Rheilffordd arfordir gogledd Cymru

Updated November 2023

A service run by National Rail offers on-line 'station-boards' for all stations which include all Train Company services. You can send the name of a station as a mobile phone text message to 84950 to receive a list of the next planned and actual departures from that station; there is a charge of 25p.

The Service Disruptions page, also by  National Rail, supplements this by giving a regularly-updated summary of any problems and delays which are occurring on the national network.


For the times of trains, you can use the National Rail on-line journey planner.

The Transport for Wales Website also includes downloadable PDFs of the timetables of each route.


We are often asked the fares to and from North Wales Coast stations: on British railways this is a complicated and difficult subject, as many fares depend on which trains you are using and how far in advance you can reserve your seat. The system is also riddled with anomalies: various online booking sites exist (including Transport for Wales) which will tell you the fares for the journeys you require, and also allow you to order a ticket.


The North Wales area is very well provided with Rover and Ranger tickets, which thanks to enlightened local authorities are in most cases valid on buses as well as trains, although in some cases use of trains is only allowed after 09:00 or 09:15 on Mondays - Fridays, although travel at any time is allowed at weekends.

The Transport for Wales website has a page listing the tickets that are available. They include various day and evening rangers for the Cambrian lines. Some tickets, notably the Conwy Valley evening ranger, have vanished from the list, and others have had their availability restricted, so check before travelling.

Note: The 4-in-8 rover tickets, now re-named 'Explore Wales Pass' and 'Explore North and Mid-Wales Pass' which previously were valid for free travel on the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways, now entitle holders only to a 50% reduction in fares. (From what we can discover, this discount applies on all 8 days, not just the four 'rail' days.) Even so, they are exceptionally good value for anyone staying in the area for a holiday.

North Wales Rover  

This is a day pass that replaces the previous North and Mid Wales Day Ranger and the Tocyn Taith. It costs 9, 14 or 25 (2012 fares) depending on the number of Zones (see map) - the all-zones (25) is the only one that allows travel on the Gobowen to Machynlleth section. It is also valid on buses, and trains all day, with no morning peak restriction. However, it is no longer valid the direct Crewe - Shrewsbury line. The all-zones version offers 50% discount on the Welsh Highland and Ffestiniog Railways, according to the 2012 leaflet.

To use the Ffestiniog Railway as part of a day's circular journey, there is the Ffestiniog Round Robin ticket, which has options to travel from Birmingham, Manchester or Liverpool, or start your journey from within the circuit.