambrian Corner

08 August 2016

Eisteddfod at Eisteddfod (2)

Freight events

Photographing the Lostock hoppers - note by Richard Boyd

The tree line? Report by Ken Robinson

A look at Barmouth Bridge - with Geraint Rowlands

Cambrian notes

Steam Miscellany

Chester to Wrexham doubling - still waiting

Welsh Mountaineer extra

01 August 2016

The Welsh Mountaineer

Cambrian Collapses

Diesel doings

Royal Scot move

Charity from Chester

Jubilee in action

Holyhead's Rush Hour

25 July 2016

'Eisteddfod' to visit Eisteddfod

North Wales Coast Express

Picture miscellany

Llangollen's 60s weekend

The Saturdays-only 'Halton Curve' train

Looking back: 'Bont Y Bermo' on tour - pictures by Dave

Old Colwyn, then and now - by Jim Ikin

End of an era at Banbury - report by Chris Morrison

25 July 2016

'Eisteddfod' to visit Eisteddfod

North Wales Coast Express

Picture miscellany

Llangollen's 60s weekend

The Saturdays-only 'Halton Curve' train

Looking back: 'Bont Y Bermo' on tour - pictures by Dave

Old Colwyn, then and now - by Jim Ikin

End of an era at Banbury - report by Chris Morrison

11 July 2016

A Highland adventure - with Richard Putley

Tyseley Open Day and Bristol - with Jim Ikin

Midlands perambulations - with Greg Mape

04 July 2016

Freight views

Shotton memories - by Roly High

Talyllyn 150 Grand Finale

Passenger views

A (wet) narrow-gauge weekend - with Stephen Hughes

Moving a mountain, or, Peak to Peak - Pictures by Phil Clarke

Halton Curve thoughts - by Chris Poole

Manx Journey - with Alan Crawshaw

Were you there to see 4472?

28 June 2016

Three Peaks with two 57s

Visitor from the North East

That Trespasser - correction.

The Kinmel Camp Railway - pictures by Roly High

Flying Scotsman at Ruabon 53 years ago - recalled by Peter

Out and about with Tim Rogers

24 June 2016

Freight views

Northern Belle

Halton Curve summer service - report by John Hobbs

Class 67 doings

The High-output Tracklaying Train

Vale of Rheidol 40 years on - with Stephen Hughes

It's Quicker by Rail ...

Catenary and Cuba - by Richard Boyd

20 June 2016

Steam Special - Overture

Steam Special - The main event - 15 June

13 June 2016

Cambrian Coast Express in North Wales

Fry's Chocolate Train explored

9Fs, Iron Ore and Lamp Brackets - continued


Midland Metro and beyond: GW renaissance north of Birmingham

06 June 2016

Cambrian Coast Express

Pretty in Pink - and friends

Loco headlamp question answered

A Weekend in Wales - by Richard Heslop


Evening scenes

To the Airport - with Charlie Hulme

Yellow machines

22 May 2017

Loco views

Out and about with Greg Mape

Severn Valley Railway outing - with Martin Evans

Scotsman in action - pictures by Phil Clarke

Richard Putley's Irish Journey - day 2

23 May 2016

Cambrian events

Taking water at Bangor

Arriva's Airport letter

Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Circular - report by Dave

Berwick to Holyhead Railtour, 25 June

Bananas on the Coast (etc)

Arriva Trains Wales and the evening peak


Twilight of Banbury's  lower quads - report by David

Croagh Patrick Railtour - report by Stephen Hughes

16 May 2016

Fly by Arriva Trains Wales

150s stand-in for Class 67




On the Llanberis Lake Railway - pictures by Hefin Owen

Bangor station subway then and now

Ffestiniog Railway Extra

Steam under the Main Line - report by Robert Meredith

A Day Out: Swanage Railway Diesel Gala - report by Richard

09 May 2016

Flask scenes

Engineering work on Anglesey

Fry's Chocolate Train - by by Stephen Hughes

Ffestiniog members' weekend - report by Ian Pilkington


01 May 2016

The Cornish Explorer

175 problems

Steam scenes

Remembering Ray Towell - by Robert Meredith

Glass sidings progress

Coast line scenes - pictures by Tim Rogers

Bangor station subway - notes by Geraint Rowlands

On the night shift - pictures by Clifford Carter

Mystery Objects (1)

Mystery Objects (2)

29 April 2016

Fearless on the flasks

Looking back: Llandderfel, 1962 - with

West Wales Wanderings - with Steve Morris

Mixed Train on the Rheidol - by Denis Bates

Peter Basterfield's view

25 April 2016

Colas 37s on recording train

Calendar news

Bangor station question

Chester Variety - report by Mark Riley

Looking back: 31s on the Coast - pictures by Dave Sallery

Penrhyn Quarry on tour - report by Bob Lissaman

Tamper Manoeuvres at Bangor - observed  by Jim Johnson

Freight views

Renaissance and retro: a trip to Leamington Spa - by David

Afternoon in the Chilterns - with Jack Bowley

19 April 2016

Llanddulas viaduct

Freight scenes

Users' Meeting in Chester

Steam events

Aboard the Scot Commemorative - pictures by Anthony Thomas

Irish Journey - report by Alan Crawshaw

Mixed trains on the Cambrian

The Snowdonian - pictures by Jack Bowley

Vintage traction morning at Warrington - report by David Parry

15 April 2016

Busy time for flask trains

Track Recording Unit in focus

Arriva loco-hauled

11 April 2016

Along Cambrian lines at Llangollen - special issue

04 April 2016

Main Line Steam returns

Chester Carriage Shed - report by Chris Coxon

67s on the Manchester

Rockcliffe Hall signalbox history - by Alan Roberts

On the CME - with Stephen Hughes


Dovey Junction movements - report by Ken Robinson

Bala Lake by bus - report by George Jones

Foxcote Manor is back

Northern's ghost

28 March 2016

West Coast Railways are Back

Banana through Bangor - pictures by Jim Johnson

Barry Wynne show at Llandudno Junction

Manchester area events

Coal to Connah's Quay

RCTS Afternoon Meeting

The Bala Lake Railway prepares - report by Bob Greenhalgh

Clwyd Railway Circle news -- by David Jones

Accidental oddities


Porthmadog - Great Malvern, Sunday 20 March - report by

Row your boat

28 March 2016

West Coast Railways are Back

Banana through Bangor - pictures by Jim Johnson

Barry Wynne show at Llandudno Junction

Manchester area events

Coal to Connah's Quay

RCTS Afternoon Meeting

The Bala Lake Railway prepares - report by Bob Greenhalgh

Clwyd Railway Circle news -- by David Jones

Accidental oddities


Porthmadog - Great Malvern, Sunday 20 March - report by

Row your boat

21 March 2016

Great Malvern to Criccieth, 18 March - with Richard Putley

Llandudno Adopted - report by Larry Davies


Liverpool upgrade

Rail grinder

Matters arising from last week's issue

Steam season at Llangollen- report by George Jones

A View from the Lineside - report by Peter Dickinson

On the Somerset and Dorset - with John Hobbs

Somerset and Dorset lives on - report by Richard Putley

And finally ...

14 March 2016

Picture news

Letter from West Coast Railways

Class 37 thoughts - by Charlie Hulme

Looking back at Chester West - with Anthony Robinson

Arriva Trains Wales dispute settled

Stock surprises at Stafford - report by David Parry

Portrait of Helsby

Goodbye to the Bangor Railway Institute

07 March 2016

Mothers' Northern Belle

Loco swapping

Rhydymwyn, 1974 - pictures by John Hobbs

Semaphores at Plumley - pictures by Phil Clarke

Killoch Colliery - report by John Cowlishaw

Picture Gallery

Northern Hub vs. Arriva Trains Wales

On the Welsh Highland - pictures by Peter Basterfield

Churnet Valley Gala - report by Vince Chadwick

Mind the steps

29 February 2016

Conwy Valley re-opens

Another Llandudno Junction interlude - with Larry Davies

The 'Irish Mancunian'

Penyffordd's past - by Barrie Hughes

Hello Tiger

Oswestry station appeal - press release

Freight views

Round the Britannia Bridge - with Peter Basterfield

Events at Llangollen

Worth Valley gala - report by Bob Greenhalgh

Stockport: freight hotspot - report by Charlie Hulme

22 February 2016

West Coast Railways banned (again)

Network Rail events

Ffestiniog's Princess Roadshow - report by Roger Carvell

Questions, answers and corrections

Peter Basterfield's view

Bala Lake Railway, 16 February - report by Martin Evans

Out and About with Tim Rogers

To the Mid-Hants Gala - report by Alan Crawshaw

15 February 2016

The view from Queens Road bridge - pictures by Larry Davies

The Night Train Experience...

Class 67 news compendium

Infrastructure news

Half a 175

Llangollen Railway events - report by George Jones

Locomotive Miscellany

Royal Scot reprised

Penyffordd simplified

Great Central Steam Gala - report by Alan Crawshaw

Great Central ... and connection woes - report by Stephen

More Vale of Rheidol blues - pictures by Barrie Hughes

09 February 2016

The North Wales Coast Express, Saturday 6 February

Archive corner

In other steam news...

06 February 2016

The Mersey Weaver

Nantwich signalbox moves (again)

01 February 2016

The flying banana rides again

SARPA meeting cancelled

Freight scenes

Track Recording Train, old style

Clwyd Railway Circle


More TRAWS progress - report by Barrie Hughes

'Between a rock and a hard place' - pictures by Peter

Manchester - Crewe blockade

25 January 2016

An Anglesey Afternoon - with Jim Johnson

The WG consultation -  a viewpoint by Barrie Hughes

Picture news

Men at Work, 11 January - pictures by Jim Johnson

Last day at Liverpool Road

Steam corner

Mid-Cheshire Moves - pictures by Greg Mape

18 January 2016

Conwy Valley problems continue

Rhyl Footbridge

Rails on the move

Peter Basterfield's view

Chester Forum

Greg Mape's view

Cambrian memories - with Trefor Thompsom

More Flying Scotsman

... in other steam news

Virgin in trouble

Transport Hub for Wrexham? - report by George Jones

11 January 2016

Salop Voyager

Rhyl footbridge farce

Flask News

Rubbish report

Bangor Railway Institute to go - report by Jim Johnson

Flying Scotsman emerges

Saltney - Wrexham update

Owain Glyndwr gets a lift - looking back with Barrie Hughes

Past Times with John Hobbs - Parallel lines

A stranger at Crewe - pictures by Martin Evans

Dinmore Manor to visit Llangollen Railway - by Peter Dickinson

04 January 2016

Strike ... not so happy New Year for passengers

Llangollen Winter Warmer - report by Jim Ikin

Christmas Present ... and Past at Holyhead - notes by Dave

Cambrian Heritage Railway extends - from the 'Shropshire Star'

Looking back: North Wales 1964 - pictures by J.W. Sutherland

Blue diesels at Bitton - report by Richard Putley

04 January 2016

Strike ... not so happy New Year for passengers

Llangollen Winter Warmer - report by Jim Ikin

Christmas Present ... and Past at Holyhead - notes by Dave

Cambrian Heritage Railway extends - from the 'Shropshire Star'

Looking back: North Wales 1964 -

Blue diesels at Bitton - report by Richard Putley

28 December 2015

Conwy Valley flooding

Busy time at Hale - pictures by Greg Mape

Liverpool electric event - report by John Hobbs

Mince Pie specials on the Llangollen line - report by George

Some facts about Arriva Trains Wales

Nottingham Trams - by Anthony Robinson

21 December 2015


Voyager across the Conwy - picture by Peter Basterfield

Community Rail Officer retires

Shotton scenes 16 December - by Tim Rogers

Holyhead Breakwater memories

Steam in the Snow - pictured by John Hobbs

A Special Mystery - by Barrie Hughes

People and Pacer

14 December 2015

Santa Specials at Llangollen - report by George Jones

Santa at Oswestry - report by Martin Evans

WHR/FR winter

Amlwch nostalgia

Arriva for Northern England

Driver's Advisory System

Chester - Wrexham delays explained

Cambrian excursion

Freightliner Forays

Mid-Cheshire freight - pictures by Greg Mape

Expedition to Salisbury - report by Richard Putley

Bangor time-travel - by Jim Johnson

07 December 2015

Weather Woes

Ill-fated Excursion

Wylfa to close

Freightliner route learner

61306 in Wales - and elsewhere

Manchester Model Trams

Manchester Metrolink extends (a little)


Vintage Cambrian - by Barrie Hughes

Llangollen Railway news

Timetable Change

30 November 2015

Another Coast line fiasco

68 on the flasks

More steam troubles - but some trains run

Farewell Gresty Lane

Colas 37s appear

Broken Rail causes problems - report by Jim Johnson

Correspondence corner

Another vintage view - by Barrie Hughes

23 November 2015

Cathedrals Express

Manchester Model Railway Show

Shotton - help sought


Cambrian nostalgia - with Barrie Hughes

Longsight mystery ticket - by Philip Evans

GWR Green at Worcester - report by Richard Putley

16 November 2015

A quiet week


Wirral help request

Liverpool Road station again

Wandering 'Crab' - report by Richard Putley

ATW tries again for Manchester Airport

09 November 2015

Blockades ... Redoubling ... delayed

North Wales 'Crab' - pictures by John Hobbs

RCTS Meeting in Chester on Monday 16 November

Metrolink single line working

Seen in Altrincham

Llangollen remembers

Liverpool Road station v. The Ordsall Chord

02 November 2015

Barmouth bridge protest - report by Kate Jones

Class 37s galore


Beside Bala Lake - with Martin Evans

Llangollen report - by Peter Dickinson

On the East Lancs - with Ken Robinson

20 years of Severn Dee Travel - report by George Jones

Arriva via Altrincham - pictures by Greg Mape

Manchester Moments

26 October 2015

Steve's last day

Club 55 returns (again)

Class 68 to Holyhead

Stena Explorer sold

Autumn leaves

Rails of Java

Busy moment at Chester - report by Mike Campbell

Cambrian corner

Class 67 update

Bangor Railway Institute saved (for now) - Report by Jim


19 October 2015

A Day in the life, 17 September

12 October 2015

Conwy Valley Explorer


RHTT returns

RHTT underground - by John Hobbs

Possession on the Chester to Birkenhead - pictures by

Victorian Ffestiniog - Pictures by Alan Crawshaw

The legend of 37 422

Arriva for Sale?

In the Severn Valley - report by Peter Dickinson

05 October 2015

37 422 returns

Picture query - answered

Gobowen, 28 September - pictures by Tim Rogers

Oxenholme and the 'Lakes Express'

Ultrasonic notes - by Charlie Hulme

Dickens on the Ffestiniog - press release

Borderlands shelters - notes by Marc Jones

Out and about - pictures by Greg Mape

28 September 2015


A visit to Dolgarrog - report by Greg Mape

Autumn Chieftain

Rhyl scenes

Northern Belle

Chester 175- report by Roly High

Point of Ayr commemorated

Bala Lake movements - report by Martin Evans

A day out with Waverley - report by David Hennessey

Snowdon Mountain Railway - report by Vince Chadwick

22 September 2015

Update and correction

Weekend 67 - pictures by Greg Mape

Statesman to Blaenau

Welshpool and Llanfair Gala - report by John Hobbs

Youngsters’ work at Conwy Valley railway station - Arriva

A visit to Bromfield - with Roger Carvell

The Penrhyn Quarry Railway - report by Stephen Hughes


18 September 2015

LMS parade - pictures by Graham Bond

Stone Age to Steam Age at Holywell

D5310 to star at Llangollen

Past Times with John Hobbs - 45231

Those Chester 2000 pictures

Cambrian Coast Extra

Galas Galore Part 2 - Welsh Highland

Sunday 13 September - by Alan Crawshaw

14 September 2015

Incident at Holywell

Conwy Valley Explorer

The Cheshireman

Cambrian development

RCTS meeting

Locomotive collection

Galas galore - part 1

07 September 2015

Festival No.6 - fun at Portmeirion

Runcorn to Halton branch events - Pictures by Mark Barber

Prestatyn now and then - by John Hobbs

Rail and Sea on 5 September - pictures by John Eyres

Freight report

'Along Branch Lines'  gala at Llangollen 11-13 September


31 August 2015

The Bournemouth Flyer, 22 August

Fares news

Chester 2000? - Help sought

Northern Belle Bristol to Chester, 29 August

Statfold Supplement - by Mark Hambly

Chester 175

Freight assortment

On the Wedding Belle to Corwen - with Tony Robinson

Passenger Pictures

Gala at Bala

Out and about - pictures by Greg Mape

24 August 2015

Forty minutes at Chester Locks - with Tim Rogers

Propane problems, part 2 - report by Eddie Knorn

Cambrian Corner

Save Bangor Railway Insititute building

Down the Coast

North Wales Railway Circle news

Alongside Bala Lake - report by Martin Evans

Narrow Gauge miscellany

Statfold Barn: the Welsh Connection - report by John Hobbs

'Along Branch Lines gala' at Llangollen 11-13 September - by

17 August 2015

Holyhead to Edinburgh

Level crossing closures

Rugby stars visit Colwyn Bay - report by Jim Johnson

More Arriva loco-hauled doings

'Royal Scots' remembered - by John Hobbs


10 August 2015

Steel Trains

Wrexham-Chester re-doubling date announced

The Welsh Mountaineer revisited

Flask movements

Arriva's rugby team train


Cumbrian Coast Erratum

Class 67s in action

Bangor Railway Institute

Prestatyn bus contrasts - pictures by Jim Coates

Isle of Man: Manx Transport Festival 2015 - report by David

A visit to Manchester - by Roger Carvell

04 August 2015

North Wales Coast Express

Diesel Interlude

The Welsh Mountaineer

WAG Charter

31 July 2015

Cumbrian Coast delights: pictures by Ian Pilkington

Cambrian news

In the Severn Valley - with Peter Dickinson

Out and About - a selection

Cumbrian Coast adventure - by Charlie Hulme

27 July 2015

News Miscellany

Bob Hargreaves

A Tim Rogers Gallery

WSMR nameplates raise £15,000

Saturday loco-hauled? Report by Eddie Knorn

Galatea, part 2

'Jubilee' postscript

20 July 2015

Jubilee in (and out of) action


Middlewich diversions

67 022 in focus

11 Years ago...

Talyllyn Railway - report by Martin Evans

Nameplates for auction

Conwy Valley Scotsman

Ian Allan

Holiday from North Wales - report by Alan Crawshaw

Progress at Quinn Glass - report by Tony Robinson

Malvern to Chester - with Richard Putley

13 July 2015

Royal Scotsman on the Coast

Mid-Wales Narrow Gauge - pictures by Ian Pilkington

Class 67 events

An afternoon in Hereford, 6 July - with Richard Putley

Chester to Liverpool South Parkway, 4 July

Llangollen Classic Transport Weekend

Severn Valley expedition - with Peter Dickinson

A visit to South Wales - with Tim Rogers

A trip on the 'Withered Arm' - report by Tony Robinson

06 July 2015

Lincoln to Blaenau

West Shore Railway news - by Keith Jones

Clan Line to Chester

Arriva on mid-Cheshire line

Ultrasonic testing

East Lancashire Diesels - report by David Hennessey

Class 57 catch-up

The Todmorden Curve and Barrow - report by Stephen Hughes

Bury Nostalgia - by Charlie Hulme

29 June 2015

Route learning loco causes problems


Miscellaneous items

Steam in the Dee Valley

Cambrian Adopters Confer - report by Gareth Marston

Tim Rogers visits Anglesey

The Cathedrals Express (or Explorer)

Llangollen Railcar Gala scenes

25 June 2015

Halton Curve day, 4 July - by John Hobbs

'The Welsh Dragon'

Class 67 doings

Passenger miscellany

On the Welshpool and Llanfair  - with Martin Evans

Cumbrian Coast Corner - pictures by Ian

The East Lancashire Railway - a visit by Martin Evans

Llandudno aesthetics

22 June 2015

Northern Belle in Northern Wales

Views from a bridge - by Greg Mape

Log train views

Llangollen Diesels - pictures by Ken Robinson

Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland notes - by John Roobottom

Manchester Metrolink developments

Out and about

Following 'Mayflower' - with Richard Putley

20 June 2016

Steam Special - Overture

Steam Special - The main event - 15 June

08 June 2015

Class 67 news

Cumbrian Coast 37s - report by David Lloyd

Cumbrian Coast scenes, 30 May - by Stavros Lainas

Freight movements

Fairbourne Railway 'Little to Large' Gala - report by Eddie

By Bala Lake - pictures by Ian Wright

The Three Queens

01 June 2015

Technical hitch

Britannia at Crewe - by Ian Bowland

Freight views

Assorted freight news

Coast curiosities - pictured by Roly High

Charity Football news

Llangollen 150 - report by Glyn Jones

Castle extra

25 May 2015

Strike news

The Seaside Flyer

67 001 soldiers on

Freight scenes

Prestatyn views - by Roly High

Green Lane Crossing - pictures by George Jones

Irish events - pictures by John Mathers

Cambrian corner

Electric to Victoria

A visit to Eccles - report by Charlie Hulme

15 Years Ago ...

18 May 2015

Real Ale on the WHR

Cumbrian Coast locos

A veteran diesel visits

Cornish charter cancelled

Spring at Berwyn - pictures by Peter Dickinson

Chinese steam in Chester

67s to Holyhead - by Ivor Bufton

11 May 2015

A Colas triple-header -report by Chris Scott

A visit to North Wales- with Ian Pilkington

Flask scenes

West Coast Railways update

Class 67 miscellany

Cambrian Coast corner

Re-double progress report - by George Jones

On the West Highland - with Dave Sallery

Caledonian at Euston - pictures by Richard Putley

North Wales to Vienna - with Alan Crawshaw

5 May 2015

Ffestiniog 150, by train and bike - report by Alan Crawshaw

Mind the doors

Diverting events

The Great Britain VIII tour

Locomotive Round-up

Glyn Valley Tramway Trust

01 May 2015

Arriva's Airport Attempt Arrested

Passenger assortment

Freight views

The Railway and Trakz - by Larry Davies, Community Rail

Peter Basterfield's flask train scenes

And finally ...

27 April 2015

On the Costa del Towyn - with Tim Rogers

Northern Belle

Promoting Tourism - report by Larry Davies, Community Rail

Out and about with Stavros Lainas

Past Times with Dennis Kerrison - Black 5s at Prestatyn

With the flasks

Cambrian corner

Special workings

Llangollen Railway views - by Peter Dickinson

Rail Ale on the WHR

17 April 2015

Picture assortment

Llangollen Railcar Gala - press release

'Winifred' rides again

Out and About with Tim Rogers, 8 April - good weather special

13 April 2015

The Great Western Express

Conway old station

RCTS news - by Richard Neale

Crewe Saturday - pictures by Roly High

MPV movements

North from Malvern - with Richard Putley

On the Cambrian Coast

On to Didcot - pictures by George Jones

06 April 2015

Biomass Diversion

West Coast in trouble - but Cleethorpes special runs

East of Frodsham, 1950s - pictures by Norman Jones

Narrow Gauge Easter

A freight selection - pictures by John Mathers

Past Times with John Hobbs - Gronant (it's rather flat)

Rhyl Miniature Railway article

Chain Bridge progress - report by George Jones

Looking back at SSS IV - pictures by Anthony Thomas

30 March 2015

The Road to Wembley - report by Eddie Knorn

Chester coincidence - report by Bob Greenhalgh

Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland scenes

Welsh Highland Railway Society Group news - by John Wood

The Flask Chronicles

News from Ty Mawr Publications - by Steve Morris

Past Times with John Hobbs - Renaissance of the Club Train

Saltney Junction layout

Report from the Duke of Lancaster


History at Hamilton Square

23 March 2015

Stevenage to Chester

Stevenage to Corwen - report by George Jones

Llangollen Stock book

Flask views

Arriva loco-hauled

Saltney Junction update - pictures by Anthony Robinson

Arriva sponsors road race - report by Larry Davies

Severn Railway 50th Anniversary Gala - 21st March 2015

Picture miscellany

16 March 2015

Northern Belle news

Snow Hill 1965 re-created

Signal LJ68 - the full story

Another Study to study

07:47 Wrexham - Birmingham: the last word

Picture news

Cambrian Crossings

Steel, Steam and Stars (Part 2)

10 March 2015

Northern Electrics

A Day in North Wales - pictures by Tim Rogers


'Russell' to join Talyllyn Party

Class 37/4s on tour - report by Charlie Hulme

09 March 2015

Llangollen Steam Special

Steel, Steam and Stars: Cast of Characters

Friday 6 March - by Chris Jones-Bridger

Friday 6 March - by Martin Evans

Saturday 7 March - pictures by Glyn Jones

Saturday 7 March - by Peter Basterfield

Saturday 7 March - by Anthony Robinson

Sunday 8 March - by Ian Wright

02 March 2015

'East Lancashire Railway' is back

Caroline at Large

'Talking Trakz' Railway Talks in Llandudno Junction

Not a 67

Goliath on the Flasks

Official opening of the station at Dwyrain Corwen East -

Return to Mouldsworth (1959-61) - pictures by Norman Jones

Scenes by Stavros Lainas

Past Times with John Hobbs - Steam in early 1965

Cambrian sunset

23 February 2015

Club 55 ending (for now)

PLPR in service

Last week's flasks

With the 'D.f.T'

Manchester chaos

Sleeper 92

Ellesmere makes tracks

Heritage DMUs: the final years

The future of the 07:47 from Wrexham

Railcar round-up - with Tim Rogers

Ffestiniog Transformers - addendum by Martin Weeks

Transport Diversions Emporium

16 February 2015

Valley Flasks

Rossett redoubling round-up

Videos to watch - chosen by Dave Sallery

Llangollen Railway news - report by George Jones

Llangollen at SCRUA

Past Times with John Hobbs - Steam on the Londons, 1965

Seen at Stafford and Crewe - Pictures by Martin Evans

Flint memories - by Roger Carvell

The Bala to Blaenau line in colour

'Irish Mancunian' scenes

Sun, Sea and Semaphores at Abergele - pictures by Tim Rogers

Manchester area freights

09 February 2015

Valley, 2 February: Cold but Fine - report by Jim Johnson

RCTS Meeting in Chester

Dun Laoghaire no more - report by Bernard Allan

Seen off North Stack - pictures by Peter Lloyd

Pictures by Norman Jones - Helsby to Frodsham 1957

Pictorial Miscellany

That Crab picture

Some Curious Coaches - photographed by John Hobbs

02 February 2015

Crewe events

Wrexham Railway Society news - by George Jones

67 001 on parade

DRS Class 37s on duty

Clwyd Railway Circle meeting

An SLS Tour in 1966

Locomotive Assortment

Past Times with John Hobbs - The first "End of steam" in

Winter Steam

26 January 2015

Loco variety at Crewe - with Darren Durrant

More Timetable Tribulations

Manchester Cityscapes - pictures by Charlie Hulme

Compass tours continue

Another Push-Pull measurement train

Cheshire in the 1950s - pictures by Norman Jones

Help wanted

The Flying Bufferbeam

Southern Sojourn - with Peter Dickinson

19 January 2015

January in North Wales - pictures by Aled S. Williams

Ice troubles on Merseyrail

Ultrasonic push-pull

The 07:47 from Wrexham, and other timetable news

East Lancashire winter steam gala

North Wales to Hopwood - report by Stephen Hughes

Princess on the Flasks

Picture miscellany

Corwen 1965 and 2015 - report by George Jones

Wrexham delays - report by John Cowlishaw


12 January 2015

Passing the Palace

Winter Circular - report by Eddie Knorn

The Shropshire Union - report by Chris Morrison

Saltney doubling update - by Anthony Robinson

A Week in North Wales - pictures by Tim Rogers

Past Times with John Hobbs - Prestatyn from a different angle

05 January 2015

Club 55 offer is back

Chester, Saturday 3 January - pictures by Roly High

Following the Tugging Shedmaster...

Compass Tours (update)

End of the Year on the Coast - pictures by Tim Rogers

Llangollen's 'Winter Warmer'

News from Northenden Junction - pictures by Greg Mape

29 December 2014

Loco-hauled news

Llangollen Mince Pie Specials - report by George Jones

Rood Ashton Hall at Chester - pictures by Anthony Thomas

Christmas Eve at Chester - pictures by Richard Fleckney

Festive Interlude in the Severn Valley - report by Richard

Compass Tours

Mind your Manors

Past Times with Dennis Kerrison - Bala

Bala to Blaenau

22 December 2014

Riding the Irish Mancunian - with George Jones

Seasonal scenes from the past - on the Cambrian with John

More Arriva locomotive views

Chris Morrison's view

Northern's Christmas Present

More Santas at Berwyn - report by George Jones

A Virgin Christmas

15 December 2014

The 'Irish Mancunian' returns

Business Class on the Premier Service

Llangollen Railway news

Floods of 1964 - by Chris Magner

Germanic ownership revealed

Llangollen Railway freight - report by George Jones

Some recent railtours - pictures by Martin Dixon

A Visit to Worcester, 29 November - with Peter Basterfield

08 December 2014

50 Years Ago, with John Hobbs - Ruabon - Barmouth's last days

50 years later: Advent on the Ruabon - Barmouth


Valley views - pictures by Jim Johnson

News pictures

Conwy Valley News - by Larry Davies, Community Rail Officer

Bangor Railway Institute - report by Jim Johnson

01 December 2014

Problems on the Cathedrals Express.

Premier Express catering future

Diesel loco miscellany

Worcester steam - report by Richard Putley

Past Times with Dennis Kerrison - Ruabon '58

More on the Madcap Looper - report by John Mathers

27 November 2014

Autumn Gold - Steam in the Welsh Mountains - report by John

Coast line locos

The Madcap Looper - report by Bob Greenhalgh

Last days, 50 years on - by Ken Robinson

Past Times with John Hobbs - 'Wizzos' at Chester

News from Llangollen Works - by George Jones

Commemmorative Garden at Runcorn East - report by John Hobbs

24 November 2014

Bittern on the Cathedrals Express

The Christmas Cheshireman

More night moves - pictures by Chris Morrison

RHTTs recorded

Diesel passenger news

17 November 2014

The Screaming Valenta - report by Steve Morris

Northern Rail loco-hauled

Foxcote Manor needs your help

Leaf-busters - and leaves

Pacer memories - by Dave Sallery

Past Times with Dennis Kerrison - Crabs at Prestatyn

Llangollen Remembrance - further report, by George Jones

Baguley freights - pictures by Greg Mape

Great Western freight scene - with Richard Putley

10 November 2014


Northern Belle locos on the Flasks

Water Cannons deployed

Rugby specials

Northenden movements - pictures by Les Burton

Talyllyn Railway Beer Festival 2014 - report by Eddie Knorn

Past Times with John Hobbs - Indoors at Holyhead

Worcester afternoon - with Richard Putley

Manchester area freight watching - by Charlie Hulme

03 November 2014

Arriva Trains Wales locomotive prospects

Locomotives down the Coast, 31 October - pictures by Peter

Arriva's Apology Letter Regarding Fleet Shortages, October

Pretendolino, Part 2

An evening with Paul Salveson

New Metrolink line opens

Northern Belle 17 October

27 October 2014

'Pretendolino' on the 'Welsh Warrior'

Cardiff Canton book reprinted - by Steve Morris

Corwen Revival - report by George Jones

Return to Mold Junction

Railhead Treatment Train scenes

Shrewsbury Voyager Trial

Past Times with John Hobbs - Llandudno. 19 June 1965

Northern Belle newcomer

Holiday snaps

20 October 2014

14 October movements - pictures by Tim Rogers

Past Times with Dennis Kerrison - Rhyl Departures

End of Mold Junction shed?

Recycling at Tywyn - pictures by Ian Wright

13 October 2014

Cambrian Railways history lecture in Oswestry

Past Times with John Hobbs - Colwyn Bay: it's not like that

News in pictures

RCTS news - by Richard Neale

Shrewsbury Voyager

Large Prairie at Llangollen - report by George Jones

Isle of Man Festival - report by David Hennessey

A visit to the Epping - Ongar Railway - with Richard Putley

07 October 2014

Railcars to Colomendy Curve - report by George Jones

'The Madcap Looper' 22 November 2014 - by John Mathers

Picture news

Ride the 'Pretendolino' - with Railway Magazine

Wirral Bus and Tram show, 5 October - report by George Jones

50 Years of Duchesses - by John Hobbs

Bangor Duchess

Rogues Gallery - a comment by Charlie Hulme

'Over by Christmas' - part 2

On the Cambrian

South Manchester Scenes - by Greg Mape

29 September 2014

Premier Express Problems

North Wales Railway Circle

Flasks coming and going - pictures by Peter Basterfield

Shrewsbury to London

A weekend trip - report by Alan Crawshaw

Corwen extension news - by George Jones

Re-doubling progress - pictures by Richard Menkin

Duchess run commemorated

Great Western reunion

Picture Gallery

Talyllyn's birthday - report by Eryl Crump

Government corner

22 September 2014

Duchess on the Cathedrals Express

Fifty Years ago with John Hobbs - Final summer with a Duchess

Cardiff Canton 50th - report by Steve Morris

Over by Christmas - report by David Parry

Three 57s for the price of one

Llanuwchllyn reunion - note by Eryl Crump

Severn Valley Gala- report by David

Wirral and North Wales Model Railway Club - report by John

Duchess of Sutherland returns, 20 September

Duchess in Davenport

Welsh Highland 'Superpower weekend'

DRS movements

Manchester moments - with Charlie Hulme

15 September 2014

Club 55 clarification

West Coast 57s at work

Charlie goes to Llandudno

Log train scenes

Camping Coach at Llanberis

All Change at Helsby Junction - report by Charles Allen

Colwyn Bay 'Platform 3' railway

Vale of Rheidol news

Progress at Corwen East station - report by George Jones

08 September 2014

Timetable controversies

Pictures by Stavros Lainas

Llandudno sidings relaying starts

Pictures by Darren Durrant

Pictures by Martin Evans

RCTS Meeting in Chester on Monday 15 September

A short ride on the WAG Express - with Richard Putley

Western at Chester

Pictures by Tim Rogers

Past Times with John Hobbs - Jubilees to the Seaside

01 September 2014

Class 68 down the Coast

Briwet Bridge open to traffic

Wrexham Railway Society news - by George Jones

Black locos at Llangollen

Club 55 is back

Past Times with John Hobbs - 8Fs at Abergele

Waverley visits North Wales (almost)

Report by Chris Jones-Bridger

The view from the shore

Liverpool Lime Street new memorial - report by George Jones

25 August 2014

Trains return to Pwllheli- report by Ken Robinson

Llangollen Black 5  - report by George Jones

Newport Transporter Bridge - report by Alan Crawshaw

The Welsh Mountaineer 

Chirk developments - repory by George Jones

Past Times with John Hobbs - Last Castle to Chester 

18 August 2014

Cambrian news flash

Welsh Mountaineer

Variation on the NMT

60009 again, and an unusual visitor

Steam at Oswestry - report by Martin Evans

News from Runcorn East - report by John Hobbs

Over by Christmas

More Rossett route scenes

11 August 2014

On Conwy Mountain

Scenes of the Rossett re-doubling - report by Mark Riley

News in brief

Rapid progress at the Dwyrain Corwen East Station

Loco variety at Crewe - picture by Martin Evans

Kids' Training Week - with Jack Bowley

The Return of Russell, WHHR - report by

04 August 2014

North Wales Coast Express 3 August

Pictures from the lineside

With the NWCE - by Stephen Hughes

Editor's thoughts

Problems on the 'Welsh Mountaineer'

Llandudno station officially open

High Summer at Tan-y-Bwlch - with John Roobottom

Out and About

'Lights, Camera Action' at Liverpool - report by Nigel Green

28 July 2014

Arriva loco-hauled variety

Early morning flasks

North Wales Coast Express 27 July

Manchester Oxford Road oddities

Teddy Bears at the ELR

Sixties Weekend on the Llangollen Railway

21 July 2014

'Irish Mancunian' is Go

Locomotive assortment

The 'Caterpillar Cat' - report by Richard Putley

Sixties at Llangollen

Mold Junction 1995 - by Roger Smith

Open Day at Gresty Bridge

Crewe station views, 19 July - by David Hennessey

Blaenau Adopters' Event - report by Larry Davies, Community

A visit to the Wirral Tramway - with George Jones

Metrolink events - pictures by Greg Mape

14 July 2014

Royal Scotsman

Locomotive scenes

Double Take

Welshpool and Llanfair report - by Glyn Jones

Looking after the line

Mold Junction Then and Now - by Dave Sallery

Corwen station update - by George Jones

Wrexham Re-doubling activities

Two unusual sights

Some things completely different

07 July 2014

Chester and North Wales Explorer, 5 July

Halton Curve gets a boost

37 and Caroline

No Mid-Cheshire Steam

In the Conwy Valley

37s and Flasks

Picture assortment

The purpose of Palmerston

Test Train 37s

Pen yr Orsedd gala at Llanberis

Taking you to the Tour

02 July 2014

Concrete Bob rides again

Conwy Valley Price-buster

Cambrian News - pictures by John Cowlishaw

Past times with Dennis Kerrison - Prestatyn B1s

Durham and Beamish Statesman

The trip to Beamish - pictures by Roly High


Climbing Snowdon - with Martin Evans

Palmerston at Porthmadog - report by John Roobottom

Welsh Highland Heritage Railway - a visit with George Jones

Out and About with Stavros Lainas

Corwen extension progress report - by George Jones

28 June 2014

Freight scenes

On the Narrow Gauge

Yellow loco in view

Stoneblower ahoy!

'Parliamentary Report' - by George Jones

Flasks Galore

23 June 2014

Two specials and a fiasco - 21 June

Crossing Troubles - report by John Cowlishaw

101 685 at Llangollen

On the Cambrian Coast

Three Peaks by Rail

The real last Manchester loco

19 June 2014

Compass to Carlisle

Out and about - with Stavros Lainas


Ultrasonic Test Train scenes

Seeing double at Rhyl

16 June 2014

Halton Curve service

Crewe, 14 June - pictures by Darren Durrant

Snowdonia Statesman

Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland scenes - pictures by Martin

Merseyside moments

09 June 2014

Return of the 'Irish Mancunian'?

Day Trip to Warrington - pictures by Darren Durrant

175 005 gets its skates on

Wrexham, Rossett and Re-doubling

Camping at Marsh Brook - report by John Murray

Northern Belle's busy weekend

Freight trains in view

Car Park news

02 June 2014

Flask scenes

Crewe Station new entrance - report by Ian Bowland

Visit to North Wales for

Seen at Crewe, 30 May - pictures by Darren Durrant

Ledbury Statesman - report by Richard Putley

Llangollen picture report

Past Times with John Hobbs - Machynlleth 1965

The 'Chopper Topper'

Tale of Two Bridges

Bus troubles

26 May 2014

The Seaside Flyer, 24 May

Arriva Loco-hauled

Loco-hauled events

Irish Journey, Pt. 2 - with Richard Putley

Past Times with Dennis Kerrison - The Dyserth branch

Metrolink Farewell - report by Charlie Hulme

19 May 2014

Northern Belle

Past Times with John Hobbs - Around Rhyl

Present times at Rhyl - pictures by Roly High

XP64 50 years

New Measurement Train

Middlewich diversions

Network Rail speaks to Rossett - report by George Jones

X-Men Pendolino - report by Mark Riley

Real Ale on the Welsh Highland - pictures by Alan

Corwen Progress - report by George Jones

Irish Journey, Part 1 - with Richard Putley

Shipping supplement

12 May 2014

Class 68 news

37s at Bangor

Premier Express events (the inside story)

Middlewich diversions

Pilgrimage to Glasgow

Shrewsbury - Chester Rail Users Association

Locos at Large

Llanfairfechan in steam days - pictures by Alan Fozard

More from the Ffestiniog - report by Ian Pilkington

Quinn Glass

Berwyn in view - by Peter Dickinson

Vintage shipping

05 May 2014

Premier Express events

Ffestiniog celebration

'Caroline' in view

Caroline ... no! - by Alan Crawshaw

An Hour at Llanberis - with Alan Crawshaw

Locomotives at Crewe

Two gauges at Welshpool - report by Glyn Jones

Past times with Dennis Kerrison - Britannia Parade

Bizarre livery corner

Picture news

Real Time Hint

28 April 2014

Great Britain VII

'Daisy' for Llangollen - by Evan Green-Hughes, Llangollen

On the Somerset Coast Express - pictures by Roly High

Quinn Glass saga

The View at Crewe - pictures by Peter Dickinson

Past Times with John Hobbs - Gwersyllt: Panniers on the GC

Picture News

The Snowdonian

21 April 2014

New 68s, and thoughts from Winwick Junction - by John Hobbs

Sun, Scenery and 'Syphons'

A visit from Bridlington

Railcar miscellany

Penyffordd Puzzle solved

Locomotive assortment

Past Times with Dennis Kerrison - GWR Moguls at large

14 April 2014

Measurement Train (1)

More trains for the Cambrian

Freight views

The Beeching Legacy

Progress at Altrincham

Passenger assortment

Shipping news

Past Times with John Hobbs - 50 Years ago at Chester

Fijian loco, now and then

Vale of Rheidol news - by Harry Saville

News from the Llangollen Railway

Measurement Train (2)

31 March 2014

Locomotives down the Coast

Croes Newydd comes to Llangollen

Engineering trains at Chester, 29 March

Saltney Junction relaid

Rhyl, Sunday 30 March - pictures by Roly High

Past Times with Dennis Kerrison - Rhyl Tanks

Changes at Porthmadog - pictures by Greg Mape

CrossCountry events

Manchester notes - by Charlie Hulme

From the Berwyn exhibition - by Peter Dickinson

Class 70 News - pictures by Richard Putley

24 March 2014

North Wales Rail on Facebook

FR / WHR circuit - report by Alan Crawshaw

More Class 70s on the Way

Manchester views - by Charlie Hulme

Wrexham - Saltney redoubling starts - report by George Jones

Cemmaes Road signalbox - reminiscence by Aled Rees

Salford continued

Past Times with Dennis Kerrison - Rhyl Shed 6K - Part 2

Network South East coaches in North Wales

Shipping news - by Dave Sallery.

Llandudno by Night - with Peter Lloyd

News from Berwyn - report by Peter Dickinson

Dee bridge repair - report by Roly High

17 March 2014

Rugby Day, Saturday 15 March

News from the Vale of Rheidol - press release

Freight (etc) pictorial

Mystery station revisited

Electrification news (2) - report by George Jones

Past Times with Dennis Kerrison - Rhyl Shed (6K) - Part 1

Captions by John Hobbs

10 March 2014

Middlewich Movements

The Winter West Highland Statesman

Class 56 in focus

Silver Skip on the WAG

Past Times with John Hobbs - Collett 0-6-0 Heaven

Mystery station

Club 55 ... times 2 - report by Stephen Hughes

RCTS event in Chester 17 March

Tamper movements



A letter from Wrexham - by Bob Hargreaves to the 'Wrexham

03 March 2014

Two Together Railcard

Llandudno relaying - report by Peter Lloyd

Colwyn Bay Miniature Railway

Windfarms: paradise of the Mersey - notes by George Jones

London terminal variety - pictures by Darren Durrant

St David's Day on the Corwen Extension - report by George

Past Times with John Hobbs - Duchesses 50 years ago

That WN sticker...

24 February 2014

Riding with 'Gerald' - with John Murray

Half-term on the Talyllyn - pictures by Martin Evans

Conwy Valley in Rail Express

Picture assortment

Welsh Highland painting for sale

Llangollen Railway update - by George Jones

47 down the Coast

Excursion news

Past Times with John Hobbs - Loco variety at Croes

Metrolink modifications - report by Charlie Hulme

Merseyrail's new look

17 February 2014

Galatea on 'The Welsh Borders'

Past Times with John Hobbs - Steam on the Irish Mail

RAIB and the trolley 'mishap'

The return of 37 422 - report by Roger Carvell

A day out to Shrewsbury - with Richard Putley

Franchise debate online

68 001 on test - report by Mark Barber


Stormy Wednesday - report by Peter Basterfield

The Storm of 1936


A Cambrian Coast memory - by Stephen Hughes

The Buckley Railway - notes by Barrie Hughes

10 February 2014

Class 68 - a new face on the line

RCTS Meeting in Chester on Monday 17 February

All-yellow Radio Survey


Picture news

Steam events

Frodsham to Halton Junction - some thoughts by 'Concrete Bob'

02 February 2015

Crewe events

Wrexham Railway Society news - by George Jones

67 001 on parade

DRS Class 37s on duty

Clwyd Railway Circle meeting

An SLS Tour in 1966

Locomotive Assortment

Past Times with John Hobbs - The first "End of steam" in

Winter Steam

27 January 2014

Last Days of 'The Hoppers'

Locomotive news

The daily round - pictures by Tim Rogers

Conwy, 1950s


Llangollen Railway news, and another walk - report by George

Corwen Track Extension Viewing Walk - 1 Feb 2014

Freight train views

Past Times with John Hobbs - Rhyl Chaos, Prestatyn

Cheshire Best Kept Stations

Another look at the ELR event - by Richard Putley

Trackside views - by Paddy F

Courier to Aberystwyth?

20 January 2014

Flask train 17 January

Trains in Barmouth High Street

On the Anglesey Central Railway - report by Alan Crawshaw

Dangerous 'mishap' near Hadnall

To the ELR steam gala (1) with Alan Crawshaw

East Lancs by Night - pictures by Peter Basterfield

The MCRUA 'Robbie Burns Express' 3 May 2014 - press release

ELR steam gala (3) - report by Stephen Hughes

Into A New Year at Llangollen - report by George Jones

Past Times with John Hobbs - Frayed Great Western grandeur at

Bagillt signalbox

13 January 2014

After the Storm

37 402 now and then

Gobowen freight - pictures by Martin Evans

Class 175s in view

Past Times with John Hobbs (1) Rare move at Prestatyn

Photo information requested

Past Times with John Hobbs (2) Crewe 50 Years Ago

Fiasco at Pont Briwet

06 January 2014

More storm and flood problems

News of new locomotives

Llangollen Railway events (1): Winter Warmer

On the Welsh Highland

The Mostyn Story - by Alan Roberts

Club 55 is back (again)

175 cutouts

Llangollen News (2): New Year's Day - report by George Jones

Past Times with John Hobbs - Connahs Quay again

Excursion 1954 style

31 December 2013

67 002 runs into Trouble

Llangollen: Golden Fishplate and Winter Warmer

Picture news

Manchester reservations explained

Past Times with John Hobbs - Jinties everywhere

Signalling classic

23 December 2013

Arriva's Christmas Message

Cambrian news

Snowy Scenes from the Past - by John Hobbs

Holiday Specials

Picture News miscellany

Flask Chronicles

20 years ago: the final Class 101

You're in my seat!

The daily hippo

16 December 2013

Re-openings ... and not

News in pictures

North Wales Railway Circle


'Mind the Gap' at Bonwm - report by George Jones

Past Times with John Hobbs - Duchess Delight

Plethora of replacement buses - report by Simon Yeomans

Rhyl as terminus - pictures by Roly High

Wrexham re-double reduced

09 December 2013

Trial by Storm

Santa Season

Arriva Trains Wales news

Chester at dawn

News from the Vale of Rheidol line - press release

RCTS meeting

Holyhead signal ....and TPO - report by Jim Johnson

Steam meeting at Chester

Mad Chester - a view by Mark Riley

Past and Present - with John Hobbs

Old and New Buffers

02 December 2013

26 Years ago at Holyhead

Conwy Valley failure

Patriot at the NEC

Past Times with John Hobbs - GWR Locos on Parcels trains

Onwards to Corwen - report by George Jones

Babcock's busy day at the Bache - with Roly High

25 November 2013

Mishap at Chester

Picture news

Class 68 in action

West Coast 47 sallies forth

Rowan Crawshaw's 37 views

Arriva Trains Wales Stakeholder Report

Footplate Follies - with John Hobbs

Passenger Focus

Chester footbridge (again)

On the Bluebell Explorer - with Richard Putley

George the Fifth to be reincarnated?

18 November 2013

Crewe - Shrewsbury signalling

In other news ...

Premier Express at large

Bala Santa


Flask scenes

'Wires Down' - a traveller's tale by Alan Crawshaw

Past times with John Hobbs - Brymbo

Llangollen events - report by George Jones

11 November 2013

Cambrian Coast mishap

Light and dark on the Ffestiniog

RCTS Chester news

Remembrance at Llangollen

Rail Head Treatment Tales

Picture assortment

Cumbrian Jubilee - report by Stephen Hughes

On the Premier Express - with John Oates

Preparing for the Brocken: report by David Parry

04 November 2013

Coast Line Scenes

Mystery Solved - No. 1

Remembrance at Llangollen

Special to Liverpool Road - pictures by Vince Chadwick

Heritage Assortment

Mystery solved - No. 2

Past Times with John Hobbs - Horse Boxes

Looking ahead

28 October 2013

North Wales Coast locomotives, 22

Cambrian Nostalgia - by Stephen Hughes

Llangollen on Tour - report by Richard Putley

Past Times with John Hobbs - Where 'our' engines got to

Cruising Birkenhead Docks - report by George Jones

Picture miscellany

Autumn Gathering in York - report by Roly High

Face Transplant for Thomas

21 October 2013

Ringo (not Starkey)

Runcorn East celebrates - report by John Hobbs

Ruabon views - by Martin Evans

The Birkenhead Docker

Tender at The Junction - by John Wilkinson

Past Times with John Hobbs - One, Two, Three

Thomas in Europe

Ffestiniog '1863 weekend' views: a second helping

Rail Head Treatment Train scenes

Mystery painting

Class 37 Farewell, May 2000 - pictures by Ian Bowland

14 October 2013

Ffestiniog Steam 150

Radio Surveys

Runcorn East is 30

The Scenic Snowdonian - postscript

Wirral Model Railway Exhibition

Leaf Fall time again

Running round at Llangollen - pictures by Martin Evans

Past Times by John Hobbs - Standard 2-6-4Ts

Llandudno 27/28 September: another view - by Edwin

Challenge at Llangollen - report by George Jones

A visit to Oswestry - with

A return to Devil's Bridge, September 2013 - by Richard Putley

07 October 2013

The Scenic Snowdonian

Wirral Bus and Tram Show 2013 - report by George Jones

Wrexham re-double to proceed

Past times with John Hobbs - Ivatt Heaven

Picture miscellany

Galatea returns to Chester

Mystery pictures from the 1950s

Round Robin and the Welsh Highland - by Vince Chadwick

Cambrian Rail Survey - press release

Great Western on Tour - report by Richard Putley

30 September 2013

Club 55 is back

Community Rail treat

First Great Western to Llandudno

A brief visit to Wem - with David Parry

Past times with John Hobbs - Britannia Parade

Galatea visits Chester

Final farewell to BR

24 September 2013

Community Rail Weekend

37s on Test Train

Ffestiniog Society moves

Past Times with John Hobbs - Diesel Days

Diesel Day at Llangollen, 21 September - pictures by Martin

Wirral Bus and Tram Show

Great Western Society news

Nantwich, Logs and Western - by Chris Morrison

Robbery on the Irish Mail, 1963

Rhyl to Canterbury - with Roly High

21 September 2013

Diesel Parcels Unit in North Wales - continued

Llannerchymedd and its Brake Van - pictures by Nick Gurney

Welsh Highland views

A visit to Birkenhead docks - with Chris Morrison

Coal Tank in South Wales

A day out in South Wales - with Richard Putley

Steam Nostalgia - by Stephen Hughes

Talyllyn scenes - by Martin Evans

Before they were famous - by John Hobbs

The daily round at Abergele - 11 September pictures by Roly

Berwyn Heritage revisited

16 September 2013

Conwy Valley Express test

Diesel Day at Llangollen 21 September

Rhinoceros and Dinosaur at Roman Bridge

As seen on TV

Freight scenes

The Dolgarrog Railway Society - by Carwyn Jones

In search of the Ribblehead logs - with David Parry

97 302 on tour

Compass to Carlisle 11 September

Another desirable residence

Charlie's 'holiday snap'

09 September 2013

Llangollen steam gala

Picture miscellany

Railtours no More - by Alan Crawshaw

Marches line signalling - pictures by Chris Morrison

Tales of Roman Bridge - by Charlie Hulme

The Welsh Mountaineer, 3 August

On the Ffestiniog - with Jack Bowley

Middleton Press news - report by George Jones

07 October 2013

The Scenic Snowdonian

Wirral Bus and Tram Show 2013 - report by George Jones

Wrexham re-double to proceed

Past times with John Hobbs - Ivatt Heaven

Picture miscellany

Galatea returns to Chester

Mystery pictures from the 1950s

Round Robin and the Welsh Highland - by Vince Chadwick

Cambrian Rail Survey - press release

Great Western on Tour - report by Richard Putley

26 August 2013

By the waters of Ystradau - pictures by Ian Pilkington

It's good to (go to a) talk

A visit to Ty Croes - pictures by Chris Morrison

Assorted notes and comments

No more flying banana in North Wales?

The Welsh Mountaineer, 20 August

Perth - Holyhead Pictures

Tamper news

Roman Bridge for sale

Talking Toilets

22 August 2013

Planet Llangollen

Shrewsbury - Wrexham disruption

Sunday on the Railway - by Charlie Hulme

North Wales Coast Express, 18 August

Measurement Train, Sunday 18 August

This and That

Shakespeare Express - report by Richard Putley

Ephemera Nostalgia

19 August 2013

Arriva special

Llandudno Ffestiniog Rambler, 17 August

The Welsh Dragon, 17 August

Freight news

Testing time

Cambrian Scenes

Prince of Ales - report by Roger Carvell

A Saturday morning at Chester - with Roly High

12 August 2013

Fifteen Guinea Special re-lived - report by George Jones

A visit to Llynclys - with

Peak Forest interludes - by David Parry

Single units in North Wales - report by 'Concrete Bob'

Freight update


Award for the Talyllyn

Liverpool terminations - report by George Jones

Manx Transport Festival 2013 - report by David Hennessey

Gloucester Warwickshire diesel gala - pictures by Richard

05 August 2013

December timetable news

North Wales Coast Express, 4 August

Stockport 170 - report by Charlie Hulme

The West Shore Railway - pictures by Dennis Oliver


Freight report

Voyager Numbers etc.

The Welsh Mountaineer, 30 July

Chester - Wrexham doubling postponed?

29 July 2013

Freight events

GB Railfreight 'works outing' 27 July


Gerald's Saturday job

North Wales Coast Express 28 July

Class 57 metamorphosis - report by Mark Riley

Chester bridge update

Llangollen 1960s weekend - pictures by Chris Jones-Bridger

Glyndyfrdwy Interval, 28 July - by George Jones

22 July 2013

Steam train worries

Additional loco-hauled trains

Trans Pennine Trip - with Alan Crawshaw

Integrated future?

'Stainless' Steel

Chasing the Aberystwyth Charter - with Chris Morrison

York discoveries - by Roger Carvell

Colas variety

Mid-Cheshire specials

Back to the 60s at Llangollen

Trawsfynydd - another try?

Suffolk to North Wales - with Adam Barnard

The Jolly Fisherman - report by Roly High

Brake van on the road

A trip to Aviemore - with Richard Putley

Irish Adventure - by Charlie Hulme

15 July 2013

On the Lakeside - with Rowan Crawshaw

East Lancashire expedition - with Alan Crawshaw

Classic Transport at Llangollen - pictures by George Jones

Helsby 150 to Blaenau - by Ian Whitley

The alternative North Wales Circuit - report by Martin Evans

The Great Gathering - pictures by Roly High

Junction Points

08 July 2013

Helsby - Hooton 150

Problem for the Northern Belle

More on West Coast Main Line 56s - by Dale Howcroft

Class 56 pictorial

New Cambrian book

Ellesmere Port problems - pictures by Mark Barber

Royal Scotsman in Wales

01 July 2013

Drive the Pendolino Simulator

Premier Express scenes

Hooton to Helsby 150 - full details

WAG Express and Waverley -

With the logs

Gwynt y Mor ships - report by George Jones

Past Times with John Hobbs - Tranquillity in Cheshire

The new North Wales coast railway - report by Keith Jones

Coast Class 50

Grant funding for Dwyrain Corwen East - report by George Jones

Chester Platform 5 - by John Oates

A narrow-gauge exploration - pictures by Peter Dickinson

Rhyl views - by Roly High

24 June 2013

Conwy - Llanrwst 150 - report by Larry Davies

Llangollen railcars: the prelude

Liverpool railcars

Llangollen Railcars:

Freight views

Steam double

A sunny afternoon - with Stavros Lainas

Llangollen Railcars: Sunday

Passenger miscellany

6430 bows out - report by George Jones

17 June 2013

Chester assortment - pictures by Peter Dickinson

About the log trains

Steam meet at Crewe - report by Ian Bowland

Past Times with John Hobbs - Prestatyn Troughs, Sandy Lane

Steam follow-ups

Out and about

On the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland - pictures by Ben Bucki

And finally ...

10 June 2013

Conwy Valley 150

60009 on The Cheshireman

WNXX developments - report by Charlie Hulme

Class 56 on the logs

Picture assortment

More on Hooton to Helsby 150

Valley Flasks

03 June 2013

On the Cambrian Coast Express - with Richard Putley

Hooton to Helsby 150 -

A day out with the Merseyrail Saveaway - report by Jack Bowley

Black 5 mystery: a solution

Past Times with John Hobbs - Great Western Tanks at Chester

The Ynys Mon Express, Southport to Holyhead

Flask scenes


Freight round-up

Llangollen in the 1990s - pictures by Andrew Wallbank

27 May 2013

Factory fire causes chaos

Brief Encounter on 24 May - report by Roly High

Waverley activities

25 May picture assortment - by Stavros Lainas

Another Mystery

Prestatyn old station revived

Flask train viewpoints

Bubble Car News

Crewe Heritage Centre

Snowdon steam scarcity - report by Dave Sallery

Mochdre then and now

Trams to East Didsbury

20 May 2013

Magazine watch

Northern Belle on the Coast

Llangollen Railway news

Heart of Wales Scenic Rambler

Borth revisited

Irish Journey - with Stephen Hughes

Measurement Trains

Cambrian Coast images

Freight in pictures

13 May 2013

Timetable notes

The Cathedrals Explorer

Ffestiniog Steam 150 – report by David Parry

Ffestiniog 150: Additional views by Ian Pilkington

Freight scenes

Test train news - by Andrew Vinten

Borth: mystery no more - by Charlie Hulme

Hale 150 - pictures by Greg Mape

Curzon Park saga drags on

A morning at Rhyl  on 13 May- with Roly High

Bus views


05 May 2013

The Llandudno Victorian Statesman

Out and About with Stavros Lainas

Industrial Vale of Llangollen

Following the Flasks on the First of May

Cheshire diversions - pictures by Mark Barber


Where trains used to go - pictures by John Hobbs

29 April 2013

Manchester movements - report by Charlie Hulme

Chester Model Railway Club open days


Biomass expedition - report

Past Times with John Hobbs - at Shotton High Level

Shropshire to London?

Gobowen facilties

Wessex Express - report by Roly High

24 April 2013

Timetable news

The Llangollen Railway Steam Gala - report by Vince Chadwick

The Great Britain VI

Non-steam miscellany


Llangollen Gala extra

22 April 2013

Cathedrals Express ... comes to grief

Cumbrian Coast and Mountains Statesman

15 April 2013

Llangollen Spring Gala

Still tickets left for the Hooton Charter

Passenger assortment


Deviation at Crewe - looking back with John Hobbs

A Blue Manor

Crewe, 12 April 2013 - pictures by Tom Donnelly

Changing scenes

Princess's last stand ... at Paddington - report by Roger

Twenty Years Ago - with Ken Robinson

08 April 2013

English Electric to Holyhead

Sunday night 67

EE Weekend at Crewe Heritage Centre - report by Mark Riley

News of Pont Briwet - report by Ken Robinson

Bethesda event - report by Stephen Hughes

Welsh Borders Steam Special

Llangollen locomotives update - by George Jones

Wind Farm developments - report by Nick Gurney

Flintshire scenes -  by Bob Greenhalgh

Holyhead Shipping news - report by M.Lloyd Davies


Easter specials on Anglesey - pictures by M.Lloyd Davies

01 April 2013

Bank Holiday boat trains

Porthmadog Harbour station works - pictures by Dave Sallery

North Wales in Australia

Franchise Fudge

Ruabon in the snow - pictures by Martin Evans

Locos lucky and not-so-lucky - report by Ken Robinson

Llangollen Railway back in business - report by Mark Riley

Sir Haydn's tour continues - Talyllyn Railway press release

Freight news

25 March 2013

Wrexham to Wembley

Colwyn Bay sea defences - report by Nick Gurney and Dennis

Cambrian Cruise updated

Snowy Llangollen - pictures by Mark Leman Lawrie

Loading at Llanddulas - report by Dave Sallery

Menai Bridge station archaeology - pictures by Peter

Day Return to Milford Haven - report by George Jones

Past Times with John Hobbs - Freight at Flint

Flask 37s

Cardiff locos - report by Richard Putley

Cambrian panorama

18 March 2013

Forthcoming diesel day at Llangollen

Sports specials

Return to Carrog- report by George Jones

Freight views

On the Tyne Valley Moorlander - with Ken Robinson

Crabs at Rhyl but not on the beach - with John Hobbs

37 401 'Mary Queen of Scots' saved

Goodbye to the Cardiff Bay bubble

Cross the line by the bridge

11 March 2013

On our way to Wembley...

Bagillt revisited


Open meeting in Wrexham, 6 March - report by Bob Hargreaves

Rugby (weekend) special

Activity at Crewe, 7 March - report by Martin Evans

'Galatea' in steam - pictures by John Hobbs

Llangollen views - by Peter Dickinson

Wrexham line notes

Inside the Wirral museum - with John Murray

Northern Belle at Malvern - report by Richard Putley

04 March 2013

Freight update

Out and About - pictures by Tim Rogers

Class 150 events

Past Times with John Hobbs - where trains went to

Valley Veteran needs your help - report by George Jones

Arriva Sapphire buses

Shipping scenes

And finally ...

25 February 2013

Flasks ahoy!

RCTS appoints Honorary President - report by Richard Neale

Locos at Crewe - report by Martin Evans

Colas calamities - report by Mark Riley

To the Vale of Rheidol - report by Chris Magner

Past Times with John Hobbs: Bangor and Holyhead

Picture assortment

About tampers

18 February 2013

67 029 on the Express

New Measurement Train

Shrewsbury-Chester Rail Users Association

Valley Flasks - picture by Peter Basterfield

Northern Belle news

Holyhead Ferry mishap

150 213 in new colours

47 500: the final chapter - report by Charlie Hulme

Wind turbines arrive at Holyhead - report by M.Lloyd Davies

Wrexham Tramway depot

With 'Lyd' on the Ffestiniog - report by Martin Evans

11 February 2013

Unusual departure from Llangollen - report by George Jones

Test train ...  in testing weather

Past Times at Rockcliffe Hall - with John Hobbs

Cuidad de Cadiz - continued

RCTS News - by Richard Neale

More from MOSI

Wrexham Police appeal

Duke of Lancaster (non-)Developments

04 February 2013

Rugby Saturday

Wrexham Railway Society, 11 February - by George Jones

Freight pictorial

Diesel dawn - notes by Ken Robinson

Ordsall Lane mishap: the sequel - report by Charlie Hulme

New season at Llangollen - report by George Jones

Freight depots: Network Rail changes its mind

Manchester Oxford Road improvements planned

Broken Rail problems

Crewe scenes - by Martin Evans

Marine mishap - pictures by Roly High

28 January 2013

Derailment and Fire at Ordsall Lane - report by Charlie Hulme

Wrexham snow round-up - report by Mark Riley

Class 37/4 addendum

Merseyrail news - report by George Jones

Curzon Park footbridge, Chester - still not open

Bangor sidings puzzle ... solved

Up the Junction at Chester

Snow on Anglesey - pictures by M.Lloyd Davies

The Mid-Hants Railway - report by Richard Putley

21 January 2013

Bangor Sidings puzzle - by Dave Plimmer

Past Times - with John Hobbs

Wrexham in the snow - report by George Jones

To London for Steam - report by Alan Crawshaw

Network Rail's plans - report by Eryl Crump

Rhyl Scenes - pictures by Roly High

Winter Canal - pictures by Martin Evans

Llangollen book reprinted

Castlefield news

Class 37/4 update

14 January 2013

Picture miscellany

Engineering views

Llangollen Railway update - by George Jones

Chasing the DRS trainer - with Charlie Hulme

More views of the 29 December specials

Manchester Metrolink update

07 January 2013

Engineering New Year

Wires to Castlefield

DRS training runs

Helsby People Mover?

What a relief - 29 December report by Charlie Hulme

Thunderbird news

Mince Pies at Llangollen - report by George Jones

A narrow-gauge day out - report by Steve Morris

What a relief - Part 2

A traveller's tale, by George Jones

On the Ship Canal - report by Charlie Hulme

A veteran on the measurement train

30 December 2012

Irish railways in the 1990's

Radio Survey 37s

Relief on a Wet Day

Chester, 9 December - report by Roly High

A sorry sight - the Duke of Lancaster


17 December 2012

Picture news

Llandudno 1990

Santa at Llangollen - report by George Jones

On the Welsh Highland - with John Roobottom

Advent on the Rhyl Miniature Railway - report by John

Past Times - with John Hobbs

Talyllyn progress - based on a press release

More on Liverpool Road and the Ordsall Chord

10 December 2012

Gobowen station Christmas Cafe

Pendolino no more


Princess Elizabeth visits Chester

RCTS meeting 17 December

Edinburgh Statesman

Bala Santa

Llandudno lifting - report by Peter Lloyd

Loco-hauled for Christmas

Rugby special

High-speed train?

Tunnel cannabis farners charged

Holiday Snap

03 December 2012

Christmas is coming

Past Times  - with John Hobbs

A visit to Cardiff - report by Roly High

The 'Rheidol Road' Special - report by Denis Bates

Manchester Metrolink developments - pictures by Greg Mape

A Winter outing - report by Martin Evans

The Pannier Rambler - report by Richard Putley

Llandudno station before improvement - pictures by Roly High.

Video Corner

26 November 2012

End of the Pendolino Drag?


Looking back at the Dyserth branch - with John Hobbs

To Birmingham for the Model Railway show - with Roly High.

For Sale: Penmaenmawr station house

Coal to Penyffordd

Marches line resignalling

Bangor Repair Shed - last days

North Wales electrification?

MOSI and the Ordsall Chord - report by Charlie Hulme

19 November 2012

Bangor Shed mystery

Network Rail assortment

Christmas at Bala

Hop on our 'Merry-Maker' - with Stephen Hughes

About Mark 3 coach bogies

Ayrshire Yeomanry at Llangollen - report by George Jones

Club 55 to Barry - report by Richard Fleckney

Christmas Reading

Sandy Lane crossing - pictures by Roly High

Bridges at Berwyn - report by George Jones

12 November 2012

Saturday 10 November: Rugby Special etc.

Timetable change looms

Grinding in North Wales - pictures by Roly High

Ffestiniog scenes - by Ian Pilkington

Princess leaves Ffestiniog pub - report by Eryl Crump


Mouldsworth to Helsby memories - by Dave Sallery

Cambrian needs nine million pounds

Come to sunny Rhyl

Derbyshire in a day - with Alan Crawshaw

Brush Corner

The new coaches in close-up - pictures by M.Lloyd Davies

Hawarden from the Air - report by George Jones

05 November 2012

DB Schenker under fire

Changeable weather on Saturday 3 November

Double Grids on timber train - report by Mark Riley

New carriages for Snowdon

Remembrance at Llangollen

Birkenhead Tramway troubles

Picture miscellany

29 October 2012

The Bigger Picture

Premier Service events

Visit the World Cafe

Samaritan commemorated

Locomotive views

Trouble on the Autumn Snowdonian

The 'Spectacular Snowdonian'

In the Vale of Rheidol - with Alistair Grieve

Class 158 tidings

Classic handbills - from Oliver Hambly

On the blocks - with Charlie Hulme

Movie corner

22 October 2012

Diesel memories - pictures by John Young

Saturday Drag, A Traveller's Tale - by Glen Cusack

Discrete electrification?

In the Vale of Rheidol - with Vince Chadwick

Ferry-go-round - report by Mark Riley

The end for Chester Enterprise Centre

Heritage Railway Miscellany

15 October 2012

Gerald's Big Day ... happens!

Cambrian Freight 1982 - looking back with Aled Rees

Leaf-busting season starts

Historic Prestatyn question

Cambrian Coast scenes - pictures by Ian Wright

Ffestiniog Classic

A visit to the East Lancashire Railway - with Alan Crawshaw

Cambrian Award

Llangollen wedding- report by Martin Evans

08 October 2012

Gerald's big day?

Conwy Valley notes - by Larry Davies

Franchise fiasco

Walk the Corwen Extension - with George Jones

Locomotive scenes

A visit to the Penrhyn Quarry Railway - report by Rowan

Llanfairfechan footbridge lift-out

No Steam to Chester 6 October

The Isle of Man - another view - by David Hennessey

Tuesday 24 July

01 October 2012

Weekend events

Another look at the at the Arriva Premier Express

The new 'Irish Mancunian'?

'Last of the Summer WAG', or 'The Long Way Round' - by

Class 97/3 doings - report by Mark Watson

Corwen Project Update - by George Jones

Looking back

Corwen exhibition - report by George Jones

To Dundee, come Hell or High Water - report by Roly High

New book on Ruabon to Barmouth - reviewed by George

24 September 2012

Archive addition: 37s on Ballast

Stormy Weather

Class 56 on the logs

Exhibition: Corwen, A Railway Town

Llangollen's Autumn Diesel Day 22 September

Quarry Power on the Welsh Highland - report by Ian

Club 55 to Cheltenham (and website woes) - by Stephen

20 September 2012

All Change for the Premier Service - special issue

17 September 2012

Rainbow at Helsby - report by Bob Greenhalgh

News from Arriva

Mind the (158) gap

Crewe to Tywyn by Club 55 - with Robert Darlaston

Mixed Gauge at Laxey

Carnforth to Holyhead

Training Turn

Picture Miscellany

Variety at Crewe - report by Martin Evans

Welshpool and Llanfair gala - report by David Parry

10 September 2012

News in Pictures

Llangollen Steam gala views - by Chris Jones-Bridger

Suburban detail

A Class 67 day out - report by Charlie Hulme

Three rails to Snaefell Summit - by David Parry

Liverpool Central (Wirral) reopens - report by George Jones

03 September 2012

Heritage Weekend: Chester Station

Change looms for the WAG Express

Class 47s in the Conwy Valley

Virgin strikes back

Saturday on the Coast - with Roly High

Doing the Round Robin - report by Greg Mape

Welsh Holiday - with Ben Bucki

The Bill Rear legacy

A day on the Isle of Man Railway - with David Parry

30 August 2012

Picture Assortment

Two more years for Wylfa

Llangollen Railway Classic Transport 25/26 August

Moorgate to Carrog - report by George Jones

Bank Quay Scenes - report by Martin Evans

Prestatyn renewed - pictures by Dave Sallery

The Mersey Moorlander - report by Stephen Hughes

Timetable Twaddle

27 August 2012

The Great Marquess and the Welsh Mountaineer

22 August 2012

Llangollen weekend programme - report by George Jones

Farewell Virgin, Hello First

Number 9's last run (for this year)

DRS Open Day 18 August - pictures by Richard Fleckney

Freight views

Working Timetables online

Timetable troubles

North Wales Jubilees

Chasing the A4, 12 August - with John Myers

Thomas gets Gold

20 August 2012

The Welsh Dragon - 18 August

13 August 2012

60009 rides again, 12 August

Four days of locomotive pictures - by Stavros Lainas

Marine visitor

Basingtoke to Buxton via Middlewich

Driving Van Trailer Training

Mystery structure identified

Out on the 'Long Drag' - report by David Parry

Manchester Jubilees

Day Out with Thomas

Consultation or imposition?

Looking back: A weekend in Anglesey - with Mark Youdan

09 August 2012

On the Welshpool and Llanfair - pictures by Martin Evans

The Holyhead View - with M. Lloyd Davies

Penrhyn Railway news - report by Stephen Hughes

Cambrian Coast in yellow

06 August 2012

Push-Pull training starts

Brush replaces Gresley - 5 August

Virgin on Anglesey - pictures by Steve Morris

The end of Virgin Trains?

The Welsh Mountaineer 31 July

02 August 2012

Prestatyn Progress - report by Dave Sallery

Compass Tours to Holyhead

175 002 repaired

60s Gala at Llangollen - report by Chris Jones-Bridger

On the Parliamentary - report by George Jones

Crewe 1995 - pictures by Peter Hanson

Four-car Voyager

Shrewsbury spruced up - report by George Jones

Curzon Park Footbridge, Chester

26 July 2012

North Wales Coast Express: The Prologue

The North Wales Coast Express: on the day

23 July 2012

Conwy Valley locomotive ban

Timetable Tinkering

The big sports event

Chester Arts Festival 1967 - part 2

Diesel Diversity

The Llandudno 11-coach ban

Chester, Saturday 7 July - report by Roly High

16 July 2012

Royal Scotsman in North Wales

Caersws, ERTMS and the the 6-car problem

Rail users urged to back direct London link fight

Ride the 'Ghost Train'

Yorkshire Coast Express

Corwen: a Railway Town - review by George Jones

A narrow-gauge visit - with Stephen Hughes

Class 40 visits airport (sort of) - pictures by Greg Mape

09 July 2012

Concrete Bob returns

Picture News Miscellany

"Can't do" Culture?

Northern Belle to Blaenau 29 June

The Snowdon Mountain Ranger, 30 June

The Llangollen Samba - report by George Jones

Three Peaks by Rail 2012

02 July 2012

News of the Arriva express

Chester Festival 1967 - by Robert Meredith

Valley signalbox - the facts

Picture assortment

Compass to Weymouth, 8 June

25 June 2012

The British summer

Vale of Rheidol breached - report by Denis Bates

Diamond Jubilees then and now - pictures by Richard Fleckney

Llangollen Railcar Weekend

Picture news

Magazine watch

Meeting the Duchess - report by Glyn Jones

The Royal Scot - pictures by Tom Donnelly

Llangollen and Anglesey - report by Mark Youdan

Talyllyn runs through floods

19 June 2012

Picture miscellany

Llangollen news - by George Jones

The South Clare Railtour - report by Stephen Hughes

Tram news - report by Greg Mape

A visit to Swanage - with Richard Putley

11 June 2012

Royal Visit

Club Trains


04 June 2012

Buckley Railway 150

Anglesey views - by M. Lloyd Davies

Torch tales

Valley signalbox question

Luxury travel

On the Ffestiniog - with Larry Goddard

Ruabon to Llangollen?

Crewe curiosities - pictures by Steve Jones

Pendolino developments

28 May 2012

Warrington Steam - report by David Parry

Express reports

A busy day on the WCML - report by Steve Morris

Wings on the Water

In the Sunshine, 25 May

Brush 2 visits Bangor

Locomotive miscellany

With Compass to the South Coast - by Roly High

21 May 2012

Carrog to Corwen Walk

Northern Belle in the Conwy Valley

Wrexham Refreshments expand - report by George Jones

Green Duchess in North Wales

Test train time

Riding the 'Welsh Dragon' - with Richard Putley

14 May 2012

On the All-Wales Express

Class 37 memories - by Dennis Bates

Northern Belle

Farewell to the Carrier

Freight update

Blaenau 30 - report by Ian Pilkington

Winifred returns to Wales - pictures by Richard W. Jones

07 May 2012

Diary date: Llangollen Railcar Gala 23 - 24 June

Tyseley to Llandudno, 5 May

Swindon to Llandudno

Pendolino * 2, 5 May

Norwich to Holyhead 5 May

Chester to Skegness

30 April 2012

Freight update


Steel, Steam and Stars 3 - nine days at Llangollen

Talyllyn Railway news - press release

Waverley Express - report by Ken Robinson

Compass Tour to York, 18 April - report by Roly High

23 April 2012

Short points

Dismantling a ship - report by Nick Gurney and Dennis Oliver

Llangollen prepares for the Gala - report by George Jones

Prestatyn: a roof without walls - report by Dave Sallery

News from the Marine Lake

A day at Newport - with Richard Putley

Modern trains and old railway paraphernalia - by Robert

16 April 2012


Dee Marsh activity - report by Marc Jones

Loco miscellany

DVT dithering


Chester contrasts, 14 April - pictures by Roly High

09 April 2012.

Pendolino News

Welsh Highland Arrival - pictures by John Roobottom

Token Curiosity

Easter Diversions - report by Mark Barber

Porthmadog progress - report by Ken Robinson

Another marine incident

Green Duchess - pictures by Tim Fenton

02 April 2012

On Snowdon Mountain - report by Eryl Crump

Saturday Drag

Nostalgia corner

Ordnance Survey thoughts - by John Murray

One Morning on the Coast - pictures by Tim Rogers

67 on the WAG


26 March 2012

Changeover day

A mid-week railtour - report by Mark Riley

Re-doubling to Wrexham

Before the single-line to Wrexham - by Dave Marks

Class 31s in North Wales

North Wales Circular

Class 57 Miscellany

Summer Time Engineers - report by Mark Riley

Carrog to Corwen progress - report by George Jones

Britannia in North Wales, 14 March

Freight views

Sealand revisited - report by John Murray

19 March 2012

Class 67 for Arriva service - planned date (updated 20 March)

Rhyl 1966 - by Dave Marks

Lein Llangefni?

Times and Headcodes

Heart of Wales by Club 55 - with Stephen Hughes

Bersham 1987 - by Robert Meredith

Cardiff to Rhyl 37s - pictures by Dave Sallery

Conwy Valley engineering - pictures by Peter Lloyd

Virgin views

12 March 2012

On the Calendar

Diesel corrections

Down the Coast - with Garry Stroud

Wrexham area notes - by Mark Riley

Clwyd Railway Circle news - by David Jones

View from the Top - with Ian Pilkington

Gordon de-branded

Llandudno 1993 - pictures by Dave Sallery

Freight Pictorial

Rugby Special 10 March

05 March 2012

Flask photos

Marches line specials - report by Stavros Lainas

Three Peaks by Rail 2012 - report by Tim Brawn

Last coal to Glan Conwy

History corner

The Llandudno diagram of 1993

The Lincolnshire Poacher

Newport news - with David Parry

Marine contrasts

Classic diesels at Bristol - report by Richard Putley

27 February 2012

Llandudno Junction now and then

Developments at Bersham Tip

Pendolino Views

Corwen Extension update - by George Jones

Club 55 to the Dean Forest - with Richard Fleckney

Silver 158s dwindle

An hour at Latchford Sidings - report by David Parry

20 February 2012

Better Days at Glan Conwy

67s to Bangor

The story of 80042 - by Charlie Hulme

NMT on the coast

On the Dee Bridge

A trip on the Rugby Express - report and pictures by Adam

Saturday Pendolino

Worth Valley steam - report by Alan Crawshaw

Electro-Diesels on the Wirral - report by Stavros Lainas

Stone on the coast

Chester Goods Shed update - by John Murray

Mawddach moments

How many Class 92s per Wind Turbine?

13 February 2012

Picture news

Prestatyn area notes - by Dave Sallery

Timing test on the Cambrian

New: Liverpool Docks website

RCTS Railway Meeting in Chester

Movements at Llandudno Junction - Pictures by Peter Lloyd

Devon Logs in action - report by David Hughes

On your bike (or velo) - report by Eryl Crump

06 February 2012

Dee Viaduct repairs

Four for the price of one

Book Review by Dave Sallery

In the Tamper Siding

30 January 2012

Work on the line

Welsh Railways on BBC iPlayer

A visit to Frodsham - report by Bob Greenalgh

Miscellaneous notes

Llangollen Railway news - report by George Jones

Bangor buffer bungle

Freight locos in view

23 January 2012


Club 55 is back (again)

Blue Virgin

West Coast Invitation to Tender

Another Sunday, more engineers' trains

Widening the Cob at Porthmadog

The Latest Class 70

Replacement buses at Bangor - pictures by Jamie Owen

Cheshire Cat Railtours

Newtown Nocturne - report by Stavros Lainas

Beaumaris Pier and Balmoral

16 January 2012

Sunday engineering freights

Logs from Devon - pictures by David Hughes

Locomotive events

Vandalism in 1893

Track-laying towards Corwen - report by George Jones

Busy time at Bangor - pictures by Richard Fleckney

A day out in the Heart of England - with Richard Putley

Shipping news - by Nick Gurney

09 January 2012

Trials and Tribulations

RCTS Meeting - Chester, Monday 16 January

New Year locomotive events

The Corwen Trackbed Walk - report by George Jones

Christmas Eve at Holyhead - report by M.Lloyd Davies

Compass Tours news

Carriage label no. 5

02 January 2012

Carriage labels - no. 4 in a series

Transport Past Times - by Oliver Hambly

Early days at Prestatyn - by Charlie Hulme

Ffestiniog views - by Ken Robinson

Mince Pie van - report by Mark Hambly

28 August 2017

Coast scenes

Bala Gala 25 August - report by Martin Evans

Then and now - with Jim Ikin

Bargain of the Week - report by Richard Putley

26 December 2011

Walk the line from Corwen - Llangollen Railway notice

Push me Pull You - the Arriva DVT

With the Devon log train

'Train of Hope' raised 40 thousand

From a carriage window

Thunderbirds are going ... going ...gone

Farewell Santa - next: mince pies - report by George Jones

Post-Christmas puzzle

19 December 2011

Class 67 training starts

Colwyn Bay Miniature Railway

Another major level crossing incident

News from Corwen - report by George Jones

Logs from Devon to Chirk

On the Mawddach Trail

Pendolino pictures

Eating on the WAG express

Llangollen Festive events - report by George Jones

Nocturnal ballast - report by Peter Lloyd

Club 55 - will return

'Tugs' at Work - report by Andrew Vinten

12 December 2011

On the Gerallt Gymro - with Ken Robinson

New timetable controversy

Santa visits Rhyl - report by Darren Durrant

Freight news

Bala book for Christmas - review by George Jones

Steam picture review - pictures by John Beresford

Colwyn Bay miniature railway - looking back with Ken Robinson

Holyhead Views - by M.Lloyd Davies

05 December 2011

Final week of the RHTT

Whither the WAG Express?

Santa at Llangollen

Saturday Ruggex

Riding the Ruggex - report by Stephen Hughes

'Brit' to Chester

The wreck of the Swanland

Royal track-bashing - report by Frank Thomas

Northern Belle visits Wrexham

Freight news

Freight futures

New bridge on the Bethesda branch - report by Tom Bowen

Corwen events - report by George Jones

Clearing the Jungle - report by Peter Lloyd

Holiday snaps

28 November 2011

Club 55 to London - report by Stephen Hughes

Picture news

To Blackpool for the tram - report by Alan Crawshaw

Cambrian hopes - by Rhydian Mason

Club 55 to Holyhead - report by Vince Chadwick

21 November 2011

Units to the fore

Stone trains

Lakeside Santa

The fire in 175 110 - update

Getting the Treatment

Beating Beeching at Llangollen

Holyhead views - by M. Lloyd Davies

At the Cardiff Conference - report by Bob Hargreaves

Adieu to Cargo-D

14 November 2011

Railway Devolution

Arriva Drag

Fire drama at Manchester Piccadilly

Cambrian Coast Scenes

RHTT oddity

News from the auction block

Extra Tender Greetings

Llangollen Railway - Corwen Extension Public meeting

More on the Chester station bus fiasco

Engineering honour for Talyllyn - report by Ian Drummond

More on the Llangollen Poppy Specials

Club 55 to Maesteg, 6 October - with George Jones

07 November 2011


Monday 7 November events

RCTS Meeting change: Monday 21 November

40 years ago:A photographic memory - by Roger Carvell

Saturday 5 November events

Chester free bus no more - report by Dave Sallery

Thursday 4 October events

A trip to Birkenhead - report by Alan Crawshaw

Wednesday 2 November

Remembrance at Llangollen

Tuesday 1 November events

Monday 31 October events

Bird's eye view - by Garry Stroud

31 October 2011

Editorial thoughts

Passenger assortment

Revenue-earning freight

Measuring up (1)

Rail Head Treats

Late season at Llangollen - report by George Jones

Wrexham footbridge news - report by George Jones

Measuring up (2)

More Thomas views - by John Rutter

24 October 2011

Live music at Oswestry station

Borderlands Rail Head Treatment Train - report by Mark Riley

Picture Miscellany

October 1914 timetable

An update from Llangollen - by George Jones

Birkenhead Tramway news

Ffestiniog Vintage Weekend 15-16 October

Club 55 to Pembroke Dock - report by Stuart Samuel

Rail Head Treatment Assortment

On the Compass Tours excursion - with Ken Robinson

News from the Cambrian Coast - by Ian Macer-Wright

Far-flung 87s - pictures by Mark Barber

17 October 2011

Freight events: RTZ and ballast

Mid-Cheshire steam revival?

Pontruffydd Bridge - report by Dave Sallery

English Electric Traction Chester to Holyhead

The song of Essex Colin

Coal Tank update

Rail Head Treatment scenes

The Train of Hope - report by John Young

RHTT and the Dee Bore - report by Geoff Morris

Class 67 in Blue

Indian Summer on the Welsh Highland - report by Ken Robinson

Wilmslow to Pwllheli by Club 55 - report by Vince Chadwick

10 October 2011

Prestatyn footbridge open - report by Dave Sallery

Freightliner at Wrexham and on the Wirral

Water Cannon trials

Blue 67 in North Wales

Locomotive round-up - pictures by Darren Durrant

Caroline comes to Crewe - report by Mark Riley

Station adopters' day at North Llanrwst - report by Larry

03 October 2011

A visit to Barrow Hill depot - report by Charlie Hulme

DRS Class 37/4 situation

Notes on an old document

Mr Dunn and the Coal Tank - by Charlie Hulme

26 September 2011

The Llangollen Railway Diesel Gala - pictures by Stuart Harvey

Valley crane refurbished - report by Nick Gurney

Valley triangle quirks - report by M.Lloyd Davies

The Province of Leinster Railtour - report by Stephen Hughes

Queen Mary 2 in Liverpool - report by Dave Sallery


Little Sutton station

Walking the Severn Valley - with Richard Putley

Talyllyn: The Big Dig - report by Ian Drummond

Looking back at a busy September

19 September 2011

Blue Class 67

Llangollen Diesel Day, 24 September

Last call for the Train of Hope

Manchester Model Railway show: 1 October

Ffestiniog in Birkenhead

Railfuture meeting announced

Class 57 pictorial

Anglesey Biomass power station progress

Class 60 news

ERTMS in close-up - report by Charlie Hulme

Welsh Highland Spectacular

12 September 2011

Cambrian special - report by Ken Robinson

Corris on the Talyllyn

Llandudno Station revamp agreed

Llangollen Steam Gala

Tornado at Chester

North Wales Class 50 - follow-up

On the Silvermines Railtour - with Alan Crawshaw

Club 55 To Pembroke Dock - with George Jones

The view from above - by Peter Lloyd

07 September 2011

Hoover down the Coast and up the Valley

Wrexham Railway Society news - by George Jones

Class 158 news

Freight notes

Stations to be de-staffed? Probably not

Llangollen Steam Gala 9-11 September - report by George Jones

Llangollen on Tour - report by Richard Putley

Bangor Yard now and then - report by Jim Johnson

Steam scenes

The Old Metropolitan Coach - notes by Andrew Kirkham

Cable-layer at Prestatyn - report by Dave Sallery

Llanddulas jetty RIP

05 September 2011

The Snowdon Ranger - Class 50 to Holyhead

29 August 2011

Virgin Trains news

Club 55 is back

The Welsh Mountaineer, 23 August

Class 37/4 in the news

A week in Nantmor - report

North Wales Coast Express (part 2)

The North Wales Explorer, 20 August (part 2)

22 August 2011


The North Wales Explorer, 20 August

Freight scenes

Llangollen Transport Weekend

North Wales Coast Express 21 August

The New Measurement Train

Large Prairie hulk at Llangollen - report by George Jones

15 August 2011

Measurement trains on the Cambrian

'WAG2': a traveller's tale - by James Treloar

The Welsh Mountaineer, 9 August

In the Business Zone

Bangor to Holyhead with Middleton - report by George Jones

Class 323 renewal - report by John Oates

Train Stay Save

08 August 2011

Trains in the Landscape

uk.railway newsgroup and Google

Chiltern transformation - report by Chris Morrrison

Freight news

70013 on the North Wales Coast Express

01 August 2011

Western postponement

70 on the sand - report by Paul Shannon

Clwyd Railway Circle news

Marine Views

What goes on with WAG?

Excursion newsreel

Prestatyn progress - report by Dave Sallery

Beatles to Beeching at Llangollen 30-31 July

25 July 2011

Refurbished 158 doings - report by Mark Riley

Llangollen 1960s - report by Tez Pickthall

Cambrian Coast Express

Cambrian Recording Unit

Pendolino pictures

Borth Station Museum - report by Chris Morrison

Extra wood for Kronospan - report by Mark Riley


18 July 2011

Halcyon Days on the Cambrian Coast

The new line at Minffordd - report by Ken Robinson

Blaenau to Caernarfon non-stop - by Bob Cable

Changes at Wrexham - Report by George Jones

Llanbadarn Level Crossing

Mostyn Dock visitor - report by Dave Sallery

11 July 2011

Train of Hope auction latest

Tour of Britain reaches North Wales

Cambrian tribulations

New Manchester tram line

Looking back ... to a fire in 1976 - with Roger Carvell

Saturday Pendolino, 9 July

Wrexham Interlude - report by Geoff Morris

Conwy Valley Explorer

Flask scene

04 July 2011

Rail Blue at Wrexham - report by George Jones

Another RTZ train

On the Trawsfyndd line - with Ken Robinson

WHHR on the WHR - press release

Shipping notes

Intermodal Interlude at Warrington - report by David Parry

Chiltern 67s - report by Chris Morrison

Conwy N gauge - report by Richard Fleckney

Class 60 views - by Andrew Vinten

27 June 2011

Those mountains...

More from Train of Hope


Class 70 at Crewe

The Three Peaks Challenge by Rail

The Daily Round

Northumberland to North Wales

Changes at Bangor - picture by Jim Johnson

RTZ returns - the other way round

Railbus on the Llangollen

Change on the Penyffordd Coal - report by Mark Riley

The Gobowen 'Belle'

Flying from Abergele?

Duke on TV

Go for a quick win - comment by Gareth Marston

20 June 2011

Class 92 Pretty in Pink

Pullman 47 on freight - report by Mark Riley

Locos on 15 June: Pictures

Father's Day Northern Belle

Theft at the Conwy Valley Railway Museum

'Tug' news

Mini-Voyager carries passengers

Mersey Ports Potential - report by George Jones

News from Llangollen - report by George Jones

13 June 2011

Saturday 4 June: two locos extra, minus one

The return of 6940 at Llangollen - report by Mark Riley

King on the Devonian (sort of) - report by Richard

DB and Arriva loco-hauled - report by Charlie Hulme

Don't blow a gasket!

06 June 2011

Author seeks Class 40 picture

On the 'Parliamentary' - report by Chris Coxon

Voyager curiosities


Rhyl Miniature Railway centenary

Sunday 29 May on the RMR - report by Alan Crawshaw

Model railway Exhibition in Conwy

Warrington freight variety - report by David Parry

The Ffestiniog Round Robin

Chester to Rhyl with Middleton - review by George Jones

Welsh Heritage in Sussex - pictures by Dave Howsam

To the banks of the silvery Tay

30 May 2011

Father's Day Northern Belle update

Passenger variety

Four locos for one train on the Cambrian

Yellow loco troubles

Pwllheli Nostalgia - pictures by Peter Hanson

Chiltern loco-hauled - pictures by Chris Coxon

Pedal Power for the Trawsfynydd line

Llandudno Cycling saga

Liverpool Cruise News - report by George Jones

Freight events

ATW Adopters assemble - report by George Jones

23 May 2011

No Steam for Father

Rhyl Miniature Railway centenary

Adventures of the yellow HST

Last 175 being refurbished

Holyhead Shipping report - by Nick Gurney

8F in transit - report by Bob Greenalgh

Chiltern Railways expands loco haulage

Steam train fares - a personal view by Bob Fleming

Coaches for modellers

A visit to Welshpool - with Glyn Jones

20 May 2011

Pony Express

The Cathedrals Explorer

Train of Hope auction news

Railbus on bus route

Aberaeron Centenary - report by Dennis Bates

Second 'WAG' express starts

Conwy Valley Belle

16 May 2011

Royal correction

Train of Hope update

North Wales to Scotland with Compass Tours

Inspecting the line

Just a spark - report by Roger Carvell

09 May 2011

Fire Train on the Ffestiniog - report by Ken Robinson

Cambrian Coast jottings

Northern Belle to Bangor

Learning on the Rhyl Railway

Freight Trains

Bersham Tip prospects

On your Bike

Conwy Valley in the Press (twice)

Pendolino events

Busy Time at Wrexham - report by George Jones

06 May 2011

The Llandudno Victorian Statesman

More Hall and Castle scenes

02 May 2011

GWR double to Llandudno

Talyllyn Easter - report by Alan Crawshaw

Chaos on the Cambrian - report by Alan Crawshaw

Cambrian Thoughts - by Charlie Hulme

The Spring Thing - pictures by Ben Bucki

Helsby freight - pictures by Bob Greenalgh


Memories are made of this

30 April 2012

Freight update


Steel, Steam and Stars 3 - nine days at Llangollen

Talyllyn Railway news - press release

Waverley Express - report by Ken Robinson

Compass Tour to York, 18 April - report by Roly High

18 April 2011

37 429 in its heyday

First refurbished 158 enters traffic

Club 55 to the Heart of Wales - with Vince Chadwick

The Cheshireman

Club 55 to Milford Haven - with George Jones

11 April 2011

RCTS News - by Richard Neale

Freight scenes

Miscellaneous notes

Spring Gala at Llangollen

Railmotor restored - report by Geoff Morris

Narrow gauge circuit (assisted by Arriva and a bus) - report

Cambrian Closure causes Consternation

06 April 2011

The Train of Hope

The flask train scene

Wrexham Railway Society news

London Service and franchises

Frodsham Class 70 forays - with David Parry

Costa Copper - report by Tim Chugg

A Helsby viewpoint - report by Gareth Dyson

Beluga - report by Nick Gurney

Stone trains in view

North Wales and the User Committee

Non-passenger miscellany

The Fotopic saga

04 April 2011

Spitfire Railtours 'The Holy Oakes' 26 March

Class 31 at Llangollen - report by Mark Riley

The Welsh Highlander 2, 26 March

Football Special, 26 March

Lady Penelope on Pendolino Drag, 26 March

Steam through Crewe

An Action-packed Day - as seen by Jack Bowley

28 March 2011

Black Britannia

Cutting the First Sod for Corwen - report by George Jones

Non-passenger assortment

More on the Crewe charity event - pictures by Richard Fleckney

A few days last summer - by Charlie Hulme

21 March 2011

Cambrian News

Welsh Highland action

Eryri Venturer - observation car both ends

Return of the Flasks

Rover ticket changes

Battle of Britain at Crewe - pictures by John Beresford

Fotopic disaster

Y Gerallt Gymro emerges from the darkness

More on Sealand

Arriva Trains Wales to Clitheroe

Class 47s on the line

Pendolino Pics

Express Motors has a strop

Verkerhrsrot at Hooton - pictures by Andrew Vinten

14 March 2011

Rugger Special

'WAG 2' Official Statement

Locomotive variety - report by Richard Billingsley

RCTS news - by Richard Neale

The Sealand Story

An outing to Crewe - with David Hennessey

07 March 2011


Follow that Pendo!

Industrial relations news

ERTMS developments

Bombardier Voyager

New information for Gobowen

Footbridge tales

Pendolino trials

Chiltern Developments - report by Chris Morrison

Celebrity loco on the main line (1)

A visit to Plumley - with Mark Youdan

Celebrity loco on the main line (2)

Cardiff landmark moved

Out and about - with Eifion Hughes

28 February 2011

Cefn freight resumes

Wrexham and Shropshire in exile - report by Sion Owen

Diplomacy, Arriva style

Welsh Highland all the way

Class 37/4 news

Another look at 31-12-2000 - by Chris Morrison

Picture miscellany

Sealand narrow gauge mystery - by John Murray

Ferry news - from the Irish Times

Clearing the Amlwch line

21 February 2011

Strike news

Diversionary tactics for 6J37


Narrow gauge news

Transpennine adventure - with Alan Crawshaw

Engineering trains round-up

37s on Measurement train, 17 February

14 February 2011

Trouble with floods

Gardening at Gaerwen

Award for Mr Davies

Media Watch

Back in the 1980s - with Richard Walliker

Class 60 news

RCTS Meeting in Chester 21 February

Pendolino Portraits

Engineers' Trains

Chester lock empty - report by Bob Greenalgh

Full steam ahead for Llangollen railway expansion

Shipping news - report by Nick Gurney

07 February 2011


The end of Wrexham & Shropshire

The penultimate day - report by Larry Davies

Ruabon 27 January - pictures by David Parry

Requiem for W & S - by Ian Pilkington

The Fateful Press Release - for the record

Last train to London - report by George Jones

Last day thoughts - by Mark Riley

How could it happen? An editorial view

A railfan's finale - report by Richard Billingsley

The human side - pictures by Richard W. Jones

Last of all:  empty stock train 5P03

Signs of the times at Wrexham

07 February 2011


The end of Wrexham & Shropshire

The penultimate day - report by Larry Davies

Ruabon 27 January - pictures by David Parry

Requiem for W & S - by Ian Pilkington

The Fateful Press Release - for the record

Last train to London - report by George Jones

Last day thoughts - by Mark Riley

How could it happen? An editorial view

A railfan's finale - report by Richard Billingsley

The human side - pictures by Richard W. Jones

Last of all:  empty stock train 5P03

Signs of the times at Wrexham

31 January 2011

The end of the Wrexham & Shropshire

The Holy Oakes Railtour

Train reaches destination - report by Chris Morrison

LCVRS report - by Larry Davies

Sunset Scenes

Welsh Highland Railway news

In the Dark - report by Geoff Morris

Prestatyn progress - report by Dave Sallery

Rhyl signalling question

Freight news

Llangollen 'Manor' update - by George Jones

Torquay Manor postscript

Place your bets at Chester - report by George Jones

24 January 2011

Club 55 is back

Bad Day for Tin Tin

Great Welsh Railway Journeys on TV

Railtours to enjoy

Failed again, part 1 - report by Glen Cusack

Son of 'WAG Express': the times - by Richard Billingsley

175 overhaul continues

Failed again, Part 2 - report by Chris Morrison

Lein Amlwch - time for yet another 'study'

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol survivals

17 January 2011

WAG Express Mk 2

Llandudno 66

Pendolino problems

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol mystery

Measurement train saga

Magazine Watch

With the flasks

Rochdale Exhibition

Help a Book Author

Crewe station roof completed - report by Tim Fenton

Cambrian delight

10 January 2011

Winter service at Llangollen - report by George Jones

Skip over the Mawddach

Loco-hauled report

03 January 2011

The Last Thrash: a memory of ten years ago - by 'Dave Trains'

Ten Years Ago - from the Archives

Portillo is back

That 'unusually high passenger flow'  - report by Leslie

Class 158 refurbishment starts

Mince Pie Specials and other Llangollen News

More nineties nostalgia - pictures by Dave Sallery

Wrexham and Shropshire topics

Snow story - by Martin Cleverley

27 December 2010

The cold aspect of railway work - report by Gary Jones


Dee Valley winter

Wrong sort of Passengers

20 December 2010

Ieuan Air Grounded

Winter scenes

On the Chester Wheel - with Geoff Morris

The last 11:27 to Wrexham and 15:25 return

Shipping at Port Penrhyn - report by Eifion Hughes

York Yuletide fiasco - report by David Hennessey

Llangollen Santa Steam

More strikes loom

158 refurbishment dispute rolls on

Berwyn Memories - review by George Jones

Tornado at Chester

13 December 2010

The Train of Hope

Freight scenes

Not Coupling at Crewe

Llandudno and Conwy Valley Railway Society

Mawddach winter - pictures by Ian Macer-Wright

In sunny Cardiff

Air Service to continue

Away Day with a Railway - by Charlie Hulme

07 December 2010

Model Railway Show at Prestatyn

Conwy Valley problems - report by Gary Jones

Fire at Chester - report by John Murray

More on ERTMS

WAG Express stranded

Non-passenger pictorial

Steam events

50 Years of Class 37 - report by Mark Riley

Shrewsbury in the Snow - with Richard Putley

Anglesey views - by 'Corrie'

29 November 2010

Back to the Seventies - with Alan Crawshaw

The Deva Explorer

Mishap at Welshpool

Saturday 57s

Snow hits Wrexham and Shropshire - report by Mark Riley

Station adoption news - report by Larry Davies

Snow at Berwyn - report by Bob Greenalgh

Historic Loco reunited with name - report by Martin Owen

Manor nameplates sell at Halls (from a Press release)

And finally ...

22 November 2010

Wrexham events - report by Mark Riley

Voyager re-formation

Merchant Navy visits Chester

Drag and Diverts - report by Stavros Lainas

Shotton High Level improved - pictures by Dave Sallery

Train Stay Save on the Cambrian

15 November 2010

North Wales Railway Circle

Trouble at 't Mill

Pendolino problems, 13 November

More flask variety

Porthmadog Flat Crossing

Anglesey Aluminium goes by sea - report by 'Corrie'

End of season at Llangollen - report by George Jones

Picture miscellany, 6 November

Four men go to Fishguard - report by George Jones

08 November 2010

Welsh Highland through to Porthmadog

Changes at Criccieth

Freight moves

Retrenchment at Wrexham

In Yellow ... and black

Passenger locomotive events

RCTS news

Shades of Shrewsbury - pictures by David Parry

Deltic news

01 November 2010

North Wales Railway Circle meeting change

Picture round-up

57 314 calls at Llanfairfechan - report by Paul Williams

Vintage Ffestiniog

Meet the stakeholder manager

Metrolink Matters

Birkenhead trams - report by Tim Fenton

Doing the Round Robin - with Gary Thomas

Back to Nature

27 October 2010

New freight flow

Cambrian Coast ERTMS goes live

Chester - Wrexham double track, Minister?

Steam on Snowdon - report by Ian Pilkington

A trip down south - report by Richard Fleckney

Picture miscellany

On the Branch Line Special - report by Geoff Morris

RCTS News - by Richard Neale

Rail Head Treatment pictorial

A Friend in Steam - review by Trevor Moseley

Bad day at Shrewsbury - report by Phil Brown

Engineering trains at Wrexham - report by Mark Riley

Puzzle picture solved

18 October 2010

Chester RHTT - report by Geoff Morris

North Cheshire Rail Users' Group AGM

Saturday Drag

Wylfa powers on

Class 60s in traffic

Puzzle Pic

Llangollen Diesels

Cathedrals Express

11 October 2010

Picture news round-up

The Ribble-Lune Railtour - report by Mark Bayley

Cathedrals Express

Chester station developments - report by George Jones

Class 158 views (or not)

Far-flung Class 86 - report by Mark Barber

The Traws Train

Ffestiniog Now and Then - by David Parry

Llangollen Diesel Gala - report by Alan Crawshaw

04 October 2010

The RHTT is back

66s on the flasks

Feedback miscellany

New name for 221 115

In the streets of Porthmadog, 2011

The Snowdonian Explorer

Freight-watching at Helsby - with Bob Greenalgh

Trainload Charity Day 1991 - remembered by Cliff Gallimore

27 September 2010

The new bridge in Llandudno

Manchester Model Railway Show 2 - 3 October

The Snowdon Mountain Ranger

Railway Society Meeting 5 October

At the Welshpool and Llanfair Gala

More on LEV1 - notes by Evan Green-Hughes

Wales in Birkenhead - report by Larry Davies

Following the Flasks

Dad Has an Engine Shed

Pendolino pictures

Bersham Mystery

20 September 2010

NENTA by Rail

Picture News Miscellany

Summer Saturday 77 - pictures by Peter Lloyd

Chester Changes

Release Authorised: A Day at Crewe Heritage Centre

Welsh stumps - pictures by Greg Mape

New book: Ruabon to Barmouth -report by George Jones

13 September 2010

Llanfair PG views - by Richard Fleckney

Greg Fox

Gerald at Sunset

LEV1 - a hideous contraption

Club 55 returns return

The Cambrian in view

Steam variety

Princess Elizabeth Part 2

06 September 2010

North Wales Coast Rail Users’ Group


GWR 175 at Llangollen

Upholstery news

50 Years of the Class 37

Diesel assortment

SCRUA news - by George Jones

Moving signalboxes

On the Gravity Train - with Eryl Crump

Colwyn Bay visions - from the Daily Post 27 August

Crewe Heritage in the Rain - report by Mark Riley

Something completely different

30 August 2010

Forthcoming events

North Wales helps Metrolink - report by Dave Sallery

Wilkommen ...

Book Review - by George Jones

Standard Splendour

Llangollen Railway extension- report by George Jones

The Welsh Mountaineer 25 August

23 August 2010

Forthcoming events

Conwy Valley steam offer

Class 37 trips at Llangollen - by Tez Pickthall

Steam weekend - part 1

Diesel-hauled doings

Ruabon to Barmouth - on foot

Canadian on Wrexham & Shropshire - report by Mark Riley

Use it or Lose it - from the Daily Post

Free Sandwich and some fast running

Steam Weekend - Part 2

20 August 2010

Forthcoming events

News Miscellany

The 'signalbox'

Tea Time Lecture at Glasdir

Colwyn Bay scenes

16 August 2010

Forthcoming events

North Wales Coast Express

The Welsh Mountaineer, 11 August

The Cambrian

Cambrian steam, large and small - by Richard Putley

09 August 2010

Forthcoming events

Class 175s and 158s to be refurbished

Sixties Saturday - report by Mark Riley

Prestatyn Progress - report by Dave Sallery

Chirk changes - report by George Jones

Mystery signalbox (?)

Sixties Sunday - report by George Jones

Freight miscellany

Sixties weekend - report by Larry Davies

One weekend, three flask trains - report by Mark Youdan

Sixties farewell - pictures by Glyn Jones

2 August 2010

Forthcoming events

Riding The Cambrian - with Alan Crawshaw

Cambrian newcomer

More Roving - report by Geoff Morris


28 July 2010

Forthcoming events

23 July Bonanza - report by Stavros Lainas

The Cambrian prologue

Black Fives on the Cambrian - by Andrew Bannister

Duchess of Sutherland, 23 July

Scarborough Flyer

Shrewsbury afternoon - with Geoff Morris

26 July 2010

Forthcoming events

Re-living the sixties

Briwet Bridge to be rebuilt

Touring the Great Little Trains - report by Tim Fenton

Cambrian Curiosities

Moreton-on-Lugg accident: man arrested

Class 57s in focus


Airport news

North Wales railwayana under the hammer - by Roger Carvell

East Lancashire diesel gala - report by Alan Crawshaw

Ivor the Engine at Llangollen - report by George Jones

South Wales loco report - by Geoff Morris

Ivor arrives, and other Llangollen news - report by

Three Peaks by Rail - report by Richard Billingsley

That departure board quirk - by Mark Youdan

The day we went to Crewe - by Alan Crawshaw

TV Train?

Shrewsbury freights - report by David Parry

New signal at Shrewsbury

Model news - by George Jones

A steamy morning in Cheshire - report by John Beresford

Variety in Ruabon - report by Martin Evans

11 July 2010

Forthcoming events

Royal Scotsman stays the night

The Snowdonia Statesman

10 July miscellany


DRS Open Day at Crewe

WSMR on the WCML again - report by Richard Billingsley

Forthcoming events

DMUs at Llangollen

The Halton Curve special - report by John Hobbs

Chester to Liverpool

Carnival at Dolwyddelan - report by Larry Davies

600 minutes early!

Mold Junction turntable revived - report by Roger Carvell

The Saltburn Snowdonian

North Wales with the Merseyside Bus Club - report by Mark

Conwy Valley marks National Carers Week - by Larry Davies

On the Weardale Railway - with Chris Jones-Bridger

28 June 2010

Forthcoming events

Shunters at Dee Marsh - report by Geoff Morris

Delights of Delamere - report by Neil Kennedy

Picture Miscellany

Penrhyndeudraeth accident report

More 37/4 news

Music and Song at Wrexham - report by George Jones

Mid-Cheshire steam - report by Tim Fenton

Glyn Valley cash boost

The Cheshireman at Chester

2807 steams at Llangollen - report by George Jones

24 June 2010

Forthcoming events

Milestone for the Merger

Another 37/4 back in traffic

Chester to Liverpool South Parkway

Class 40 on the BLS

James Jackson Grundy - notes by John Eyres

Freight views

Cambrian Holiday - with Ben Bucki

21 June 2010

Forthcoming events

Looking back: the days of the Land Cruise

Land Cruise though North Wales - by John Powell

The Western Region's version

Land Cruise Sources and notes

14 June 2010

Forthcoming events

North Wales LocoFest

To the Conwy Valley

Compass to the Heart of Wales

The Pendolino Drag

The Powys Chugger

07 June 2010

Forthcoming events

Welsh Highland open to Pont Croesor - pictures by David Parry

From the Bird Reserve

Llandudno Junction views - by Peter Lloyd

Logs from Chirk - report by George Jones

Kronospan under threat?

More 'aerial views' - by Peter Lloyd

LNWR Society in Chester - report by Roger Carvell

Car Gwyllt (Wild Car) rides the tracks once more - by Huw


Llangollen from Merseyside promotion

Mr Urdd Goes Green - by Gerwyn Jones

31 May 2010

Forthcoming events

Portillo down the Coast

Arriva Trains Wales news and plans

Non-passenger assortment

Thomas gets a cake - report by George Jones


10 May: A day in Shrewsbury - report by Richard Putley

North and South - with Charlie Hulme

More ATW improvements

24 May 2010

Forthcoming events

Ten Years After - the Farewell Specials

Tornado reaches Chester

Sun glare delays new train system

The Virgin 57 at Wrexham, and other points

Chirk Timber, and other passing trains - report by Geoff

Chasing the Tornado - by Mark Riley

The Wild Car on the Blaenau Train - report by Larry Davies

A week of steam - report by John Beresford

Pendolino Pics

A day at Chester and Crewe - with Larry Davies

'Spot the train' answer

17 May 2010

Forthcoming events

Conwy Valley Belle


Cambrian films

Pendolino Drags

Wrexham and Shropshire news

NMT down the Coast

A Thunderbird at Wrexham General - report by Mark Riley

Sunrise at Llandudno Junction

11 May 2010

Forthcoming events

The Great Western Express, 8 May

Engineering scenes

Adopters win awards - report by Larry Davies

Bank Holiday extravaganza at Llandudno

Freight views

Chester Changes

A hump for Valley

Lord Adonis at Wrexham - report by George Jones

The Volcano effect at Holyhead - report by 'Corrie'

07 May 2010

Forthcoming events

Editorial rantings

Wrexham and Shropshire news

Class 70 down the Coast

Royal Visit, 27 April

Back to the 50s at Llangollen - by John Beresford

Rail Passengers to Corwen - report by George Jones

Steam on the Coast, 24 April: more pictures

Half an hour at Pontrilas - with Andrew Vinten

Mid-Wales mixture, 22 April - by Stavros Lainas

03 May 2010

Forthcoming events

April Assortment - by Richard Billingsley

On the Narrow Gauge - by Ben Bucki

Yorkshire Dalesman – Saturday 17 April

Across the Mawddach - with Greg Mape

Top Ten Trailways - by Gerwyn Jones

26 April 2010

Coming events:

Arriva goes German

Ash specials - report by Peter Lloyd

Photographic exhibition at Gobowen station

Royal visit

Loco hauled passenger views

New station in Manchester

Steam in Germany

19 April 2010

Coming events:

Volcano affects North Wales Coast!

Freight views

Yellow flowers and a yellow train - report by Eifion Hughes

Proposed new bridge in Chester

Tornado on the West Coast

Great Orme tramway finds new driver

The Great Britain III steam charter

Train Rides Return to Oswestry - report by Gareth Evans

Chester station heritage

12 April 2010

Coming events:

Crewe Bonanza, 10 April - report by David Hennessey

Llangollen views


Freight review

Royal Navy in North Wales - report by Brian Jones

5 April 2010

Coming events:

Cabride Auction thanks

Good Friday on the Talyllyn - with Alan Crawshaw

Nuclear news

Chester freight

On the fairway - with Route19

Roaming Yellow Growler

Inquest on level crossing tragedy

Wrexham Railway Society news - by George Jones

Sunday engineering

Steam specials

How to re-lay track - report by Geoff Morris

Tan-y-Bwlch: The view from the North (Press release)

29 March 2010

Coming events:

'WAG-Air' grounded

The Thames Valley Express, 24 April

Prestatyn footbridge - report by Dave Sallery

Conwy Valley views

Logs galore

Class 57 miscellany

Warrington - Chester scenes - by Geoff Morris

On the Welsh Highland - with Eifion Hughes

Nostalgia spot

22 March 2010

Events this week:

Calling all Wrexham area photographers

Shipping news 1: the wing

Oliver Cromwell in action

Arriva to go Deutsche?

New bridge at Barmouth

Pendolino Pictures

A trip to Pwllheli - with Gareth Marston

Shipping news 2 - off Holyhead

Cambrian Cinematography - by Gerwyn Jones

What is it?

15 March 2010

Editorial - by Charlie Hulme

The 'Potts' Line – 50th Anniversary of Closure Exhibition

Daytime timber

Flasks ahoy

On the Severn Valley - with Alan Crawshaw

57s galore - report by Paul Williams

Diagram time

And finally ...

09 March 2010

Mid-Cheshire excursion - report by John Oates

Wrexham and Shropshire Sunday - report by George Jones

Pendolino Saturday 6 March

Freight happenings

The Thames Valley Express, 24 April

New book from Middleton Press

Arriva (and Aberystwyth) disappointed

04 March 2010

North Cheshire Rail Users’ Group events

Wrexham and Shropshire journeys and diversions

A pair of steamers

158 at Llandudno - report by Route19

Chester signboard controversy

Last of the snow? Report by Mark Riley

News from Ty Mawr publications

New traction for the timber train - report by Mark Riley

ATW in 00

26 February 2010


Bangor to York via the KWVR - report by Alan Crawshaw

RCTS meeting, 1 March

Merseyrail unit movements

Wrexham and Shropshire variety - report by Mark Riley

An evening at Bangor Bay - with 'Corrie'

Pendolino views Saturday 20 February

Bangor Box - Pictures by Alan Roberts

22 February 2010

News from Compass Tours - by Kevin Melia

Measurement Train movements

Light Rails for North Wales?

Cambrian ERTMS update

The snows of '82 (continued) - by Ted Thomas

Seen on a bike ride - report by Peter Lloyd

Steam celebrities - pictures by Tim Fenton

Llangollen Railway picture news - by George Jones

16 February 2010

Rugby special weekend 13-14 February

Changes at Prestatyn - pictures by Bob Greenhalgh

Cambrian ERTMS - something happens

Changes at Criccieth - Pictures by Paul Lacey

12 February 2010

Gerald goes to the Rugger

66 on the logs

Shrewsbury-Chester Rail Users' Association news - by George Jones

New Measurement Train

08 February 2010

News from Port Penrhyn - by Nick Gurney

Wrexham and Shropshire variety show - pictures by Stavros Lainas

Wrexham terminations - report by George Jones

Second best - report by Andrew Vinten

Saturday Pendolino

Steel wagons (again)

Rail partnership criticises 'ridiculous' funding cut  - report

Train Travel Training

02 February 2010

Snow report

Watching the Pendolino

Road and Air news

Wrexham and Shropshire news and


The Duchess and the donkey

Behind the scenes at Basford Hall - with Andrew Vinten

Chester station, the passengers' view - by George Jones

28 January 2010

WSMR on WCML - report by George Jones

Borders safari - with Stavros Lainas

On the Castle Walls - pictures by Route19

Warrington impressions - pictures by 'Concrete Bob'

High Speed for Wales, and other ideas

Welsh Highland Heritage at the Olympic Stadium

Freight miscellany

Bring Back British Rail?

24 January 2010

The snows of 2010 - report by Mark Riley

Llangollen Pannier

The fatal accident at Moreton-on-Lugg: aftermath

Two mornings at Gobowen - with Andrew Vinten

Wagon digression - by Charlie Hulme

Ffestiniog runs sherry and mince pie trains

The snows of '82 - report by Aled Rees

Conwy Valley views - by Darren and Stephanie Durrant

RCTS news  - by Richard Neale

Freightliner views

Off yer bike

19 January 2010

Loco swapping at Holyhead, 16 January - pictures by Corrie

Slide show in Valley, 5 February

Corwen Extension news: Llangollen Railway press release

Level Crossing fatality on the Marches line - report by Charlie

Watching the relaying - report by Andrew Vinten

A visit to Wrexham and Ruabon - pictures by Dave Skipsey

Meet the Minister

14 January 2010

The Decade so far - in pictures

Saturday 2 January

Monday 4 January

Tuesday 5  January

Wednesday 6 January

Thursday 7 January

Saturday 9 January

Sunday 10 January

11 January

To the Cinema

13 January 2010

Two locos, one coach

Two interesting forthcoming events

Wrexham & Shropshire Pictorial - by Mark Riley

New freight terminal for Holyhead?

8 January 2010

Wrexham Railway Society 11 January - by George Jones

Snowy Miscellany

Overhaul one, get one free?

RCTS Meeting in Chester , Monday 18 January

Another mince pie anyone?

Far far away - with Darren Durrant

Ferry news

Welsh trains on TV - report by Shaun Stanley

04 January 2010

Club 55 rides again

New Year 'Drag'

Looking back at 2009 - with 'Route19'

Christmas on the (other) GWR

Blast from the Past - by Barrie Hughes

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